Originally posted by Joe Kamenar: model and the question is can the company get a percentage of the assignment fee. I think you’ll find that the answer is no. FIND AND ASSIGN How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk Joseph S. Kamenar, MBA Includes. Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax. Expert Author Joe Kamenar. For those looking to get into real estate investing in today’s market, there is a unique way to profit without needing.

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Joseph or Joe Kamenar is an all-around web and Internet marketing expert.

He has been into web development for more than 14 years, and into web analytics for more than 10 years. On the other hand his knowledge in web analytics include Omniture SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, WebTrends, and a lot other analytics tools he created himself.


Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

He has also made more than 50 Perl scripts that are useful in process automation. In the field of Internet marketing, Joe works on both personal products, and third-party products.

He has written a number of eBooks on real estate, mortgage, and home based businesses. He also works on e-commerce websites, such as eBay, ClickBank, and a lot others.

In fact, over the years, he has hit the number one spot in Google on many profitable search terms.

Joe also works with clients on site analysis. He helps them determine whether or not their websites are effective in attracting clients and generating sales.

He also creates websites for lead generation, with built-in newsletter systems. He currently works for Semphonic as a Senior Consultant. Find and Assign is an educational program chock full of useful information and tools for the aspiring real estate entrepreneur.


Real Estate Course Blog – Real Estate Investing Course Reviews: Joseph “Joe” Kamenar

It shows you how you can earn huge profits without worrying about cash, credit or risk. The “find and assign” approach is a technique used to find properties and then assign them to investors for profit.

This e-book details everything that a newbie needs to More about this product Loan Officer by Joseph S. Loan Officer is an e-book that will help you prosper in your career as a loan officer. You’ll learn how to make money by helping people get the mortgages they need.

Plus, with so many foreclosures nowadays, loan officers are in great demand by both consumers