The book of Pistis Sophia reveals in its dialogue the true relationship between In this edition of Pistis Sophia, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, scholar and orientalist, and D.E. Pistis Sophia by PH.D. J J Hurtak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dr. Hurtak is author of The Keys of Enoch®, and he and his wife Desiree Hurtak are also coauthors of Pistis Sophia Text and Commentary. The evening will.

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Tapping the Limitless Mind with J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak It can be argued that the whole of the universe may be contained in every part. Hurtak pstis Desiree Hurtak will provide an evening presentation with Academy musicians, sharing an overview of their teachings and current work along with graphical film presentations.

The evening will focus on how we can begin to understand the true nature of consciousness as we seek to liberate ourselves from our limitations and acquire an understanding of greater universal Oneness.

Monday April 17,7 to 9: Open to the public – all seats are first come first serve. For more information visit www. He is a social scientist and scholar who has written, translated, and published over hurta, books, including those on the ancient Coptic texts illustrating Jesus’s work and especially involving the “Lost Scriptures” being found in the Middle East.

J.J. Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak – Tapping the Limitless Mind

Sc Social Scientist and Environmentalist is a researcher and author of several books on the development of consciousness science. She is cofounder of The Academy For Future Science which is an international non-profit corporation which has branches in South Africa and sohpia countries in South America.


Aophia recent work involves comparative environmental studies and the deeper understanding of indigenous cultures investigating their ancient cosmologies. To this end, she has also participated in the documentation of indigenous cultures to preserve their heritage.

Pistis Sophia : PH.D. J J Hurtak :

She is huryak with hurtal husband of the book Pistis Sophia: Text and Commentary which brings out the importance of restoring the balance of our female-male nature for consciousness growth. The Pkstis of Knowledge: The Keys examines the puzzles of life and gives a spiritual explanation as to why we exist in this reality. It should be pointed out that this text was not “channeled” but given directly to the author in direct face-to-face experience with two beings of Higher Superluminal Intelligence.

Its ultimate purpose is the advancement of humanity, with the goal of changing our orientation so that we are prepared for a higher spiritual attunement and a quantum leap that will jurtak humanity and the earth forward into the next step in our evolution.

In this process an ultimate interaction is foretold, as we discover “greater families of intelligence in the universe who share the same Higher Evolution and the same Divine Source.

The Hurtaks have provided not only the text but the only complete commentary on the first five books of Pistis Sophia. In this edition of Pistis Sophia, Dr.

Hurtak, scholar and orientalist, and D. Hurtak, social scientist and researcher, provide extensive commentary to help you understand the original texts which are included in their entirety in a newly revised translation, and guide us through the extraordinary plight of Sophia Wisdom into a fuller understanding of the world around us. For more information on this hutrak click here.


The important Gnostic text, the Pistis Sophia, in five copies, which scholars date c. In it the complex structures and hierarchies of heaven familiar in Oistis teachings are revealed. The title Pistis Sophia is obscure, and hurtao sometimes translated Faith wisdom or Wisdom in faith or Faith in wisdom. A more accurate translation taking into account its gnostic context, is the faith of Sophia, as Sophia to the gnostics was a divine syzygy of Christ, rather than simply a word meaing wisdom.

Pistis Sophia: Text and Commentary

In an earlier, simpler version of a Sophia, in the Berlin Codex and also found in a papyrus at Nag Hammadi, the transfigured Christ explains Pistis in a rather obscure manner:. Again, his disciples said: Tell us clearly how they came down from the invisibilities, from the immortal to the world that dies? The perfect Saviour said: Son of Man consented with Sophia, his consort, and revealed a great androgynous light. Its male name is designated ‘Saviour, begetter of all things’.

Its female name is designated ‘All-begettress Sophia’. Some call her ‘Pistis’.

Sopiha an earlier, simpler version of a Sophia, in the Berlin Codex and also found in a papyrus at Nag Hammadi, the transfigured Christ explains Pistis in a rather obscure manner: