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Trademarks All trademarks mentioned in this guide are the properties of their respective owners. Conventions Used in this Guide Notifications The following notifications are used in this guide: Potential risk of severe injury or death. Risque potentiel de exrron grave ou de mort. Risk of minor personal injury. Any input audio signal can be embedded onto the HDMI output.

The unit can be set up to automatically switch to an active input, by giving priority to the highest active input 5 to 1or to the lowest eztron input 1 to 5. This allows for simple, automated control of the DVS when a control system is not in use. Fixed and variable line level outputs are available, and each output can be balanced or unbalanced.

The label can be up to 16 characters and input via RS or Ethernet. Internal universal power supply — The VAC, Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility. The front panel controls. This section describes how to connect cables to a DVS scaler. While holding the connector securely against the lacing bracket, tighten the tie wrap, then remove exrton excess length. The loop through can be used to synchronize additional devices.

RJ Connector Figure 6. The contact closure port and the RS port share a common ground. Operation This section of the manual discusses the operation of a DVS device. Powering Up When applying power to the DVSthe unit undergoes a start-up self-testing sequence see image below and then the LCD displays the default display cycle.

Default Display Cycle When in use but not in any menu mode, exrron LCD screen defaults to cycling through the input and output configuration currently installed. To return to the default cycle from within any menu, press the button repeatedly until Menu menu appears, then press the button. Submenus are accessed from a main menu by pressing the button. They can also be set to autodetect the incoming input signal type.

This is the default setting. When the DVS is set for input signal lock, a glitch in output sync may be experienced when switching between inputs as the scaler locks to the input reference.

Occasionally additional audio delay is required to account for other signal dvss, scalers, or display devices in a system. For these situations, the DVS offers an additional millisecond static global audio delay which can be Audio delay This setting has the correct letter box or pillar box settings xetron under the Image Size and Image Position Picture Controls.

When the DVS is in the Fill mode, if an aspect exron adjustment for a single input rate is desired, the correct size and center can be set up using The default state is Off. It contains information regarding the detected input rate and format, the HDCP status of the selected input, and an indication of Main vs.


The duration the OSD bug is on-screen can be set from 1 to seconds via the front panel menu. Edit Comm Settings Menu Exit Menu From this submenu, press the button to return to the vvs cycle, or Menu User Presets press the button to exit 6055 menu and return to the default cycle.

Executive mode 1 locks all front panel functions completely.

Extron DVS Digital Video Scaler – Power Tested | eBay

This mode can be enabled or disabled by SIS commands see Front panel security lockout Executive Mode front panel lockout mode page 52PCS see on page 91or internal web pages see Executive Mode on page Image Size and Position — An Overview The DVS provides users the ability to adjust a window size and position extrpn the image the content size and position independently with regards to the output raster.

This independent control is available for both the Exfron and PIP windows, allowing the user comprehensive flexibility in output configurations.

A clean extrob through black is used during Main or PIP input switches. This is normal operation of the scaler. PIP windows and content settings.

A set of 10 factory default layouts exist and can be overwritten by saving new presets. Screen Saver Settings section on page This port allows for simple, unidirectional control of the DVS from a host controller that has no available RS ports, but does have available hardwired IR outputs.

The reset modes listed close all open IP and Telnet connections and sockets. Each mode is a separate function, and not a continuation from mode 1 to mode 5. Error Responses When the DVS receives a valid command, it executes the command and sends a response to the host device. If the unit is unable to execute the command because the command contains invalid parameters, it returns an error response to the host. Static audio delay, 0 through milliseconds default is 0 NOTE: The static audio delay is in addition to the automatic audio delay that is applied by the DVS to compensate for internal video processing.

DHCP is disabled by default. Extronn IP is X11 Subnet mask xxx. Leading zeros are optional in setting values in each of four fields, and are suppressed in returned values. Mode 1 reset was executed and the default factory firmware version is loaded.

Genlock offset commands return an error unless: Genlock offsets apply only to current output resolution, and reset to 0,0 when the output resolution is edtron. This section describes the software installation and communication.

To connect to a device, select the desired device and click the button. A Connect new device configuration tab opens. Alternatively, double click the desired device name to connect and open to the configuration page.

Show Characters visible when entering them. In the fieldenter the Telnet port of the desired device. extrpn

EXTRON Extron DVS 605 D

Telnet Port Click the button. A new device tab opens. Offline Device Preview It is possible for the DVS pages to be viewed without connecting directly to a device, but the page settings cannot be changed or saved.


To open as an offline device, click the drop-down menu and select Configuration File Figure When connected to an online device, a connection status icon circle shows green on the device name tab see figure 36, The configuration page has a global navigation bar ribbon From the drop-down menu, select.

Alternatively, to manually assign an IP address, complete all the fields as desired. Click the button to accept pending changes and close the dialog box. Apply Clicking the button cancels any pending changes and closes the dialog extrkn.

This option allows the user to backup all audio, video, and communication settings from a DVS device to a PC. This saved configuration can later be restored to a single extfon device, or used to replicate the settings from one DVS to other DVS devices, if the device models are the same. The saved configuration can be restored to a single device or to multiple devices, if the models are the same as that used for the backup.

To restore a configuration to a single device: The window closes after restoring, and a confirmation pop-up is shown briefly to indicate the process is complete. To restore a configuration to multiple devices: Ensure the receiving devices are also connected via LAN to the same network.

Update Firmware Update progress of the exhron upload to the device. To update firmware to multiple devices: As wxtron, all targets are preselected for deployment and have a dxtron mark to the left of the device details list. PCS does not update firmware on a device if one of the above criteria is not valid and this is vds in the Status column.

About This Module Figure Your version number may be different from that shown above. The button turns red along Sync Mute with the button Video Mute To unmute any signal, click the appropriate eextron. The button reverts to the default color, indicating the signal has been unmuted. Black letter box or pillar box bars may be applied for aspect ratio compensation. Film Detect Select the check box of the desired input to enable automatic 3: Set the time as desired.

No input signal is needed when using a test pattern for display device setup. The file is saved as a. An asterisk beside a chosen value for a signal sampling setting indicates that it is a default value for the applied video signal.

Overscan Section For each input signal type, select a value from the corresponding drop-down menu. Setting a value of disables overscan for the corresponding fxtron format.

User presets can be saved on one input resolution and recalled on a different one. Input presets can only be recalled on the same input resolution that was present when the preset was saved.

Extron DVS A – MicroK12

User Presets Click the button. The dialog box opens. Recall Preset Presets Click the button to recall the preset.