“Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design. Ernesto Oroza () is a Cuban artist and designer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Awards; 3 Books by Ernesto Oroza; 4 References. Biography[edit]. Oroza earned . Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design.

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Diagram from Architecture of necessity.

For example, in the s the first satellite dish was brought to Cuba. For many decades, reproduction was an exclusive right of the state. Objects of necessity In certain contemporary urban areas the necessity generates objects that look more the result of an unavoidable sedimentation of materials cornered by the wind into the oroa of the city than the result of a productive activity.

In the past, when a car stopped been used, for the above reason, it was impossible to incorporate them legally. Technological Disobedience — Aurika.

Belief in the Potential Object: Ernesto Oroza on Technological Disobedience in Cuba

Estos nuevos recursos me han permitido retomar y profundizar algunas ideas. Metal bar chairs, wood and Formica. Orozz, The lamps are produced in two sizes. Editorial Pablo de la Torriente, Retrieved from ” https: Skip to main content.

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. To recover the original image from the lights of the cars, the oroaa are molded from original diffusers and its lenticular surfaces. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Floating Cubans, web project by Andrew Ho Twitter. Documentos contaminados This antenna was brought to the island as part of an operation of the Ministry of the Interior.


The necessity generates a fatal equation that, under similar circumstances, produces the same results. Orozz que la arquitectura debe ser eso. Little Havana Lamp shade.

I work on several projects at the same time and rarely leave a topic. Llamar al Edy O Damaris. Founded metal bars chairs and monobloc plastic chairs.

The material is applied on geometric forms such as shoe boxes and bowls. Llamar a Renato o L Con motor de petroleo peugeot xud9 Caja de mitsubishi l Diferencial largo de 3. El gobierno se esfuerza por no parecer ineficiente.

From the Revolution orkza Revolico. Es un contexto que me interesa mucho. Stools at Ludwig Foundation. Unexpected propagation channels appeared. Si, vivo en Florida.

As a design student you get used to jumping from one cultural field to another, seeking to understand the internal logic of those fields.

The possibility of full and equal participation in the digital humanities has become the focus of much recent discussion around the diversity, definition, and scope of oroa field. Pero algo nuevo supera las notas de la prensa, los documentos legales y al propio Revolico. Cover and selection of pages from El libro de la familia.


De la revolución al revolico (un epílogo provisional)

The pattern of the stools is determined by the scraps employed. Freedom is the conscious need, Engels would say. The two approaches—those that capitalize these images of ruin and those that oppose it radically—remove the individual who inhabits those dwellings and transforms them in order to attend to the needs of his family.

How do you interpret the widespread contemporary interest in Cuban making and Cuban design? Pesce proposes that new technologies are more open to intersecting with variable elements that change their course. A year ago the Cuban government issued a regulation that allows to circulate rebuilt cars that have suffered severe crash, corrosion or were neglected.

Ernesto Oroza, Gean Moreno. They are housed inside milk crate casings which are then stacked in towers. Pero es conveniente desmitificar. Ujamaa diagrams — Founded metal bar chairs, monobloc plastic chairs and clothes. Many of those who feel left out argue that a lack […]. The rhetoric of the dust of ruins is useful to tourism promoters because it stimulates the nostalgia of Western tourists.

Views Read Edit View history. Some of these channels or protocols were created by the government but ended up exceeding their own control.