Comparison of WiMAX scheduling algorithms and proposals for the rtPS QoS class. A Belghith, L Nuaymi. Wireless Conference, EW 14th European. WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology, based on the IEEE standard, is at the origin of great promises for many different markets covering fixed. Request PDF on ResearchGate | WiMAX: technology for broadband wireless access / Loutfi Nuaymi | WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access Technology, based .

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Pricing strategies and categories for LTE networks. Telecommunication Systems 68 2: Improving the interaction of a green mobile network with the smart grid. Helena RochaG. JonssonWilfried YoroX. Service-oriented optimization of green mobile networks.

Survey of radio resource management issues and proposals for energy-efficient cellular networks that will cover billions of machines. A multi-criteria BS switching-off algorithm for 5G heterogeneous cellular networks with hybrid energy sources.


Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 27 7: Grid energy consumption of mixed-traffic cellular networks with renewable energy sources.

Evaluation of multiple access strategies with power control error and variable packet length in M2M. Analysis, Architecture, and Challenges. Energy efficiency and cost issues in loutfl architectures for high data-rate green mobile heterogeneous networks. Luis SuarezLoutfi Nuaymi: Energy-efficient scheduling for cloud mobile gaming.

Cost-efficient radio resource allocation in hybrid energy cellular networks. New scheduling algorithm for Uplink LTE system.


Impact of energy-efficient cell-breathing on the electromagnetic radiation levels of mobile phone devices. Mika LasanenM. AubreeCedric CassanA. DavidSalah-Eddine ElayoubiT.

Environmental friendly mobile radio networks: Renewable llutfi in cellular networks: Electromagnetic radiation compliance under the use of green cell breathing and hybrid network approaches in LTE.

Classification of renewable energy scenarios and objectives for cellular networks. Mauro CarrenoLoutfi Nuaymi: Renewable Energy Use in Cellular Networks. Usama MirLoutfi Nuaymi: Analysis of a green-cell breathing technique in a hybrid access network environment.


WiMAX: Technology for Broadband Wireless Access by Nuaymi, Professor Loutfi

An overview and classification of research approaches in green wireless networks. Analysis of the overall energy savings achieved by green cell-breathing mechanisms. Energy performance of a distributed BS based green cell breathing algorithm. Ahmed TrikiLoutfi Nuaymi: Sensitivity of a WiMAX pricing strategy.

Aymen BelghithLoutfi Nuaymi: Alain AbinakhoulLoutfi Nuaymi: Nuaymmi power control algorithm with stabilization zone for third generation mobile networks. Loutfi NuaymiZiad Noun: Proposed behavior for robust header compression over a radio link. Configuration and analysis of robust header compression in UMTS.

Power allocation and control for the downlink in cellular CDMA networks. Loutfi NuaymiPhilippe Godlewski: Power Control in Cellular Networks, a Review. Networking and Information Systems 1 6: Hussein Al Haj Hassan.