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Not a big fan of the 5 featured Craftworlds? With all 5 of the Eldar Craftworlds revealed and attributes ranked, we figured their were probably rcaftworlds folks out there who felt like the Craftworlds book needed a few more options. We happened to agree! Its symbol was a Broken Chain, referencing the escape of Kurnous and Isha from the dungeons of Khaine but also the shattering of the links that bound Vaul to his anvil.

It has since returned but is now held in great suspicion by other Eldar, for how could any Eldar remain untouched by the predations of Chaos for so many millennia? Altansar was one of the many Craftworlds surviving the Fall of the Eldar race.

It rode out the psychic shock waves that destroyed the Eldar empire but was subsequently caught in the gravity well of the Eye of Terror.

Although the Eldar of Altansar struggled valiantly against the encroachment of Chaostheir doom was inevitable, and within five hundred years of the Fall, their Craftworld was swallowed into the warp. Ten thousand years later in M41Abaddon the Despoiler emerged from the insane reality of the Eye of Terrorat the head of the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Through this opening, Maugan Ra counter-invaded the Eye to undertake a quest in search of the remains of his people. Leaving a silvered trail of soulfire behind him, Maugan Ra eventually found the remains of his Craftworld.

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He found that the Eldar of Altansar had survived ten thousand years within the Eye.

However, there was no craftworlfs nor celebration from the other Craftworlds; Altansar is regarded with open suspicion and hostility. Its inhabitants are known to speak in elcar and to never remove their helmets, this which gives credence to the suspicions of other Eldar.

Il-Kaithe is one of the lesser known Eldar Craftworlds. Being located close to the Eye of TerrorIl-Kaithe is constantly warring against the forces of Chaos and willing to ally with the Dark Eldarand even humans, to further their crusade against the Dark Gods. They are known for their talented Bonesingerswho are said to be able to practice their art even craftaorlds the heat of battle.

The traditional colours of Il-Kaithe are green, detailed with purple, and even its name is translated as Knowledge of Blood. Il-Kaithe uses the rune to remind themselves that knowledge can have terrible cost, for in the end Eldanesh foresaw his own murder by Khaine. Yme-Loc is one of the lesser known Eldar Craftworldsknown to be located close to the Eye of Terror between Yme-Loc Eldar are talented artisans, and their armies are elcar by powerful Engines of Vaul and Titans.

Though it is not openly spoken of, the Craftworld also possesses an arcane engine of destruction that can destroy a continent in a single night. The symbol of Vraftworlds, the Crucible of Souls, reference the crucible within which the smith-god Vaul forged weapons of purest Wraithsteel alloy with the spirits of the victorious in order to wage the War in Heaven.

It was in this crucible that the original Swords of Vaul were created.

40K: Top 5 “Other” Eldar Craftworlds – Bell of Lost Souls

Mymeara is an Eldar Craftworld. Its symbol is the Cursing Eye, referencing the omniscient abilities of Asuryan who could kill enemies in a single instant. Mymeara was originally a normal world that had escaped the Fall of the Eldar as its location was on the extreme limits of the Eldar empire and the corrupting influence of pleasure cults had barely reached them. However, in the end, the Mymearans descended into the depravity and elar of their race. Lost in their grief for the death of their race and believing themselves alone in the galaxy, the Craftworld drifted through the stars for many years.


However, their assumptions were soon proven wrong and the Craftworld had to fight for its very survival against Orks. Hundreds of thousands of Mymearans died in these crraftworlds, and the only hope for Mymeara during this time came from Irillyththe Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres.

Through his wisdom, the warriors of Mymeara learned how to combine the aspects of stealth, speed, and firepower to decimate their foes and soon set about clearing a safe path through the galaxy for their world-vessel. Mymeara then found a region of space that had not yet been infested by other races, and using their technology hid themselves away.

There, they have remained for centuries.


In the ensuing Betalis Campaignthe Eldar alliance proved successful in recovering Irillyth. They are primarily a matriarchal society, fostering many Howling Banshees and female Autarchs.

As followers of Morai-Heg craftworldz, the blind crone goddess of the underworld, they constantly aspire to recover the long lost secrets of the Crone Worldsthe former Eldar homeworlds now residing within the Eye of Terror. What Craftworld do you wish had some representation in the new Eldar Codex?

Search anything and hit enter. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned.

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