I am going to do a mini-review for the rest of these books. I have looked at things like the writing and the plot progression in depth before and I. Read story Everworld #4 – Realm of the Reaper by colin_08 with reads. realm, applegate, everworld. Chapter I. This book picks up again where #3 left off, with the kids wandering the forest, lost and clueless and without a goal in mind. When they stumble.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Everworl — Realm everworlc the Reaper by Katherine Applegate. Realm of the Reaper Everworld 4 by Katherine Applegate. Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real—and often deadly. Things have gotten way beyond weird. Paperbackpages. Published November by Scholastic Paperbacks first published September 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Everwprld ask other readers questions about Realm of the Reaperplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Eeverworld 06, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: First off, I like that they finally stopped with the silly “Everworld logo over a character’s eyes” eeaper design — because it was silly, it obscured the cover, and the design on this book is just so lovely.

I’m pretty sure my appreciation for Everworld! A trip to the underworld and a return to Norse mythology means that I’m tthe little subjectively predisposed to enjoy this book. Also, ralm now have Jalil as a narrator, First off, I like that they finally stopped with the silly “Everworld logo over a character’s eyes” cover design — because it was silly, it obscured the cover, and the design on this book is just so lovely.

Also, we now have Jalil as a narrator, and finally the characterisation detail I’ve been waiting 4 books for: His attempts to parse the world into something he can understand and control comes from a deep sense of helplessness. This book was probably my first exposure to real OCD in a fictional character, too, so I appreciate Applegate dealing with it.

As the final POV book of the core quartet, it’s interesting seeing his relationships to the others too. Despite him and Christopher clashing veerworld the time — their moods see-saw operating in direct opposition to one another, Christopher’s racist jokes and insults — even then, there’s a strange accord between them: A second later he was this racist jerkwad.

Brave, cowardly, stand-up, self-centered. One minute he’d take your hand, the next slap it away. Like I said, I didn’t get him. Despite those disagreements with Christopher, which I’d everwlrld are actually pretty surface-level, just them snapping at one another when they’re grumpy — I think he actually experiences the most genuine animosity towards David because of how bewitched David is about Senna.


And April, again, we see them coming from a place of mutual respect and trust.

Stories Have Power

I love the couple moments we get when she casts Jalil a joke meant specifically for him, or they share a little Can you believe this? The group is all starting to understand how the rest of them tick, and there’s more joking, more group chemistry.

They still argue, but I feel like this time they collectively acknowledge their stress and back down, rather than having April yell them into submission.

Even Christopher, usually the most needlessly provocative of the lot, starts playing his role in keeping the peace in the group. There’s also some more time spent with Senna, revealing more of her: Rreaper is deeply frightening and repulsive I made the mistake of reading her introduction scene eeverworld eating lunch.

The plot structure is still lacking, though, casting them on from adventure to adventure — it’s definitely far more like A Series of Unfortunate Events, say, with just a nonstop sequence of events and the characters not having much agency.

So this was probably back to being more of a 3-star book I keep trying to think of how KAA might have fixed the ‘episodic’ issues, but I’m just not sure how it could have been done better in this premise, honestly — they’re reapr teenagers, plunged into a truly powerless situation.

They’re not movers and shakers in Everworld, and I can’t come up with an easy solution for the way they’re realj drifting from problem to problem. You just have to buckle up and be down for the ride. I put away the soap, I tried to walk away.

I had washed my hands five times. Five was four too many. I wasn’t insane, I knew I had washed my hands five times, knew it was unnecessary, knew it was absurd, ridiculous, worst of all, irrational. But seven was the number. Had to be seven. There could not possibly be rezlm reason.

Project Everworld: Book #4 Realm of the Reaper – The Moonlight Library

People washed their hands once. In an entire day, feaper twice, three times. They had lives, normal lives, they didn’t die, they weren’t eaten alive by bacteria. But there was no point resisting. I’d already gone to five. Two more and I would be free, for a while.

That was the number. But only here did the dark, ritual impulses rule me. This was the world of reason. This was the world where cause and effect were always cause and effect; they did not reverse order. This was the world that could be added and subtracted, divided and multiplied, where circles were functions of pi, where all objects fell at the same constant race of acceleration, where laws of physics were laws, not suggestions. This was my world.


Realm of the Reaper (Everworld, #4) by Katherine Applegate

The world of two plus two equals four every time. No wizards, no witches, no dragons, no trolls, no gods and goddesses. My world, understandable, decipherable, logical. Eveeworld it was here, here in this world that I stood helpless at my sink, and washed my hands again because the number, you see, is seven.

The pig was going to rip my face open. The pig was going to kill me. But everworpd, quite calmly, the pig climbed down off me. It trotted about six steps, then paused, turned, and looked at us with amused contempt.

Then the pig said, “Give me your apples. Give me your apples or I’ll gut you, one by one. Just another day in Everworld. Gangly, wiry, skinny, pick your adjective. I prefer lean myself. A black poindexter, most people think.

Jalil, that’s my name. People assume it’s an African name. It’s Hindi, and it means “godlike. She winked at David. I sense the cosmic rightness of this decision. I believe it may involve the attraction of a crystal, or possibly just fluctuations in my own magnetic fields.

She was trying to provoke me, of course. I’d kill for a shower and fresh sheets.

Realm of the Reaper

I’d kill you for a breath mint. It had become our all-purpose phrase. Somehow Christopher and I had become polarized. Like opposite ends of a magnet. If I was positive, he was negative. What was that movie with that killer leprechaun? Bet they show that on every channel. Teeth not chattering now, but grinding into one another, grinding so that I was sure my teeth would splinter, reakm me to gnaw on the bared nerves.

I have five shallow puncture wounds across the back of my shoulders. David’s wrist was sprained and swelling. There was blood seeping into the white of Christopher’s left eye, and his back had been sandpapered. April’s nose was bleeding. We were a sorry-looking bunch.

We did what we could to bind one another’s wounds, but the effort ended as we simply collapsed, exhausted. The filthy lurachmain, of course.