La alopecia universalis es una caída del cabello generalizada en todo el cuerpo. El efluvio telógeno es un adelgazamiento temporal del pelo. efluvio telogeno pdf free. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for efluvio telogeno pdf free. Will be grateful for any help! Top. LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST COSMETIC PRODUCTS SUITED TO YOUR SKIN. How to choose the ideal facial cosmetic product for you?.

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If you use another salon, do not get your hair bleached without demanding Smartbond. We have used all the various products that protect your hair while bleaching such as Olaplex, Fiberplex and Colourphlex and a few more that we obtained on our travels. The only benefit we see from Olaplex over Crronico is that Olaplex is a great stand-alone treatment and Smartbond chemistry exclusively supports the bleaching and colour processes. Hair is softer and more manageable when crlnico Smartbond.

efluvio telogeno pdf free – PDF Files

In addition, Olaplex is difficult to obtain and the cost is NOT included in our standard efluvko. If you want Olaplex, we charge an additional pesos to your bill and it is not always available. Smartbond chemistry contains malic acid among other things. We add Smartbond to bleach and colour treatments.

Smartbond latches on to other chemical molecules to penetrate deep into the hair shaft during the bleaching and colour processes. The simplest way to explain its action — it lubricates between protein chains to counter hair brittleness and improve elasticity. Smartbond ensures we bleach hair without visible damage often seen in ttelogeno tones because Argentine hair is mostly dark with very, very stubborn pigments.

You will not experience typical hair damage and drying associated with bleaching your hair with Smartbond. You will not find that your hair breaks ctonico after a month or two because you fail to properly condition your hair at home or attend my salon for prescribed hair treatments.

Which is great news for you and our business. Without reservation, I can say that Smartbond Vs. Olaplex leaves the hair looking better conditioned. The hair is softer to touch and easier to finish in the salon and at home. Note Smartbond is much better than Fiberplex according to clients. I do not make this claim without sufficient client satisfaction reports, over to be precise. It is still very important that our clients keep their hair conditioned with Smartbond or Pro Fiber I am coming to that at home treatments and attend Sicodelica Hair Art for in-salon treatments spaced monthly and then bi-weekly a month before te,ogeno next cronici treatment.

If you want that glossy and healthy looking hair, treatments are essential. The next product we review has both our clients and hairdressers shouting hallelujah and very excited. Damaged hair is the number one concern among our ladies, which is no surprise because we are all thankfully for hair professionals hair obsessed and overly dependent on overheated electrical hair styling appliances that dry out hair, making it brittle.

Add heat, mechanical damage and the need to wash our hair daily to counter horrible humidity and often style twice a day to look our absolute best — it is a telogeni for hair disaster. Pro Fiber in-salon and at-home-treatments will surely ccronico you away. It starts in Sicodelica Hair Art and but is super re-charged at home, meaning you not only cronjco out of the salon looking hair-fabulous, but you can boost hair quality progressively with at-home treatments.


Visit us eluvio Sicodelica Hair Art today for an in-salon consultation with our hairdressers, who will analyse hair type and damage to your hair before prescribing a bespoke treatment. We have three ranges of Pro Fiber designed for different levels of damage Revive, Restore and Recover for light, medium and heavy damage.

There is no chance of overloading the surface with unpleasant residues that cause that ugly limp over-treated hair look often associated with the multitude of cheap treatments used in most hair salons in Argentina including mine when that was all we had to offer due to import restrictions. Feluvio Fiber technology penetrates deep into hair shaft and then seals the hair without build up for a beautiful glossy finish. Most hair treatments wash in and then wash out meaning you leave salons feeling great but a few washes later you are back to square telogeeno.

It is not cheap, but it is well worth the few extra centavos because it works! How telogeo do you spend on absolute crap lotions and potions that fail to deliver?

They are a false economy. Come along to Sicodelica Hair Art today for a free diagnosis and your bespoke prescription tellogeno healthier looking hair! Argentine hair is generally cdonico. Lifting the darkest hair pigments to the lightest golden-yellow to pale-yellow with bleach will damage hair and make it more porous — fact!

When asking your colourist to remove dark pigments to add the lightest blonde colours or vivid fantasy colours expect some hair damage and the possibility of porosity. To achieve the brightest fantasy colours it is necessary to take hair to blonde tones of eight to ten on teelogeno professional scale, which removes dark pigments to gold-yellow to pale yellow.

To get an icy white finish requires a slightly different process that many colourists fail to achieve. When the hair reaches yellow to pale shades it does not require more bleach to achieve our much admired icy-white colour shades.

The difference between a good colourist and bad colourist is experience. A good colourist knows when to stop a discolouration process and just how much pigment to lift without hair appearing damaged. Our colourists achieve a form of training that adds a combined years colour experience to their skills.

Javier Aranda Hair Crronico Director and leading colourist retrains all our hairdressers in our colour techniques. When bleaching hair from brown to ef,uvio tones for vibrant fantasy colours, expect to return for a touch-up treatment every fourteen days. Although, we advise a colour range and colour patterns that still look good when washed out to pastel-blonde-shades. Eflvuio built a free colour retouch service into our pricing.

We have offered a free colour touch-up service from the first day that we opened our doors to avoid complaints. We only take the darkest hair to the lightest pale yellow tones using either Fibreplex or Olaplex that protects hair from bleach damage and preserve the quality look of hair.

Your first fantasy colour may wash out over a few washes to lose its vibrancy and will be pastel in colour after five or so washes. One of the biggest problems we face is clients that come with bleached hair treated with dark colours. Just because bleached hair is repeatedly coloured dark over many months, it efluvjo not make it healthy.


If you cast your gaze north and across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, summer is fast approaching but the outlook for hair color is icy cold, platinum blonde. Argentine men and women who love their hair blonde already know how much hair can suffer from continuous cycles of discoloration and toning. In the past, when clients could afford multiple treatments and a gradual approach to hair discolouration, I would take my clients to platinum blonde in two or even three discoloration sessions — I still recommend this approach — if you can afford it.

Those of you that love blond hair will know that even when bleached hair looks good, lifting the darkest pigments to achieve icy platinum blond colours means hair often requires a regular touch-up-toning in between bleaching out dark roots — staying blonde is not cheap.

If you lift natural hair pigments from the darkest brown to blonde, the hair will become more porous — anybody who tells anything different is wrong. When I opened a salon on the street, not all my client were wealthy.

Coming in three times for progressive discoloration was not an option. If you check out our Instagram and Facebook pages, you can judge the results for yourself. So why are more and more people taking their hair to icy cold platinum tones? It sounds like an expensive hassle that often leaves the hair damaged. The answer is new products like Fibreplex and Olaplex.

Both products are available at Sicodelica Hair Art. Look at images below taken during a colour assistant training day in May. The images below show badly damaged hair. Note that the before images show the hair up and being prepared for bleaching.

If you are interested in going blonde or icy platinum white without hair damage, share this article with the hashtag VamosRubiaSicodelica or VamosIcySicodelica for a free minute assessment to discuss your options. I will assess your hair and explain the process and costs while we take a coffee. Javier Aranda — Hair Art Director. Un cuarenta por ciento de las mujeres sufre este problema.

Los peluqueros son los primeros profesionales, repito, profesionales, que detectan las primeras etapas de la alopecia femenina.

Es hora de que se den cuenta del problema con el que nos encontramos con frecuencia en Sicodelica Hair Art. Muchas de ellas sufren en silencio. No solo los genes son los responsables de la calvicie u otro tipo de alopecia en las mujeres.

Se pueden perder mechones de pelo enteros. Con el tiempo, el tallo se quiebra y se pierde el pelo.

Efluvio Telógeno

Llamenos – Beauty Fashion Hairdressing Efluvioo Products. For hairdressers, note that you do not have to bump up the developer when using Smartbond.

Pro Fiber offers clients the first damaged hair cure rather than just cosmetic hair care. Pro Fiber is not just Haircare it is Haircure.

The problem with fantasy colours. Every potential client that requests fantasy colours will receive this link: Icy platinum blonde hair makes a comeback. Platinum hair colours are making a big comeback and I think I know why.