Celestiales revelaciones de Santa Brígida: princesa de Suecia. Front Cover. Brígida de Suecia (Santa). Administración del Apostolado de la Prensa, – Le. Las Revelaciones Celestiales De Santa Brigida – at – ISBN – ISBN – – Softcover. Santa Brigida is the author of Las revelaciones celestiales de Santa Brígida Tomo II ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews), Las revelaciones celestiales.

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The Passion of the Christ. Science According to God. Truth vs Errors and Heresies. Maria Mother and Teacher. Maria Explains the Apocalypse. Os cubrieron los Ojos y la Cara infligiendo bofetadas. Finalmente, fuisteis atado a la columna, desgarrado con azotes, y agobiado de oprobios y utrajes. Acordaos del horror y la tristeza que fuisteis oprimido, cuando Vuestros enemigos como leones sannta, Os rodearon con miles de injurias: Os atormentaron a su antojo.

Creador del Cielo y de la Tierra, al que nada puede contener ni limitar! Con indescriptible crueldad, extendieron Vuestro Cuerpo en la Cruz. Desde la cima de la cabeza hasta la planta de los pies, ninguna parte de Vrigida Cuerpo estaba exenta de tormentos.

Asistidme en todas mis pruebas, y especialmente en la hora de mi muerte. Extinguid en nosotros la concupiscencia carnal y el ardor de los apetitos mundanos.

Acordaos que por causa nuestra fuisteis sumergido en un abismo de penas, sufriendo dolor desde la planta de los Pies hasta la cima de la Cabeza.

Ocultadme de Vuestro Rostro tan justamente irritado contra mi. Acordaos de la multitud de Llagas con que fuisteis herido, desde la Cabeza hasta los Pies. Socorredme para resistir al demonio, la carne y al mundo. A fin de que, estando muerto al mundo, viva yo solamente para Vos. Y a la hora de mi muerte, recibid mi alma peregrina saanta desterrada que regresa a Vos.

Vuestra preciosa Sangre fue derramada como el jugo de lxs uva bajo el lagar. De Vuestro Costado perforado por un soldado, con la lanza, ha brotado Sangre y agua, hasta no quedar en Vuestro Cuerpo gota alguna. Su padre era gobernador de la principal provincia btigida Suecia. Los que no le dan importancia al Amor que revlaciones les he tenido”.

Las 15 oraciones de Santa Brígida

Sus hijos fueron ocho: Una de sus hijas fue Santa Catalina de Suecia. Uno de sus hijos fue religioso. Fue pues, una familia como tantas otras: Pero en el palacio se dio cuenta de que se gastaba mucho dinero en lujos y comilonas y se explotaba al pueblo. Sus avisos sirvieron enormemente para mejorar las costumbres y disminuir los vicios.

Message of God the Father: I recommend translation that this message be communicated to everyone and everywhere that you have preached in United States and in Canada.

It was a teaching for you and for the people who have heard you. It was also a sign to recall the night when my Beloved Son Jesus was born into the world.

Remember how my Evangelist Matthew wrote by the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit how the star stopped over the place where My Baby Son Jesus was born. It was a sign for the Wise men. Today, it is a sign for you and for all Christians and for all the nations.

The Holy Family is a sign for every family, and we should model ourselves after them. I recommend translation that every family, who receives this message, should have a representation of the Holy Family in their home.


It can be an Icon or a statue of the Holy Family, or a permanent Manger in a center place in the home. The representation must be blessed and consecrated by a priest. As the star, followed by the Wise men, stopped over the Manger, the chastisement from the sky will not hit the Christians families devoted and protected by the Holy Family. The fire from the sky is a chastisement for the horrible crime of abortion and the culture of death, the sexual perversion, and the cupidity lust regarding the identity of man and woman.

My children seek their perverted sins more than Eternal life. The increasing blasphemies and persecution of my just people offend Me. The Arm of my Justice will come now. They do not hear my Divine Mercy. I must now let many plagues happen in order to save the most people that I can from the slavery of Satan.

Send this message to everyone. I have given Saint Joseph, My representative on earth, as a protector of the Holy Family, the authority to protect the Church which is the body of Christ. He will be the protector during the trials of this time.

My Words are my blessing over all of you. Whoever will act according to my Will, will be safe. The powerful love of the Holy Family will be manifested to all.


Just pray if you are in doubt or you do not understand what happened to Pope Benedict and the role of Pope Francis he d pope even if you may not see him as such and the confusion in the Catholic Church and in the world. The enemies of the Church: Do not help them by criticizing the actual Pope and the Consecrated ones, be careful about what you read in the news or on Internet. Pray, Pray, Pray, with sincere heart for discernment to understand the hidden side of the unfolding events in these end times.

Ask God and the Blessed Rrevelaciones to help you know the revelacoones and to be at peace. Pay attention to the words of the Consecration, during Mass. The one it can be a Pope, a Cardinal, a Bishop, a Priestwho changes those words has embraced heresy and Jesus is not present on the altar.

Leave that church and look for a traditional Priest. Do not let satan and his demons fool you. The next saanta will serve the antichrist. My little ones, many blasphemies are being committed with the Holy Eucharist.

My Son is reviled in His Divinity through the impure and unworthy hands of My lay children.

As mother of the son of God and Mother of humanity, I ask My beloved children, to put an end to this abomination! No more of extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, no more of Communions in the hand! The Body and Blood of my Son, are outraged by many lay people who give themselves tasks that belong only to priests and other consecrated Ministers such as: No hand that has not been consecrated through the ministerial Priesthood, can touch My Son Little children, it is impressive the amount of Eucharistic violations that are committed by those defined in this revelacionnes Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.

Many of my lay children with the complacency of the Priest, exercise the Ministry of the Eucharist in many churches; their pride is common in many of lad and it is reaching the point where many of santw decisions that are taken by the priest, are being delegated to the laity. What a suffering I feel in My Heart, in seeing that many of My lay children desecrate sacred objects, taking from the Tabernacles, with their unworthy hands, the Cup where the consecrated hosts are present.


I say to you: Only the consecrated hands of My beloved ones can touch the Chalice with the Consecrated Hosts, and only their hands may distribute Communion! I revdlaciones you beloved Children the Priest: Leave your conveniences and fulfill the Ministerial Priesthood that has been conferred on you!

I ask my beloved ones: Heaven is crying with Me, in seeing how outraged and disfigured Eanta is in the Blessed Sacrament in many of His Houses. My opponent enjoys any desecration that My Son receives. Many Consecrated Hosts get lost to end up into satanic churches for the celebration of black masses. My opponent has infiltrated in many of my Son’s Houses, many extraordinary ministers of the Brgiida that betray Him by stealing consecrated hosts which are used to perform satanic cults.

Thousands of Consecrated Hosts are sold and depending on the Minister of the Church who consecrated Them, in order to determine their price. A Consecrated Host sannta the Pope, by a Cardinal or by a Bishop, is sold at a high price and with these, they make a satanic special rite to cause damage to the Eucharistic Body of my Son, represented in His Church.

Satanists are destroying religious and priestly communities, with these Hosts Consecrated by the high rank Ministers of the Revekaciones. My beloved ones, I eanta you to stop this outrage to the Divinity of My Son that is being carried out by my lay children. Every insult and desecration that My Son receives is a sword piercing My Heart.


Many of my favorites lie in hell who in life have allowed these abuses to the Divinity of My Son, and with them many lay people, extraordinary ministers, whose spiritual pride did not allow them to repair and to ask for forgiveness from God for such a vile abuse. As Mother of the consecrated souls in my dedication as Mystic Rose, I ask you with all My Heart, My beloved children, to stop as soon as possible this abuse and outrage that is being committed against my Son’s Divinity, because tomorrow you do not have to lament from it.

Little children, no more Communion in the hand, no more lay to distribute the Communion, because this sacrilege is causing the loss of many souls! Your Mother, Maria the Mystic Rose.

It is forbidden for men to enter here with bare arms and wearing shorts. It is forbidden for women to enter wearing trousers, bare headed, with short, low-necked or sleeveless dresses —St. Go to have a Confession, zanta your soul.

Las 15 oraciones de Santa Brígida | Jesus Maria site

No need to live with the big rock of your sins tormenting you all your life. Give yourself a new beginning before it is too late. Be very careful with what your children see, read, listen and play. I tell you this because the instruments of Evil, are using technology to slowly poisoning young souls through games, music, revelacionew, videos, TV shows and literature loaded with subliminal messages that are driving many to spiritual and even physical death”.