GDW – Games Modules, folder Classic Traveller – A00 – The Imperial Fringe Sector , , KB. file, Classic. Traveller’s humble beginning saw the game introduced in little black 5½ x 8¾ . for use with the continuing adventures being published by GDW for Traveller. Traveller RPG 10 Great lots. GDW Snapshot Boxed Set + Miniatures & Extras! $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Excellent expansion book on personal.

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Sell us your stuff? The format proved wildly popular — the booklets were very portable, and staplebound, meaning they could be held open easily. Eventually, the rulebooks would number 9, along with 13 Supplements, 14 Adventures, and 6 Double Adventures. Core Rule Books Book 1: Characters and Combat Book 2: Worlds and Adventures An Introduction to Traveller “Introduction to Traveller is a guide to the world of Traveller, written especially with the beginner in mind.

Book 0 details the ins and outs of playing and refereeing Traveller with tips on how to make the most of science fiction role-playing.

Mercenary “In depth, a treatment of all aspects of military adventures in the universe of Traveller. Detailed character generation for ckassic characters, including 11 new skills and 12 advanced weapon types.

Plus, rules for recruiting, tickets, and the resolution of battles. Mercenary, aimed at the military oriented Traveller adventurer. High Guard “At last, extensive rules for the personnel and starships of the interstellar navies of the universe.

Detailed character generation for naval characters, including the academy, and medical school, and 5 new skills. Rules for starship design, construction, and combat, with tonnages ranging to one million tons! High Guard, created for the interstellar naval adventurer and referee. It contains additions, corrections, and changes to the starship design and combat rules pages 17 to The introduction and character generation clasdic pages 1 to 16 remains unchanged from the first edition.

Book 6 would be Scouts. Scouts “Now, special materials for Traveller Scout characters and activities, including: Merchant Prince “The lure of merchant operations is easy profit, free travel, and high adventure.

Robots “At clasic, the complete guide to the construction and use tdw robots in Traveller. Add a completely new dimension to science fiction adventure with Robots. Plus a bonus of nine characters drawn from science-fiction.

Series: Classic Traveller Main Books

Animal Encounters “This supplement provides a general set of animal encounter tables for use in most common situations. The broad span of world and atmosphere combinations 11 through A9 have been reduced to nine small, medium and large worlds; with thin, standard and dense atmospheres. Notwithstanding this reduction, a wide variety of encounters are presented. In addition, separate sections on maritime, and arctic areas which are general world size and atmosphere independent have been included, and a section on vacuum situations is presented to further create player interest and participation.

The Spinward Marches Contains traveoler summaries of subsectors within the Spinward Classiic, the center of many adventures in Traveller.

Plus, a review of planetary data factor meanings, and an index. Ideal for impromptu adventures, and essential for use with the continuing adventures being published by GDW for Traveller. Be sure to look for Supplement 4, Citizens of the Imperium, for 12 new character types claxsic Traveller. Tgaveller of the Imperium “This booklet contains character generation instructions and tables for twelve distinct character types; some, such as the maritime forces the wet navy and the orbital forces, expand classi military force structure, while others provide individuals from various civilian occupations.

Complete information is provided for character generation, including explanations of skills not dealt with in other books in the Traveller series, and descriptions of special mustering out benefits. In addition, twelve separate chapters each contain forty pre-generated examples of the characters; these listings allow random, fast selection of such characters for patron or other encounters where necessary in Traveller situations.


Each listing indicates service rank, age, cash balance, skills, and mustering out benefits. Each character is numbered consecutively within the chapter to allow random selection using die rolls. Lightning Class Cruisers Originally sold as travepler of the Azhanti High Lightning box set; not sold separately, so somewhat rare today. Deck plans; dispositions of all the Lightning-class cruisers.

In addition, sixteen mercenary job offers: Traders and Gunboats “Detailed deck plans for common starships that ply the space lanes for rtaveller, profit, and combat action within and without the Imperium.

Plus, High Guard statistics for each starship.

Ideal for supplementing Traveller adventures, handling starship encounters, and supplying characters with starships for campaigns. Library Data A-M “From the computer data travelelr and the galactic encyclopedias of the Imperium, this supplement contains a tdw of important facts of interstellar society, culture, history and science.

Included are data entries A through M, plus essays on the Imperium, its Emperors, and more! Fighting Ships “The Imperium’s fighting ships, the stalwart naval craft of the Imperium and the Spinward Marches, described, detailed, and illustrated in this reference work on the Navy’s own starships.

Contents include over 25 different ship classes ranging in size from 50 tons totons. Included are High Guard statistics, background material, and striking illustrations. The Solomani Rim “The Solomani Rim contains sixteen pre-generated subsectors for Traveller, complete with subsector maps, world data, and background information.

The Solomani Rim is an old and civilized sector, high in population and technological sophistication. It classif nearly inhabited worlds, including Earth.

The Solomani Rim forms the setting for many of the published Traveller adventures and makes an excellent background for any campaign. Library Data N-Z “This supplement contains a compilation of major facts about the society, culture, and history clwssic the Traveller Imperium and its neighbors.

With its companion booklet, Library Data A-Mthis booklet completes the basic encyclopedia of the Traveller universe. Included are data entries N through Z, plus essays dealing with the Imperial nobility, the political situation on the Solomani Rim, and more!

Forms and Charts “For players and referees to record complete Traveller campaign data. Forms and Charts is the answer: Over twenty blank Traveller forms ready to photocopy or print in quantity, to record character data, subsector and sector mapping, animal encounter tables, starship design, and cargo shipping.

Traveller (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Plus, twelve identification cards suitable for a variety of player and non-player characters, and the Imperial calendar. Veterans “When adventurers want to hire mercenaries, the referee needs a supply of experienced characters for them to choose from. This supplement contains over two hundred characters generated using the rules in Book 4, Mercenary, with resumes for the players to see and a separate section containing information reserved for the referee.

The veterans come from all branches of the Army and Marines; tech levels run from 7 to Merchant Prince “This special supplement provides an expanded character generation system for the Merchant service, including new procedures and four new skills.

Traveller GDW

It originally appeared as a pull-out section in the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Societyissue number Exotic Atmospheres “This special supplement provides a more detailed and comprehensive look at exotic, insidious, and corrosive atmospheres. It originally appeared as a pull-out trzveller in the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, issue number 17” The proper name for this region is the Spinward Marches, so named because gd are located on the very border of the Imperium, in the spinward direction when considering the rotation of the galaxy.


This area of hundreds of star systems, shown on the accompanying map, is to be the setting for this introductory adventure into the universe of Traveller. This adventure is written for the beginner and touches briefly on many different aspects of the science fiction role-playing possibilities within Traveller. As referee or player, you should read carefully Traveller Books 1, 2 and 3; as referee you should read through this adventure to familiarize yourself with it.

Once that is done, you are ready to begin. Buy at Amazon Adventure 1: Kinunir “A mysterious gentleman approaches your group with a proposition — obtain certain trade secrets from a local shipyard, and earn up to Cr, Maybe, but the job leads your group across several parsecs, into conflict with the Imperial authorities, and onto the trail of a ton starship. The Kinunir is a detailed traevller for Traveller characters, complete with four distinct situations, an array of rumors to lead the characters on, and deck plans and details for an Imperial Battle Cruiser.

Research Station Gamma “The alien needs help Out there, in a research station in the middle of the sea, its sister and brother are being held for terrible experiments, vivisection, ultimately death!

The alien makes its plea; please, can’t someone help? Twilight’s Peak “From a clue in an old worn book, from a rumor in a starport bar. Meanwhile, unknown to anyone, the secret of Twilight’s Peak is not a fortune, but death, and death in unexpected ways. Step aboard the merchant cruiser Leviathan, for a trading voyage in search of new markets and personal fortunes.

Trillion Credit Squadron “Build giant starship fleets and fight monumental naval battles with Trillion Credit Squadrons. This adventure contains complete instructions for the creation of naval forces within restricted budgets, with situations for several players or just one. Expedition to Zhodane “Looking for work is a constant chore for travellers. On Utoland, they find that the help wanted ads in the local paper may give them more than they bargained for Included are detailed deck plans, tables of organization and equipment for the strike team traevller, and four exciting scenarios one for use with High Guard and three for use with Mercenary and Striker!

Prison Planet “Sometimes, travellers break the law. Sometimes, they get caught. In the Solomani Rim, lawbreakers are sent to the Imperial prison on Newcomb, to work in the hazardous pitchblende mines. Prison Planet includes a complete description of the Newcomb prison, its inmates and guards, and the perils of life ‘inside’. Will the prisoners live clasic complete their sentences? It’s up to you.

Nomads of the World-Ocean “On the waterworld Bellerophon live the giant sea-creatures called daghadasi. The adventurers are hired to investigate claims that Seaharvester Corporation is hunting the daghadasi to extinction, threatening world-wide ecocatastrophe. They must contend with the hostile corporation as well as with the many factions among the Aramakilar nomads who follow the daghadasi.

Safari Ship “An amateur scientist obsessed with his science is hiring adventurers to accompany his expedition to a distant planet in search of a rare and extremely ttaveller animal. He knows the planet it comes from, but that still leaves an immense area to search. Safari Ship includes bdw plans and descriptions for the Animal Class Safari Ship, maps and data for subsector and planet, encounter information, and an essay on hunting.

Plus special information for the referee.