The Gladiator is a novel (ISBN ) by Simon Scarrow, the ninth book in the Eagle series, where we see the return of Macro and Cato, this time. The Gladiator. Eagles of the Empire, Book 9. While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign against the Parthians, their. The Gladiator [Simon Scarrow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While centurions Macro and Cato are returning to Rome from a harrowing .

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Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell. Praise for Simon Scarrow’s historical novels: The friendship between Roman Centurions Cato and Macro is rock solid. Returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign, they are shipwrecked when an earthquake strikes the island of Crete.

Struggling ashore they discover panic, devastation and a slave revolt. Led by a gladiator called Ajax, the slaves are driven by a bloodthirsty desire for revenge that renders them almost invincible. Taking control of the shaken men of the sarrow garrison, Cato and Macro must save the province, before the rebellion can threaten the Empire itself Simon Scarrow is a Sunday Times No.

He is the author with T. Find out more at www. Not to be missed by readers of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell. The signs are that Parthia is preparing for war. And the two battle-hardened veterans are ready for their greatest ever military challenge. Praise for Simon Scarrow’s bestselling novels: A historical fiction thriller that’ll have you reaching for your gladius’ Daily Sport’Gripping Roman soldiering at its very best – even by Scarrow’s high standards’ Sunday Sport.

The eighth action-packed Victorian military adventure featuring hero Jack Lark: Expect hard fighting, dangerous bandoleros and double-crossing aplenty gladiatro Jack arrives in Mexico. A must-read military adventure for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow. Navy Colt in hand, Jack Lark – the roguish English hero dubbed ‘Sharpe meets the Talented Mr Ripley’ – is drawn into escorting svarrow valuable wagon train of cotton from Louisiana all the way down to Mexico.

Meanwhile, civil war continues to rage across America The fifth episode in the new Roman pirate series of ebook novellas from the Sunday Times bestselling authors Simon Scarrow scwrrow T. Mighty Rome is reclaiming control of the pirate-haunted seas, endangering the livelihoods of the pirate crews.

Despite their hard-won fighting skills, the pirates are losing. Until one man, a black flag captain scarrrow no others, steps in to challenge the Roman enemy A vast fleet of pirate ships has gathered, black pennants fluttering in smion breeze. On board are men who would slit each other’s throats rather than work together. They have sailed from all directions, reluctant and suspicious, at the request sccarrow the notorious pirate Telemachus, the new captain of the Scarroq Trident.

They come in honour of the fallen Bulla, Telemachus’s predecessor, not for the young upstart. But Telemachus has a message they can’t ignore.

Simon Scarrow

The Ravenna fleet, under the command of the ruthless Prefect Canis, has destroyed their trade and devastated many of their hideouts. Once the prevailing sea power, the brotherhood of pirates now live in fear. Telemachus has a bold plan: Fighting is in the pirates’ blood. If they can entice sczrrow warships out of Ravenna, the pirate force will outnumber the remaining Romans.


Then, anything is possible. For every pirate present, there’s a glimpse of a future ruling the waves again.

Gladiator: Son of Spartacus by Simon Scarrow – review

And for Telemachus, the chance to save his brother Nereus, languishing in a Roman cell. Do or die, with nothing to lose The scadrow book in the bestselling Chronicles of St Mary’s series which follows a group of tea-soaked disaster magnets as they hurtle their way around History.

You can’t change History. History doesn’t like it. There are always consequences. Max is no stranger to taking matters into her own hands.

The Gladiator (Scarrow novel) – Wikipedia

Especially when she’s had A Brilliant Idea. Yes, it will mean breaking a few rules, but – as Max always says – they’re not her rules. But life in the future does have its plus points – although not for long. A problem with the Time Map reveals chaos in the 16th century and the wrong Tudor queen on the throne. History has gone rogue, there’s a St Mary’s team right in the firing line and Max must step smion. You know what they say.

Hope for the best. But plan for the worst. Readers love Jodi Taylor: Jodi Taylor and her protagonista Madeleine “Max” Maxwell have seduced me”A great mix of British proper-ness and humour with a large dollop of historical fun”Addictive. I wish St Mary’s was real and I was a part of it”Jodi Taylor has an imagination that gets me completely hooked”A tour de force’. Keep calm, because The Nice and Accurate Good Omens TV Companion is your ultimate guide to the upcoming apocalypse, which is scheduled to happen on a Saturday, just after tea.

The series sees an scaarrow Sheen and a demon Tennant team gldaiator in order to try and sabotage the end of the world Featuring incredible photographs, stunning location shots, costume boards, set designs and fascinating character profiles and in-depth interviews with the stars and crew, this behind-the-scenes look into the making of Good Omens is an absolute must for fans old and new – and will shatter coffee tables around the world.

The third in the new Roman pirate series of ebook novellas from the Sunday Times bestselling authors Simon Scarrow and T. As Roman naval squadrons patrol the Adriaticum, a young pirate captain hunts for prey. But dimon most dangerous enemy may be on his own side The young pirate Telemachus has impressed Captain Bulla with his courage and skill, and has been made captain of a small ship, Galatea, with his loyal friend Geras as first mate.

But the exhilaration of command quickly fades as Telemachus and his men struggle to find any ships worth looting. Supplies are running low, and mutiny is brewing. Suspecting treachery by his arch enemy Hector, whose own ship was dispatched to other waters, Telemachus fears not only for his crew, but for his dream of rescuing his brother Nereus from slavery.

Gladiator Series Book Series:

When Telemachus learns of a rich cargo ship at anchor, he senses his chance for glory. A fortune in ivory and spices is in sight. There’s a catch, though: Only the most reckless captain would dare target this prey.


Telemachus will need to call on all his cunning and survival skills if he is to win the day, avert mutiny, and exact his revenge on his tormentor The second ebook novella in the brand new Roman pirate series by Sunday Times bestselling authors Simon Scarrow and T.

AD 25, the Adriaticum. Pirate ships hunt merchantmen across the stormy waters of the vast seas. But their control of these waters is threatened by the actions of a callous Roman commander Ship’s boy Telemachus has left behind grinding poverty in the Piraeus to join the crew of the merchant ship Selene. Only recently a scrawny youth, he has become a strong and skilled seafarer after weeks of hardship at sea. Now he has fallen into the hands of pirates: As a pirate recruit under Captain Bulla, Telemachus faces cruel initiation rites and the dangerous enmity of the ship’s ambitious first mate.

He takes heart from the goal that drives him: Then the pirates are confronted by the aftermath of a terrible attack by Prefect Canis, commander of the Ravenna fleet and a man who will not rest until every pirate crew has been wiped out. But Canis is not the only threat to the men of Poseidon’s Trident, and when they encounter a rival pirate gang, Telemachus knows that fate, as much as courage or cunning, will decide the outcome It is AD The Roman Empire stretches from Hispania in the west to Armenia in the east, Merchantmen roam the seas, transporting people, livestock and all manner of goods.

And where there are merchant ships, there will be pirates On a blustery night in the rough port of Piraeus, Captain Clemestes staggers drunkenly through the dark streets as he heads for his ship, Selene. When he becomes aware of the sinister figures following him, he fears the worst, for life is cheap in this xcarrow of thieves and cutthroats. Then a man bursts from the shadows and by brute force drives the attackers away.

Clemestes is astounded to find that he has been saved not by a powerful soldier, or a fellow sailor, but by a half-starved youth, compelled to simom to the aid of a stranger, in the face of impossible odds.

The youth is Telemachus, an orphan with a story that is both commonplace and tragic. When the kind-hearted Clemestes suggests he joins Selene’s crew, Telemachus sees no reason to refuse. But little does he know of the dangers of his new world.

There’s no running away once a ship is at sea – and when a pirate fleet appears on the horizon, Telemachus’s troubles have just begun The king is ambitious and ruthless, but he is vital to Rome’s strategic interests. General Corbulo must restore him to power, while also readying the troops for war with the powerful Parthian Empire. Corbulo orders new arrivals Cato and Macro, and their elite cohort of Praetorian Guards, to carry out the task. Marching into unmapped and unfamiliar terrain to restore an unpopular king is a perilous mission.

Allies cannot be trusted and foes lurk on all sides.