View and Download Escort A operation manual online. Count Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Escort A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed. Section 7. GPIB Remote Operation. Introduction. Description of the GPIB. GPIB Interface Parameters Setup. Commands Summary. 72 .

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Page 10 To avoid explosion, do not operate this product in an explosive atmosphere. When a specification on Display 2 is incompatible with the current measurement displayed in 1, the command is ignored. All RS commands must be entered in the upper case.

To display AC voltage in primary display and the frequency in secondary display or vise versus while measuring an AC signal, user may check AC voltage and its frequency of an AC Power Supply or circuit by taking a single meter. Though it is not necessary to read the 316a manual to operate the unit effectively, we recommend the manual to be read thoroughly in order to use the meter to its full advantages.

Front Panel Operation Section 3 Front Panel Operation Introduction This section provides a complete description of each operation that can be performed by using the pushbuttons on the front 336a.

Escort 3136A Operation Manual

Selecting Local Operation Mode Selecting Local Operation Mode to return the operation control priority from remote mode computer controlled to local mode user controlled. This operation manual contains information and warning that must be followed to ensure user operation safety and to retain the meter safety condition. The Auto-ranging Relative mode or auto-ranging dynamic record will be closed when percentage function is set. Table of Contents Section 1. Operating in Explosive Atmospheres The meter does not provide explosion protection for explosive gasses or arcing components.


Options And Accessories Options and Accessories At the moment, one option is available for the meter, which option can be installed at the factory and a field installable retrofit kit option is also available: Measuring DC voltage and AC ripple on a rectification circuit.

To avoid explosion, do not operate this product in an explosive atmosphere. Operation Procedures for Front Panel To enable an external trigger and trigger a measurement from the front panel, perform the following procedures: Releases the locking of the device’s keyboard. Auto range AUTO 4. IMMediate – Selects the internal trigger source and escape single trigger mode. FREQuency [ [1]2 ] Description: Arithmetic Function Selection 5. R1 command After executing R1 command, the meter will return the existing readings of primary display.

Press then followed by to exit percentage function Notes: The communication parameters are set to bauds, no parity, 8 databits, 1 stop bit.

Escort A Manuals

The parameters set on the device must be these ones default. Page 78 instrument that requested service. Selects the source of the start trigger signal. Set the compare limits values upper and lower limit value.

Page 32 Combination of Dual Display Settings Table provides the available combination of inputs for the primary display and secondary display in the dual display mode. Grounding the Meter The meter is grounded through power cord. The compare function calculation expression is based on counts without decimal point. OPC – Operation complete. Related Manuals for Escort A No related manuals. Case, Panels and Holsters To avoid electric shock or injury, do not operate the meter without panels or case in place.

Set the specified display in Vdc Direct Current Voltage mode, within the specified voltage range. Set the primary and secondary display to frequency measurement. Press to enter Refresh Hold mode. POWER 8 10 1. To avoid personal injury, do not remove the cover or panel. Opens the serial port that number from 1 to is specified. CURRent Set the current measurement. Enable or disable the auto range mode.

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After this command, the secondary display still indicates signal source as the frequency measurement is on primary display. It is unnecessary to send complete command characters. Rear Panel The rear panel shown in Figure contains a line fuse, the power-line cord connector, an RS interface connector, and a cutout for IEEE interface optional connector. In manual range mode, to select higher range or lower range to the desired one. If another positive range is specified, the nearest compatible range is set.

Input Terminals Input Terminals The input terminals, shown in Figure are located on the left side of the front panel.

Page 87 Table Current or Frequency Measurements VFD Brightness Control Press and hold, then press step by step to select the VFD brightness to darker level 4 steps in this function and factory setting is set at highest light levelComments to this Manuals Your Name. To ensure the remote interface will operate appropriately, user may need to configure the remote interface parameters by following the procedures as shown below: DBM – dBm calculation. Page 68 Table The meter will then respond the following digit character string to the host after receiving the R0 command: Set the primary display to diode with continuity test.

If select this function during auto-ranging, it will lock to existing range.