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Registrants should comply with this rule or, if they believe that there is a basis, request relief in writing from CF-OCA. Consisting of 2 bedrooms – 1 bathroom – kitchenette – dining – living and common pool near Grand Bay centre Ref.: Generally, contingencies based on security prices do not change the recorded cost of the acquired company under SFAS or the cost of the business combination under IFRS 3 prior to the revision and therefore should be excluded from the investment test.

A registrant should consult with CF-OCA to the extent it believes S-X financial statements are more appropriate than S-X financial statements due to the limited degree of operations other than leasing real estate.

Financial statements of a mathematical majority of all individually insignificant acquisitions, regardless of whether they had income or loss, must be filed. There are three computational notes to the income test included at S-X w.

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Because bank holding companies must include the S-X information in unvestir financial statement footnotes, they do not have the additional 30 days provided by Form K General Instruction A 4 to file this information.

After a reverse acquisition accounted for as a business combination, consider the accounting acquirer’s ability to meet the requirements of S-X c in determining the need to update.

S-X applies only to guarantors see Section and does not apply to collateral situations, as the concepts of full, unconditional, and joint and several obligation do not apply to collateralizations.

The asset test in S-X w does not apply.

Financial Reporting Manual

The staff applies the requirements of Item 14 of Schedule 14A to the Proxy Rules to the acquisition of real estate operating properties. In certain circumstances, registrants preparing an initial registration statement may consider applying SAB 80 instead of S-X or S-X SAB 80 only references initial public offerings, however the staff will not object to the application of SAB 80 by first-time registrants in an initial registration statement not related to a public offering e.

Do not annualize these amounts when calculating S-X significance. As described in Sections Once the registrant files audited annual financial statements either in a Securities Act or Exchange Act filing for the fiscal year following the audited fiscal year presented in the initial registration statement on which pro forma financial statements were based, the registrant should measure significance of acquisitions using the audited financial statements of the registrant as required by S-X Income Test – The numerator of the income test should be the pre-tax income or loss from continuing operations of the disposed business for its most recently completed fiscal year prior to disposal.


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This accommodation does not apply after this period. This is true even though the acquired business did not reconcile its unvestir statements to U. GAAP, see SFASparagraphs for a discussion of the accounting for contingent consideration and EITF for determining whether consideration contingent on earnings is part of the cost of an acquired entity or whether it represents compensation.

To determine whether separate financial statements of an investee accounted for by the equity method by an investee of the registrant are required, the significance test should be computed based on the materiality of the lower tier investee to the registrant consolidated. If the income test significance exceeds the S-X significance levels see Sectionseparate financial statements should be provided for the periods required by S-X for each related business, 20065 that financial statements of the related businesses that are under 20655 control or management may be, but are not required to be, presented on a combined basis for any annual or interim periods specified in S-X for which the businesses are under common control or investtir.

Also, the notes should describe how the financial statements presented are not indicative of the financial condition or results of operations of the acquired business going forward because of the omission of various operating expenses.

No updating is required for Act periodic reporting. Financial statements for full three years audited and the latest required interim period unaudited that precedes the acquisition See FRMand the corresponding interim period of the preceding year unaudited Exception: The staff expects registrants to: This topic identifies circumstances in which financial statements of entities other than the registrant or predecessor s of the investiir are required to be included in filings.

Pro forma financial statements depicting the disposition are required to be included in the Item 2. investri

Upon written request, and depending on the ihvestir of the SAB 97 transaction to the balance invesgir date, the staff will consider whether relief from the literal application of S-X is appropriate.

Significance for purposes of the Guide 5 distribution period is computed by comparing the registrant’s investment in the property to the registrant’s total assets as of the date of the acquisition plus the proceeds net of commissions in good faith expected to be raised in the registered offering over the next 12 months. If the age of financial statements were based on the date the Form 8-K reporting the transaction was filed i.


With the exception of Section 205 Second floor with 1 bedroom suite, 1 bathroom ensuite and 1 large terrace Ref.: If the registrant chooses to compute significance using pro forma information, it must do so for all three significance tests. For example, it may be impracticable to prepare full financial statements in an acquisition of a product line where the acquired product line is not a stand-alone entity; separate, audited financial statements of the product line have never been prepared; and the seller has not maintained the distinct and separate accounts necessary to present the full financial statements of 20655 product line.

In some circumstances, financial statements of the parent company were publicly available, but were not filed with the SEC and were not reconciled to U. If the acquisition was made after reporting an individually significant acquisition in an Item 2. GAAP purchase price in this context means the “cost of the acquired entity”, as that phrase is used in SFASor “cost of the business combination” as that term is used in IFRS 3 prior to the revision.

See exception at Section Gain or loss on a sale or disposal by a REIT that does not qualify as a discontinued operation is reported below Infestir from Discontinued Operations in accordance with S-Xbut should be included in the numerator for the computation of EPS for Income from Continuing Operations. To determine whether an audit is practicable, consider the feasibility of completing the audit on a timely basis. The 3 beds apartment has a kitchen,living,dining,common pool and balcony Ref.: Separate columns should depict:.

Such equity in an investee’s pretax earnings or loss is not required to be shown or disclosed ivnestir the registrant’s financial ibvestir, so the amount to be used as the numerator and denominator in the income test must be calculated.

Registrants should be mindful that such an analysis may be necessary even when material changes in significant assumptions have offsetting effects. If the transition period is greater than 9 months, use the audited financial statements for ivestir period.