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Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Choosing a Place for the Printer.

Epson LX – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix Overview – CNET

Connecting manusl Printer to Your Computer Finding your way around Chapter 1 contains information on unpacking, setting up, testing, and connecting the printer. Be sure to read and follow these instructions first. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of your printer.

Unpacking the Printer Checking the parts When you unpack the printer, make sure that you have all the parts shown below and that none have been damaged. Printer Platen knob Paper guide Power cable Ribbon cartridge In some locations, the power cable may be attached to the printer.

The power supply voltage is shown on the label on the back of the ld. If the voltage shown is not the correct voltage for your country, contact your dealer. It is not possible to adjust the printer for use with different voltages. Choosing a Place for the Printer There are several important things to consider when selecting the place to set up your printer.

impresora epson lx 810 manual

Be sure to keep the following in mind: Place the printer on a flat, stable surface. Place the printer close enough to the computer for the printer cable to reach. Choosing a Place for the Printer The illustration below shows a good printer location.

Setting Up the Printer Choosing a Place for the Printer Note: If you plan to use a printer stand, read through the list of requirements and suggestions below to ensure that you have the right stand for your printer. The stand should be able to support at least twice the weight of the LX printer You will find the platen knob packed in an indentation in the white foam packaging material.

Assembling the Printer 2. Push firmly on the platen knob until it fits against the printer case. Assembling the Printer Install the ribbon cartridge as follows. Remove the printer cover. Slide the print head to the middle of the printer. Assembling the Printer 3. Open the paper tension unit cover. Turn the ribbon-tightening knob in the direction of the arrow.

This removes excess slack in the ribbon and makes it easier to install. Use a pointed object, such as a pencil, to guide the ribbon between the print head and ribbon guide while you turn the ribbon-tightening knob to help feed the ribbon into place.


Assembling the Printer Setting Up the Printer Assembling the Printer 7. Slide the print head from side to side to make sure that it moves smoothly. Also check that the ribbon is not twisted or creased. Close the paper tension unit cover. Attaching the paper guide When you use single sheets, the paper guide helps to feed the paper smoothly and efficiently into the printer.

Attach the paper guide using the following procedure. Place the paper guide on the printer as shown. Attach the printer cover by fitting the projections on the cover into the notches at the front of the printer and tilting the cover back into place. If the rated voltage and your outlet voltage do not match, contact your nearest Epson dealer for assistance.

Do not plug in the power cable. In some locations, the power cable is already connected to the printer.

Plug the power cable into a properly grounded electrical outlet. Make sure that the printer is turned off. Then push the paper release lever back to the single-sheet px. A list of DIP switch settings is printed first, followed by a series of characters.

Setting Up the Printer After turning the power off, always wait at least five manhal before turning it back xl. When using the optional cut sheet feeder, the first page of the self test printout is slightly different. Px details, see the section on cut sheet feeder in Chapter 5. Printing problems and solutions If the self test does not print properly, check the print head area and the control panel. If the paper is jammed, turn off the printer.

Then remove the paper using the platen knob and load a new sheet. A B C D If the printer still does not print the self test correctly, contact your Epson dealer or Epson authorized service center. Solution The ribbon may be worn out. A worn ribbon can damage the print head and should be replaced. The parallel interface Connect the parallel interface cable as described below: Make sure that both your printer and computer are turned off.

Then plug the xl connector securely into the printer. Connecting the Printer to Your Computer 2.

Squeeze the wire clips together until they lock in place on either side of the connector. If your cable has a ground wire, connect it to the espzol connector beneath the interface connector. Printer to Your Computer Connecting Plug the other end of the cable into the computer. If there is a ground wire at the computer end of the cable, attach it to the ground connector at the back of the computer.


Because the family mabual Epson printers shares a great many commands, you can use an application program even if it does not list the LX on its printer selection menu.


If the LX is not listed, choose one of the following printers. They are listed in order of preference. Standard printer Draft printer To use all of the features of the LX, however, it is best to use a program with the LX on its menu. If your program does not list any LX printers, contact the software manufacturer to see if an update is available. Positioning your continuous paper supply. For more details, see Chapter 5. Make sure the printer is turned off, then place the paper guide in the upright position.

Set the paper release lever to the single-sheet position. This position is marked by the icon shown manjal the illustration below. Turn on the printer. Do not insert paper in the printer before turning on the espalo. Move the left edge guide so that it locks in place next to Move the left edge guide epxon that it locks in place next to guide mark. Using Single Manua 4. Adjust the right edge guide to match the eespaol of your paper. Then slide the paper down between the edge guides until it meets resistance.

Never advance the paper using the platen knob while the printer is switched on. If the platen turns 6. Using Continuous Paper The push tractor built into your printer is remarkably easy to load and operate. Its low-profile design takes up little space and can handle paper widths from 4 inches or mm to 10 inches or Using Continuous Paper Loading continuous paper 1. Make sure the printer is turned off; then remove the paper guide. Set manuao paper release lever to the continuous paper position.

Slide the right sprocket unit to epaol match the width of your paper but do not lock it. Using Continuous Paper 5. Move the paper support midway between the two sprocket units. Open both sprocket covers. Make sure that your paper has a epdon, straight edge before inserting it into the printer.

Close the sprocket covers. Using Continuous Paper 9. Slide the right sprocket unit to a position where the paper is straight and has no wrinkles. Then lock it in place. Reattach the paper guide as shown below. The printer remembers the loading position and advances each page to the same position.