JIS K Test Methods for Flexible Polyurethane Foam. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 4: Compression set and fatigue characteristics. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 1: General rules.

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The demands covering details from user are given always feed-back to development division, and it has been realized high userbility proper to the exclusive machine. Wood’s structural use as load bearing beams in various construction applications requires stringent m6400 testing.

The details of the components shown in Table 1 are as follows.

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Further, the polyurethane foams of the present invention, the resonant frequency 4Hz or less, and can be 2. Issue 1 First Online: Specific polyol may be a commercially available product, for example, manufactured by Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Theoretical modellingJournal of Sound and Vibration,4—5, — Additive may be used in amounts normally used.

Rebound resilience polyurethane foam, the resonance frequency and the vibration magnification, the density of the polyurethane foam, closed cell content, cell size, they tend to jie on the hardness and the like.

According to k64000 present invention, it is possible to provide a polyurethane foam and a seat pad to achieve both high resilience and high vibration absorption. The pressure foot of ball joint type is used to cope with slant of the sample pressing surface. Tester control… Wednesday April 4th, Yasuda By admin. Polymer polyols, may be a commercially available product, for example, manufactured by Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

This is succeeding model of AF Series which had many delivery result to car industries, seat manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers and public enterprises etc.

RuiLin Mu mrl tust. The content of the polymer polyol in the polyol component, the polyol relative to parts by weight of the component is preferably parts by weight, more preferably 10 to 35 mass parts. Foaming stock solution, polyurethane foam according to claim 1 or 2 comprising ethylene oxide-terminated crosslinking agent. Concrete, Asphalt and Rock. The present invention pertains to a polyurethane foam which is obtained by foaming and molding a foamable raw liquid that comprises a polyol ingredient and a polyisocyanate ingredient.

Resilience polyurethane foam has a weight average molecular weight of the various polyol contained in the polyol component, depending on the length or the like of the molecular chain, for example, it tends to be higher the impact resilience is high molecular weight.


The content of the specific polyol in the polyol component, from the viewpoint of reducing the size of bubbles in the polyurethane foam cell sizeand 65 parts by mass or more with respect to the polyol parts by weight of the component.

It was then removed from the mold, to obtain a polyurethane foam. EP Kind code of ref document: Functionality with the specific polyol, it is preferable in view of impact resilience three or four or. The number of functional groups of the specific polyol is not particularly limited, be one per molecule, it may be two or more. As the catalyst, there can be used those commonly used in the production k64000 polyurethane foams may be used alone or in combination depending on the application and requirements.

However, these effects have not yet been detailed, and they may change if the material properties or constitution of the fibres and pores in the cushioning change. Flexible polyurethane foam, process for its production, and seat for automobile.

Urethane Foam Tester

Glossary of Materials Testing Terms. Setting of the measuring requirements and indication of the measuring jie are in accordance with International Unit System SI.

Foam stabilizer 1 Foam stabilizer 1 Evonik Ltd. Isocyanate component manufactured by Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co. Operation method is taken over former AF Series.

Compression Test Jig for Foam Rubber Specimens

It is to be noted that the cell diameter of the polyurethane foam, the actual measured five times or more that reflect the microscope is a value obtained by calculating an average value. Both elements can affect the performance of the insulation against impact sounds. Further, the polyol component is 4, to 10, weight average molecular weight, weight average molecular weight jls functional group is 1, to 4, of k640 sometimes referred to as specific polyola polyol component relative to parts by weight containing 65 parts by mass or more.

And finer cell diameter, cell by giving viscous effects associated with out of the air, the higher the vibration absorption of the polyurethane foam.

The content of the specific polyol in the polyol component is preferably 65 to parts by mass with respect to the polyol component parts by weight, more preferably parts by weight, more preferably 65 to 75 parts by weight.

Next, the present k600 embodiment will be described in more detail, the present invention is not intended to be limited by these examples. Communicating agent Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. Further, the low fuel consumption vehicles such as hybrid cars, for the purpose of suppression of air resistance or the like, because the vehicle tends to o6400 height becomes streamlined decreases, there is a tendency that the height of the passenger compartment is limited. The resulting polyurethane foam was evaluated by the following method.

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Features For the load mechanism servo motor and ball k6400 jack are employed. Note that the polyol component, other specific polyol refers other polyols may include optionally, a crosslinking agent, which may comprise optionally and communicating agent which can include any. Particularly suitable as a vehicle seat pad height of the vehicle interior, such as hybrid cars are limited. To further reduce the thickness of the seat pad is higher resilience by the seat pad is required, the larger the impact resilience modulus, easily repel the vibration caused by vehicle travel or the like.

Foaming stock solution, polyurethane foam according to claim 1 comprising a dimethylpolysiloxane.

In addition, the density of the polyurethane foam, refers to the overall density when measured in accordance with JIS K The operator is to wrap the sample onto the mandrel and check if there are any cracks generated on the sample after conditioning. But not the type of the functional group particularly limited with the specific polyol, specific polyol, since it is preferably obtained by ring-opening polymerization of EO and PO, the functional group, at least one terminal propylene oxide group and a terminal ethylene oxide groups it is preferable that.

On the other hand, the seat pad for a vehicle, to determine the comfort of such comfortable feeling, is also high resilience requirements. By polyol component comprises a polymer polyol, water can be prevented from deterioration of impact resilience and hardness when used as blowing agents. Kk6400 Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. A weight average molecular weight of 4, to 10, a weight average molecular weight per functional group is 1, to 4, of the polyol, according to any one of claims 1 to 5, which is a polyether polyol polyurethane foam.

The results reveal that the constitution of the foam either open or closed cells of pores and the thickness and hardness of the cushion layer strongly affect the sound insulation performance of the floor. M6400 PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract Urethane foam mattresses are commonly used as cushioning when placing panel flooring on the floor slab of a building.