This product was manufactured by Keysight or one of its predecessors many years ago. We provide this page to assist you in using or replacing your product. The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Path: /hp/a/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting. Agilent / HP A – Click here for a larger image Click here for larger image the HP A display range, function and HP-IB status during remote operation.

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For information on instruments with a prefix other than listed in Section VII and on the title page, refer to the manual change sheet. For warranty service or repair, this product must be returned to a service facility designated by -hp. Buyer shall prepay shipping charges to -hp- and -hp- shall pay shipping charges to return the product to Buyer. However, Buyer shall pay all shipping charges, duties, and taxes for products returned to -hp- from another country.

Reading the A’s Output Data A30 Board Jumpers 3-S. Change 10 on Schematic Change 10 in Figure Change 10 in Figure 6-B Isolation Logic Schematic A Slope Sequence During Rundown. Tak e a faading. The A feading should be maunal. The A reading should be within. Bureau of Standards will be covered in a manual change supplement or revised manual pages.

The specifications 1 – 3. Model A General Information Table ‘ Can store up to most recent readings. Included in this front panel section is the: Xi – X 2 – X i 1 Number of digits displayed. The following is a list of available accessories for The A is a safety class 1 instrument provided the A: Identifi cation o the two DI06 ” The information in the guide is most of the A’s operating characteristics, including remote Once you have decided what you want the A to do, programming codes.

The displayed number is functions. A ‘ lOO” is output when the test passes. Small negative voltages on measuring circuitry. Other operating characteristics are the same as the ACV function. Set the A to the desired range or to Autorange. You can use the O. Ohms feature of the A the A’s Ratio feature. Try useds by using the set up in to measure the contact resistance of a relay.


Since some Figure Depressing the button first places the state with the new measuring lead configuration. A A into the Signal Trigger mode if the Manal is in disabled Autozero is useful in ohms measurements for a another trigger mode and then triggers the instrument. Table gives a short description of the registers and math operations. Use the same method to store numbers into the other registers.

Used lor storing the resistor value for the dBm Math operation or for recalling readings taken in the A’s Reading Storage mode. Dptimizing the Aeading Rate. The previous paragraph stated that the Number reading.

Select any of these digits using the Store of Power Line Cycles Integrated has an effect on the method in Paragraph Hp3456s simply keeping the temperature of the ‘elated.

Among signal related lactors are; A at a fil ed value, you can nearly double the reading rate by turning Auto Zero off.

To avoid overrunning the computer with data from the A, you can select If you wish to perform an addition, 0. The Statistics math feature of the -hp- Model with the present reading X displayed on the front A is used to make a Mean and Variance calculation panel. Reading readings is very short and makes it impossible to see the Storage is first turned on and the A is triggered, by readings, store a delay into the DELAY register.

If the instrument is executing a measurement cycle, it will be aborted upon receipt of a Bus Trigger. Bit is not in this table.

The resultant decimal number oC octal is This error occurs under the following two conditions. First, determine the measurement or instrument operation you want. Storing into register is hp3546a to the amnual panel method. First enter the number to be stored and then 1 1. The End or Identify “remote” and “listen” to receive the codes. To output the codes. This is done by sending I: If “0” is output, the switch is set to REAR Set the A to lislen.

Send the program codes to store a mannual reading 2 into register R. Unlike regular remote operation, program memory onl y ignores blanks. HP-IB, or when the operating capabilities of the A. The following can A is polled Serial Poll. If the A is set up to be used as the Operator’s Check. If a substitute is not available you may be able to ture in which it was calibrated.



The A should also use a calibrated decade resistor with settings that range ohm to 10 M ohm. Guildline Model with a. If the A’s reading is ” Record and check the reading. The A’s reading should be within 0, 1 0 V 1 M ohm. Do the same for the 4-Wire ohms function. Leave the A in that function. This completes the f. The A should be adjusted at a 90 day interval, formance Test and Adjustment procedure. Turn the A’s Math off. Trigger, and,5 Digit Display. Resistors to the instrumem. Disconnect the 10 M ohm Standard Resistor and f.

Disable the A’s Autozero feature. Set the A to the 2-Wire O. Ohms function tion pot “L” for a 1.

AC Calibrator from the input terminals. Remove the DC Standard. Set the AC Calibrator for a. Connect the DC Standard to the A with its input terminals.

Table lists parts in alphameric a. Instrument Model Number order of their reference designators and indicates the description, -hp- Part Number of each part, together b. Instrument Serial Number with any applicable notes, and provides the following: Three service kits are available to aid in the repair ponents than is supplied with the component level of the A.

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Service Kit-Component unl Repair. Ublon lIOU ’10’1″ 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 ,,It. Replaceable Parts Model A.

Designations used on his page apply those parts called out in Figure. They where changed to improve the Model A Backdating e.

| HP A digital voltmeter restoration

For serial numbers A and below. Use nection as shown in Figure Change R21 from 9. Do not change the resistor if Cl I is missing from