How is the GK Section set in IIFT While many will say that IIFT GK consists of mainly the conventional GK, having cracked 23 out of Originally Answered: Which material should I refer to for the IIFT exam, GK portion? GK Cutoff – Questions. To get access to this IIFT GK Syllabus & IIFT GK Study Material follow the links below. , , , , , Static, 19, 19, 8. Request you to send the material related to IIFT GK. It would be of great help. following were acquired by google in undefined. Write a comment.

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How To Prepare For IIFT GK? Check Here Preparation Tips, Syllabus

November 21, at G is the sole reason why not many students are able to crack IIFT. The General Knowledge section in the IIFT entrance test lived up to its image as being one of the most difficult sections.

The questions were from topics ranging from Sports, Corporate logos, Corporate entities, Govt policies, Stock exchanges, Currencies, etc.

Check Here Preparation Tips, Syllabus. The questions in this section were very wordy and time consuming to answer.

IIFT GK PREPRATION FOR 24th nov exam (2014 to 2016)

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Due to this, a large number of applicants fail to mxterial the sectional cut-off of the GK section. Many newspapers are available online for free.

Stock Index Stock Market I. What is director identification number DIN?

IIFT General Knowledge: Preparatory tips and resources

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan iii Refugee d. Face of a Woman 4. General elections were held in Myanmar on 8th November This a complete wrong preparation strategy. These types of questions are relatively easy to solve, with the help of the options.


Identify the country where this project is located. A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints. Check Here for 2 Dec Exam.

Which of the following countries is not a member of TPP? The marking scheme is different for each section and there shall be a negative marking also. While the syllabus for the Static GK section seems to be very vast, it materixl be completed effectively if you choose authentic and reliable sources to study from. For instance, if you are confidently able to eliminate 2 options out of 4, we suggest that you go ahead and attempt the question.

It would take hardly one hour to go through past year papers and this one hour would teach you about the kind of stuff that gets asked in the exam.

Let us take a look at a few easy level questions from the IIFT test, to check your current level of preparation:. The weightage of the Materjal section materrial not fixed and in the past, has varied from marks out of total marks. Nek Chand Saini 3. You may expect questions from the following sub-topics in Static GK:.

Well, first you should know the syllabus and pattern for the test to be able to plan your preparation strategy. Tech Maferial – Apply Now!! Face of a Dragon. Match the following Organizations with the location of its Headquarter. Sustainable Development Goals have replaced. A number which the SEBI allots to any individual intending to be appointed director or to any existing director of a company.

April 24, at iivt The remains of which ancient civilization can be seen at the site of Machu Pichu in Peru? I have to agree that this is one of the […]. Should it be entirely based on your convenience or […]. Thus, you have to be careful in picking up questions and focus on clearing the cutoffs. Preparatory tips and resources. Thus, your best bet is to spend appropriate time and energy on both, static and current GK. As you can see, there is no discernible pattern that emerges from the table above.


IIFT General Knowledge: Preparatory tips and resources – MBA Pundit

Here we have explained how you can prepare for the GK section, books to refer for preparation, syllabus, etc. The weightage of the GK section in the IIFT test is not fixed and in the past, has varied from marks out of total marks.

Given below are some popular stock indices of the world. I would strongly recommend to all IIFT GK students to please go through this post in details and honestly assess yourself as to how much you would have scored in the actual exam. They come out with daily and monthly snippets of information. This is because, if you know the answer to a GK question, there is no scope for confusion!

As the name suggests, Static GK consists of areas that do not change over time. Those of the test iifg who may have gone through the booklets would vividly remember that the name of the Japanese Parliament is Diet. I will try to make the aspirants aware of the vast plethora of resources available for mastering the General Knowledge section of exams like IIFT Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in this article.

International Iiift Organization c.