That said, most students err in trying to attribute the verses of Liber Arcanorum to the Tree of life instead of the Seven Palaces, largely because. Liber Liber Arcanorum – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LIBER CCXXXI – Liber Arcanorum τών Atu τού Tahuti Quas Vidit Asar in Amennti sub figura CCXXXI – English.

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I am also puzzled why no one has worked with or explained the Atus of Tahuti, wheras quite a considerable tradition of interpretation lkber developed aroud the Prisons of the Qliphoth.

Liber Arcanorum, Part I

Plenty have worked with the Qlipoth, but what of the Atus of poor Thoth? I have scoured the field as well trying to locate more on this, but alas it would seem there is scare information available. There is a chance that much has been communicated regarding this in Waratah Number Two: Oceanic Currents [this publication arrcanorum mentioned in an earlier article on this site] recently published by House in Australia:.

I have yet to see this — though I have ordered a copy- and will be happy to let you know if I discover anything of significance in this regard. Ofcourse one could always submit to personal research to unveil the keys of the text — as in scrying or pathworkings. I think I know the answer to this one but it would be useful to see it confirmed. But did he mean this or did he mean something nearer to an Arab Djinn, the geni in the bottle of the Arabian nights?

Is the book, as I supect, about the reception of the Atus of the Tarot. Was this deliberate on his part? Is this the mapping of the Tree of Death onto the Tree of Life, or does it have another function? All this might seem like scholarly nit picking were it not for the great significance LIber and its interpretations have had for the development of Thelema in the second half or the twentieth century.


Maybe a wheel with 22 compartments on the rim.

Liber Liber Arcanorum by Aleister Crowley

The wheel has 8 spokes. At the 4 corners are the 4 Kerubim [sketch with Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo clockwise arcajorum top left]. This is my very imperfect attempt at translating the title with the help of an online Latin Dictionary.

Thus the updated translation is:. They are guides to conduct. The Book of the Prisons of the Qliphoth with their arcanlrum or djinn to which is added their sigils and their names.

It is important to note that Crowley did not list in the qliphoth themselves. He does this in an orthodox way in Liber and comments upon them in page 58 of that book.

Having said the above I am still puzzled by just as I was some months ago. Carcer is a prison in Latin. Each Qliphoth has a prison. Does that mean that the atu were places, at least on a spiritual map? I think that what Crowley says above shows that he would have been open to that meaning. Thank-you for the enlightening comment and translation. It makes sense to me that the Atus are spiritual places — perhaps stations in the Land of the Dead.

Or to interject a Tibetan word, Bardo Stations. Why are they in the same book? Perhaps the Atus are keys to open these prisons?? A house is where we live by our own choice, a prison cell is where we live without that choice. Yet, my own experience of the Qlipoth is that, far from being imprisoned, they are almost TOO free, in the sense that they are formless, too much energy, an excess, undifferentiated, while the Mercurial spirits of the Tarot are the same energy compressed and restrained lober a particular form.

Practically the opposite concept, in fact. If I find time later I might annoy you all with a new topic asking for translations of all the Holy Book titles. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the thoughtful contributions to the discussion regarding this most enigmatic of the Holy Books. Given the name of the Holy Book, the following quote is instructive: Without it all is cold, inertia, death; within it Fire, Energy, Genius, Creation.

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Does anybody know whether Liber was ever translated into German? Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of 25 total. May 8, at 9: Can anyone enlighten me further?

Lber 3, at 6: Hello Garienos, Good question! Oceanic Currents [this publication was mentioned in an earlier article on this site] recently published by House in Australia: June 3, at June 4, at 7: Fra Almarii and Lashtal Thanks for your efforts. In both cases I arcanorjm be very interested to see what emerges. A few more questions may perhaps conjure a few more responses.

Hoping for more enlightenment. June 4, at Just to throw some more material into the mix… The following appeared in The Magical Link volume 8, number 3 — December 4, at 6: Can somebody translate the title for me please? December 4, at 8: December 4, at Thus the updated translation is: December 5, at 7: Hi All I thought I would pitch in with a translation and some Thelemite comment.

December 5, at 8: Good Afternoon, Thank-you for the enlightening comment and translation. December lliber, at 8: December 6, at 5: December 20, at All, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the thoughtful contributions to the discussion regarding this most enigmatic of the Holy Books.

March 26, at March 27, at 7: You must be logged-in to reply to this topic. Click to Submit News.

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