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One of the more interesting medieval German books is the Sachsenspiegel which is beautifully illustrated and preserved in over manuscripts. Der selven quamen achteine to prutzen unde besaten dat; tvelve besaten rujan ; vier unde tvintich quamen her to lande.

Do irer so vele nicht newas, dat sie den acker verdreven, do lieten sie die gebure sitten ungeslagen, unde bestadeden in den acker to alsogedaneme rechte, als in noch die late hebbet; dar af quamen die late.

Von den laten die sik verwarchten an irme rechte sint komen dagewerchten. The Doringe seem to be Thuringians.

Of course, the above also mentions the conquest of the Prussians and the Rugians Rujani or Rani. Landrefht is, apparently, a gloss in some manuscripts that says these were Wends….


emilia gadzikowska on Prezi

It means a rustic, rude person. The fact that it was first mentioned from the 16th century does not mean much since written works in Polish from before are few and far between.

To the extent anything was written it was usually written in Latin so the fact that Bruckner did not find it before does not mean that it was not already in use.

Were these neighbors too? The following groupings are in no way scientific as should be obvious but… they are suggestive. All that sounds great but is this a stream of consciousness narrative or does any of this have anything to do with the Slavs?

Prawo cywilne w XIX i XX w. by monika dobosz on Prezi

Were they called that by themselves? Or only by others? And, indeed, such a prefix does appear in other words as seen above. But is that what it means here?

landrecht pruski pdf writer

But this is a bit odd since this form of the verb seems to be in the past tense. Now, whether the Saxons derive their name from the God Saxnot or from a knife sax is beside prusk point. The point is not whether this is true or not but that many a more prominent theory rests on foundations just as strong or as weak as the above.


Which also raises the question of why was it that the Saxons decided to invade Britain all the way across the water rather than settling lands to the east? Your email address will not be published.

emilia gadzikowska

So how would you say a Saxon sat there in Slavic? Well, today, you might say: And yet it is interesting. You can almost hear someone warning: If this is correct, it answers a number of questions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.