Often referred to simply as Erdnase (or even The Bible), is an extensive book on the art of sleight of hand published in by S. W. Erdnase, a pseudonymous. One of the biggest thing in Magic at the moment is Erdnase x Madison. For those of you that don’t know, Daniel Madison has set out on a quest. The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (Dover Magic Books) [S. W. Erdnase] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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Magic DVDs have been released by a several professional magicians, attempting to explain the techniques in Expert at the Card Table in more accessible ways and adding their own suggestions to the methods. I’m sure it is a great book. I struggled greatly with this book.

Is The Expert at The Card Table really all that? | theory11 forums

If you listen to the in depth Madison gave, he started by wanting to give an all out tribute to Erdnase, but realized he is probably skilled enough to teach it. Anyone else see this email? The reason being the illustrations were also erdnaae little bit hard to understand at time and the descriptions are a little “varried”.

Close-Up Table Magic Second ed. I have no idea. The Expert at the Card Table is the most famous, the most carefully studied book ever published on the art of manipulating cards at gaming tables. Oh, I think no one explained it better than this guy. Henry Holt and Co.

Should it be essential reading for beginners? I talk better than I write. Gardner asserts, “are as useful today by magicians and card hustlers as they were in I am personally with erdbase former, but still have a lot of learning ahead of me, I have 5 different copies laying around in my room.

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Is The Expert at The Card Table really all that?

The unrecognized numbers and screenshots of threats have been given to Police, along with the information leading up to this. He has mastered all the moves, and has turned away from card cheating, becoming a magician.

Assistants Clubs Conventions Exposure Stores. If you watch Madison’s actual reasons as to why he is doing this, he shows that he has a lot of respect for Erdnase. I’ve gotten the others Should it be recommended to beginners, or viewed only as an historical text? Even though what you said is true, you can’t argue that Madison is not almost as skilled as the Greats you’ve just named, at least on a gambling magic level.

Well past ninety years of age, Vernon was fond of quoting from it, with page numbers, when discussing card techniques with his colleagues at the Magic Castle.

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. You gain a lot of good insight to the book that can help you out later exoert. Has Expert at the Card Table become nothing more than an icon or badge for card magicians? I mean don’t get me wrong, it is full of useful stuff, but is it “the Bible of Card Magic” that it is chocked up to be?

Is Expert at the Card Table Worth Reading?

Expert at the card table: Expert at the Card Table by S. All the erdnsse moves he got caught with, as well as his personal favorite moves are not in the book. FIrst off, this is something I should address. And a lot of the stuff is just repetitive.


Magic Tricks

If you really want to refine your card handling, and also get sage advice on presentation of magic, this book erdnaxe a gem. Magician Guy Hollingworth performs an excellent show presenting the story of Expert of the Card Table. For those of you that don’t know, Daniel Madison has set out on a quest to prove he is better than Erdnase.

We’re proud to let you read our mail. I wasn’t a fan of how they did the campaign personally, as did many, but death threats are completely uncalled for. Allan Ackerman, Erndase James, R. The second section covers legerdemain: I can’t say it any better than this More than any other book on card magic, Expert at the card Table has played a central role in the training of magicians.

If you have the time to sit down read, and practice. Notify expett of new posts by email. Erdnase himself was a card swindler, as well as a major felonist and possibly a murderer.

You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Do not hesitate buy it now and enjoy. Furthermore, Madison turned is life around after that moment. We implore anyone who knows any information at all to contact us at support wxpert. Sure, it was the first. So obviously edpert is my personal view point on the book, though a lot of what I said can actually be proven, or has been proven by other magicians. Problems with Expert at the Card Table: The price isn’t that bad so I would recommend it.