How do I remove Designed by and the JM Tube logo on the (I’ve paid for magento developer, but the JA Copyright removal is. The line “Designed by ” OR “Designed by ” is allowed to be removed if you are holding a Developer package or. How to remove the Joomla! footer. If you want to Change the Joomla footer text to show the Copyright symbol, current year, Your Name.

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JoomlArt never fails to surprise us. They’ve launched a new Joomla template for designer’s portfolio. JA Sugite joomlaart both Joomla! Check out the screenshot of this awesome template: You might think that that’s the only colour that this theme currently offer.

If that’s the case, then you cannot be any more wrong! This theme comes with 5 default colours.

Any designers reading this would know that you can easily customize it using ThemeMagic in real-time without having to get in too deep with it’s codes. Less hassle; more productive.

JA Sugite : A Portfolio Joomla Template from JoomlArt. – Joomla Blogs, News, and Extensions

One of the major features that made us overwhelmed with joy is that JA Sugite fully removap EasyBlog. As you might have known, EasyBlog is one of the best blogging component for Joomla. You can get more info on EasyBlog by checking out it’s features page here. You can get more info by checking out it’s feature page here OR you can immediately click on the button below to navigate to their demo site.


I really want to buy this template. This is my 2nd attempt in trying to get an answer from these guys.

Copyright removal

Also am I able to change the theme name in the source code. Sorry to post here not getting an answer there.

Hi jmb, Thank you for your inquiry. I’ve personally contacted the JoomlArt team for you. Allow me to quote them: They are working on the official announcement remvoal to that.

I’m not sure about the reason behind their late response, though. Would you be kind enough to provide me with your channel of communicating with them? Perhaps I can inform the team and request for them copyrlght check on the channel.

I should really keep my nose out of this but personally if a company can not answer a pre-sales question twice I would be very, wary indeed: Hi Paul, Thank you for your thoughts and opinion. As one of the marketing members of Stack Rekoval, I agree with what you are saying. However, it would be fair if we let the team to explain as to why our friend copyrgiht didn’t get any response.


I once handled a customer that didn’t received any response only to coptright that all of our responses to him went straight into his junk mail. Hi Ahmad, Thanks for looking into my question I used the Contact us link in the bottom menu of their home page. Then I clicked on sales question. I’m glad that you liked it. Paul Murray about 4 years ago. There are no comments posted here yet. Login to post a comment Username. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience on our website.

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