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That looks to be precisely what I need.

Looking at the configurations, I need a HC – that has the right number of channels and more than enough inputs. I’m learning as I go having hc4025 done an AS level in electronics over 15 years ago where I learned nothing – I’m much more at home with a C compiler: There’s a small home-run business nearby where I live that sells components for when I need less than 20 of something: D Quote For finger sensing I’m starting to wonder if it’s a more sensible and cheaper idea to go with dstasheet physical capacitance touch selection.


HC Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

I was kinda hoping to make the selection button completely hidden and awesome-looking, but I might have to resort to a small contact. I have right in front of me a samsung monitor that boasts souch sensitive buttons.

Thanks for your help guys – I appreciate the effort in helping a noob: Richard – I’ll look into that, thanks. It would be good to get away with this as a cheap alternative.

(PDF) HC4052 Datasheet download

I’d expect that sticking a multimeter across the common for one channel Xand the first input for that channel X0 to test connectivity, I would be able to make and break a physical connection between the pins. Possible niaively I assumed that was how it all worked.

Any ideas yc4052 a quick and dirty test I can do to make sure it’ll work for my project? The datasheet doesn’t give me too much of a clue.

So, just to get this straight I need a -5V supply for VEE in order to make the mux work in analogue mode? Had a bit of a hunt online, pre-empting your reply.


Is this a sensible way to invert the DC supply? Maybe I datadheet like doing things the hard way. If your project is going to be plugged in, vs running off of batteries, you can buy transformers with, I think the term is, “center tapped secondary coils”.

They give you a positive and a negative low voltage from the high voltage fed in. Then it’s just a matter of simple rectification and regulation.

If you don’t want to hc40552 your own two rail supply, power supplies for computers You could buy one intended for a “quiet” computer Maybe try the PC manufacturer “Shuttle”? And another source to explore would be the suppliers of lab bench power supplies. Some are very feature rich, power capable I bet there are some inexpensive basic models, too, though.