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Author to whom correspondence should be addressed: Juliane Bervian, Universidade de Passo. To describe the morphological and insertion characteristics of the Upper.

This cross-sectional study performed clinical tests in children aged years. Children were examined in the classroom with. The clinical examination consisted of upper lip distension for viewing and. Demographic labisl, age and gender and clinical variables morphologic aspects and. Data were processed and descriptive.

The most prevalent labial frenulum type was.

Description of the Upper Labial Frenulum Characteristics in Prescho

The most prevalent insertion type was attached. In most cases, labial frenulum insertion is found in the attached gingiva. Thus, the prevalence of normal labial frenulum. Insertion, in normal conditions, is the mucogingival limit in. When present, muscle fibers. Its function is to limit the lip movements, promoting stabilization in the midline, and.

Some studies report the importance of insertion and morphology of the labial frenulum. When insertion is abnormal, there is interference in the proper toothbrush positioning, making it. Whenever necessary, lip frenectomy lablal performed, either conventional or laser.

The aim of this study was to describe the anatomical characteristics and the insertion. This is an observational cross-sectional study conducted in 04 Early Childhood Education. These schools were selected, respecting sampling. Schools should be located supreior different places of the city neighborhoods and. Passo Fundo is the largest city of northern Rio Grande do Sul, with a population estimated. The illiteracy rate is around 2.

The city has 73 public schools 34 state schools and 39 municipal schools and 9 private.

The data provided by the. The target population is composed of children aged years of both sexes enrolled in Early.


Childhood Education Schools of Passo Fundo. The study is characterized by using a probabilistic. The sample size was calculated using. The tests were performed by five trained and calibrated examiners. The re-test was performed within one. The kappa lbaial to test the inter- and intra-rater agreement level was carried out and 0. Examiners used full PPE lab coat, mask, cap, gloves and goggles and children were placed.

Survey data were recorded in the clinical record. The criteria used to evaluate labial. Labiap classification includes simple frenulum, simple frenulum with nodule and simple. Bifid frenulum; xuperior with recession; labiall. Regarding the insertion location, according to criteria of Placek et al. For data processing, questionnaires were numbered and children were identified, which. This procedure with the database provides quality. In the database, a variable identified the child.

The database was structured in Excel, and a descriptive analysis of the. This research project was submitted to the Ethics Committee of the University of Passo. Fundo and approved under CAAE An Informed Consent Form was delivered. The most prevalent age was Regarding the morphological characteristics of the upper labial frenulum, prevalence of.

Prevalence of different characteristics of the upper labial frenulum. Regarding the location of the upper labial frenulum insertion, insertion into the attached.

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Prevalence of the different upper labial frenulum insertion locations. In this study, the following morphological types of upper labial frenulum were found: It is a result similar to that. Regarding the morphological classification [14], the study that served as reference found.

Other studies [18] with. Considering the literature on the subject, there is an involution process atrophy in the. Table 2 shows that the simple frenulum predominates over the other types, representing. In other studies, similar frequencies, between It is noteworthy that in some studies, with results more close to those of this study, the same. This reinforces the idea that. Regarding the types of insertions, this study found four insertion locations [15].


According to literature, this insertion is outside normality standards, that is, it is not in the. The children in this study were in the age group of 06 years, all with primary dentition. At the mixed dentition stage, many questions arise, on the one hand, the ugly duckling stage. In the permanent dentition, surgery indication changes to the aesthetic issue.

Therefore, the literature recommends caution in performing surgical procedures such as. Although this study is important for epidemiological data to be achieved and especially. This leads to the unique. If on the one. Further follow-up studies should be conducted with these children at different times and with mixed. In this study, the most prevalent labial frenulum was simple, followed by simple with. Only a small percentage. Thus, the prevalence of normal labial frenulum is high, suggesting the.

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