Anselm Jappe: Guy Debord translated into English by Donald Nicholson-Smith with assistance from the author (University of California Press ). Anselm Jappe offers a powerful corrective to the continual attempts to incorporate Debord’s theoretical work into “French theory.” Jappe’s focus. Anselm Jappe • Translator: Donald Nicholson-Smith This is the first and best intellectual biography of Guy Debord, prime mover of the Situationist International .

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The situationists declared somewhere that boredom was counter-revolutionary.

They forgot to add that it is also wearisome and stupid. Unlike the Situationist International which was made up of several different national sections some of which contained as many as five or six members! The actual translation begins well enough with a red-herring: However, Jappe not only adopts a plodding approach to his subject, he simultaneously fails to be dwbord about it.

In the second section of his circular, Jappe provides a plonkers guide to the history of the Lettrist and Situationist Internationals. Since this material is well known and more reliable versions of it can be found elsewhere, it is best ignored beyond noting a couple of points.


Anselm Jappe

Like sections one and two of Guy Debord, section three is aimed at people who are devoid of common sense and all historical debod — it should go without saying that it provides further low-brow, one-sided and wildly inaccurate fantasies from the felt-tipped pen of Anselm Jappe. For example, Jappe raves: Jappe understands nothing of this — and nor do T.

Clearly what interests Jappe is the bourgeois notion of great men, jape many former members of the Situationist International are still alive, and of those that are dead none have passed out of living memory. For example, an jppe interest in Alexander Trocchi who died fifteen year ago quite unrelated to his membership of the SI, is evident from the fact that new editions of both his literary and his pornographic novels continue to appear in English.

Foreword to Anselm Jappe’s bio of Guy Debord

Likewise, two rival Edinburgh publishers have issued biographies of Trocchi in recent years and one of these was accompanied by a Trocchi reader. One might continue in this fashion all the way down to former Situationist T. Jappe wants to promote and defend Debord as a great man. He understands nothing of the Situationist International as a collective project, in short he knows nothing of communism — and thus it comes as no surprise that his wretched fan-letter to a dead man is jap;e another worthless commodity which announces its own obsolescence on the final page: Links Abstract Contact Donate Buy.

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Guy Debord translated into English by Donald Nicholson-Smith with assistance from the author University of California Press The situationists declared somewhere that boredom was counter-revolutionary. A Life in Pieces: Reflections on Alexander Trocchi [Rebel inc.

Guy Debord

Hot off the press is also the new edition of Lobster, as always full of insight and information about the machinations behind the scenes in British and international politics. Why did Roger Liddle survive? You are now reading.