Method. The case presented with intraoral submucosal hemangioma of the cheek was treated by intralesional injection of aethoxysklerol 3% diluted in water for. An otherwise healthy year-old female patient had painless swelling in her left buccal mucosa. No precipitating factors were identified. Pathological analysis. Althought hemangioma is considered one of the most common soft tissue tumors of the head and neck [2], it is relatively rare in the oral cavity.

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Am J Surg Pathol. Periodontal dressing was applied on the operated area, and the patient was given postoperative instructions.

Masson’s hemangioma: A rare intraoral presentation

A review in the accessible literature showed less than 80 cases of IPEH in the oral mucosa and lips. Study of 20 cases.

The case described here demonstrates that there has been no subsequent hemorrhage or other evidence of recurrence. The head and neck region is a site of predilection for superficial hemangiomas, with a distinct female predilection. The capillary form presents as a flat area consisting of numerous small capillaries.

Escleroterapia de hemangioma labial. With this concept in mind, this article discusses a rare variant of hemangioma, i. An otherwise healthy year-old female patient had painless swelling in her left buccal mucosa. Pathological analysis demonstrated the mass to be a Masson’s hemangioma, a papillary proliferation of thin-walled capillaries intimately associated with thrombus.


Surgical dissection of capillary hemangiomas. Intraoral lesion Click here to view. A very rare tumor occurring in oral cavity with only 80 cases being published in literature until date.

There are many clinical features of capillary hemangioma such as asymmetry of the face, spontaneous bleeding, pain, mobility of teeth, blanching of tissue, pulsation, expansion of bone, paresthesia, early exfoliation of primary teeth, delayed eruption, root resorption, and missing teeth [ 145716 ].

The lower lip is the most frequent site for a mucocele, as intraorzl is the most probable place for a trauma, especially at the premolar level. However, it can be differentiated from it on the basis of histopathologic findings as it is characterized by infiltrative proliferation of endothelium-lined blood vessels that form an anastomosing network.

Moreover, the difficulty in swallowing was another factor that was taken in consideration, and surgical approach was preferred as to hemangima excess residual fibrofatty and redundant tissue after involution. Periodontal management of gingival enlargement associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome. Introduction A number of terms have been used to describe vascular lesions, which are classified either as hemangiomas or vascular malformations [ 1 ]-[ 3 ].

Prevalence of oral hemangioma, vascular malformation and varix nitraoral a Brazilian population.

Sclerotherapy of Intraoral Superficial Hemangioma

Oral hemangiomas are usually seen on the gingiva and less frequently at other sites where it occurs as a capillary or cavernous type, more commonly the former [ 6 ]. The sutures were removed 7 days after surgery, home care instructions were ijtraoral. Their most frequent location is the body skin and oral mucosa. Post-treatment intraoral photograph Click here to view.


hemangiona Received Jul 14; Accepted Aug Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. After almost two months, by a phone call, the patient notified us that the lesion had completely disappeared without any sign of recurrence. What was referred to as a hemangioma 30 years ago may not necessarily be applicable today. Treatment of oral hemangiomas with local sclerosing agents. Panoramic radiograph Click here to view.

Four months following surgery, the affected area had completely healed, and there were no complications. However, traumatic neuromas typically occur in the mental foramen region, tongue, and lower lip. KTP lasers are also an option, especially for deeper, thicker lesions. However, the occurrence of IPEH in the oral cavity is extremely rare. The treatment of capillary hemangiomas varies considerably depending on the clinical features and the anatomic considerations.

Pediatr Clin North Am. An excisional biopsy was performed under local anesthesia.