George B. Anderson – Dynamite Mentalism – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dynamite Mentalism [George Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A one-man (or woman) routine with no props or gimmicks.

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Jun 5, A reader of Naked Mentalism has been in contact to offer me this pamphlet for not much money. Unfortunately, I meentalism find any solid information about it. All I really know is what I’ve been told: Does anyone know “Dynamite Mentalism” well enough to comment on its content? Is it worth owning?

Are there any gems in it? It basically provides an outline of the questions that would reflect the typical concerns of males and females in various age groups. It also includes two or three psychological subtleties sp? The audience doesn’t write anything down It’s a small work. For the price, I am glad I picked it up.

I think the general concepts conveyed are of more value than the list of characteristic concerns, etc. So, to me, it was worth mrntalism small amount I paid. Hope that is of some help. Absolutely it’s worth owning.

George B. Anderson – Dynamite Mentalism

It’s a question answering act that uses cold mentalsim, no props, nothing written down. It’s available from Magic Books By Post for around a fiver.


If you into readings and want to perform in front of a group with no props effectively it is great for the various categories young female, older male etc. I would highly recommend this if emntalism more than adding to your reading abilities. Have used it in one form or another for more years than I care to remember. I was being offered it for a tenner Any of his works are worth a good read through ,snatch it mdntalism for that price.

He’s got another good one called “It must be Mindreading” It is dated You wanna do mankind a service, tell funnier jokes. Good book but a bit dated. If anyone is discussing cold reading, want about Ian Rowlands book? I consider it to be the best since Dewey’s material. The New Testament is not that new! I thought I saw a new testament referenced thereā€¦. Jan 18, I wonder if the same questions are most applicable to the various dynamute groups today.

Jan 19, I think it is essential reading. The Full Facts is an interesting read, but on its own it will not turn you into a cold reader.

But that menralism its purpose. Check out Tony’s new thriller Dead or Alive http: Click here for Magicians Austin Mentalist Performance https: Nicholas Special user I predict that I now have Posts.

Harris0n Loyal user leeds uk Posts. DamonWizaed New user 60 Posts.


Dynamite Mentalism by George B. Anderson

Looch Inner circle Off by Posts. Jerskin Inner circle Posts. The Bible is dated too but there’s nothing new in it Tony Iacoviello Eternal Order Posts. Reuben Dunn Inner circle Has a purple ribbon wraped around my Posts. He signed it, gave cynamite a new copy gratis, signed that too, then insisted on paying for a copy of Naked Mentalism when I tried to force one on him.

Then he told me how come he’s a fridge magnet. TonyB Inner circle Posts.

Dynamite Mentalism

Full facts is worthy of a laminate front and back cover for sure. Ian Rowland is so gifted and generous for offering this prize gem mejtalism the fraternal order. Dynamite although a phamplet, is still worth its small weight in gold as well, even today. Just tailor the presentation to today and you are off to the races.


I read somewhere or heard about one performer who used this information alone and did an entire show. Decomp 90 seconds of pure laughs without a standing ovation! This page was created in 0.