Hypertension, curable now – written by Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer (for author’s detailed by Dr. Johann . and in German in my book „Bluthochdruck heilen“. Johann Georg Schnitzer (Photo: Summer ) .. Risikofaktor Bluthochdruck – Diabetes heilen, Biologische Heilbehandlung der Zuckerkrankheit und ihrer. Results 1 – 12 of 12 Gesunde Zähne durch richtige Ernährung by Johann G Schnitzer and a great selection of related books, art and Schnitzer, Dr. Johann G.: Bluthochdruck heilen: Schnitzer, Johann G . J. G. Johann Georg Schnitzer.

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Books for your Health. How to overcome chronic civilisation diseases. Gifts of great value. Prevention and cure of diseases by health. Informationnormaly out of reach.

Discoveries which can be decisive to your health. The medication – I needed 5 different pills per day – reduced it, but impaired my physical and mental fitness. My blood pressure after 4 weeks: Additional health changes I observed: Significant improvement of my fitness and joy of living, relief from all symptoms already after 4 weeks.

My HbA1c was It was the loss of fitness for flying and the end of my dream to fly. A fundamental alternative to the usual, life-long, only symptomatic substitution treatment of diabetes. Inthe author was asked for advice in a dramatic case of diabetes.

eBook Diabetes Causes & Cure – Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer’s

A 69 years old man, already for 6 weeks in a hospital because of diabetes, developed a diabetic gangrene in his leg. The doctors urgently recommended an amputation within 24 hours, saying otherwise he would schjitzer dead from sepsis within 48 hours.

But the patient opposed, ordered to take him home, and sent his daughter to bluthochdruckk Dr. Schnitzer, who was known for the good results of his nutritional recommendations, for advice. In fact, the new diet improved the blood circulation in his leg within a few days, no more amputation was needed, and within some weeks the gangrene geog healed up, with fresh healthy skin covering the former wound.

Finally, to everybody’s surprise, some months later the diabetic disease itself had disappeared. Schnitzer discovered the curability of this disease. Also he has found the main cause of “incurability” of diabetes: It’s the common diabetic diet itself! The usual diet’s high content of protein makes the disease incurable, and again it’s the high protein content, which causes the so called “later consequences” or “later sequelae” of both types of diabetes II and I.


It’s the most widespread type of diabetes, and it’s exclusively caused by the common wrong and unnatural feeding habits, composed of denaturated, refined, heildn and not man-appropriate foodstuff. Therefore, in most cases, diabetes type II can be cured by a natural, man-appropriate nutrition, which is described in this book.

Diabetes d.johann II could be completely prevented by teaching the population about its causes, and about the natural preconditions of health.

In nearly each case of type I, an unbiological medication during an acute disease with fever, or during a local inflammation, can be found having triggered the diabetes, because having damaged the immune system the details are explained in the book. Therefore, it’s more difficult, but not heilej, to cure even cases of diabetes type I.

In such cases, the natural nutrition serves as a basic therapy, which has to be assisted by additional biomedical measures. Diabetes type I could completely disappear from the population, if the physicians would acquire the knowledge, by which unbiological measures they are triggering diabetes type I up to now.

Diabetes heilen – Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer’s

The later consequences of diabetes type II and I are: Gangrene because of obliteration of the blood circulation in the legs, therefore amputation; hypertension; nerve degeneration; loss of sensation; impotency; loss of eyesight schnitzef of bleedings in the retina; liver degeneration; inner bleed to death because of varicosis of the esophagus; and renal atrophy.

This whole complex of nightmares can be prevented, and in many cases be cured, by practicing the “civilized origin nutrition” described in this book. An early study in proving the high efficacy of this therapy: Schnitzer had released a first publication about his discovery, Dr.

Helmut Weiss started to use the new therapy to treat his diabetic patients. In fallhe Dr. Weiss reported on the Medical Week of Baden-Baden about his good results in diabetic patients 87 with type II, 32 with type Iafter only some months of treatment. Why, nearly 3 decades after its sfhnitzer, still this therapy didn’t become the medical standard to cure and prevent diabetes type II and I, including their later consequences?


In Germany alone, after this therapy was discovered, another about 1 million leg amputations in diabetic patients have been carried out Dr. Most of these amputations could have been avoided, and most of these patients even could have been cured from diabetes.

But still the ruling doctrine of the “modern medicine” and bluthochdrufk of the ruling diabetologists says: Who already suffers from diabetes – or who doesn’t want to be caught schnigzer the diabetes trap – can learn from this book, how recovery and scunitzer are possible. It too contains several case reports – including the exciting personal report of this first 69 years old patient, how he finally became cured.

Show table of contents of this book in your Webbrowser. In addition to this book we recommend you to read our following publications: The best investment you can do for your health and your life expectancy, to eliminate the Risk Factor No. Protect your heilenn from the cardiovascular diseases risk by passing on this free information to them delivery only together with a book order.

This book contains the “civilized origin nutrition”, corresponding to the still functional human genetic program. Start a healthy chain reaction: Keep the information on it, but give on the card to your best friend! Natural Cure of Obesity by Health.

eBook Diabetes Causes & Cure

The natural way to normalize your and your children’s body weight by re-establishing a natural health. Schnitzer’s classic German Whole Grain Baking Book 11 editions, more than 80, copies sold sincenow also available in English.

Usage of this shop. Your basket is empty. Our Book Recommendation Bluthochdruck heilen Der alternative Weg zur Gesundheit Gesamtpaket “Familien Gesundheitsbibliothek” Schnitzer’s Health Secrets Prevention and cure of diseases by health.

Price includes VAT, plus delivery. Description A fundamental alternative to the usual, life-long, only symptomatic substitution treatment of diabetes. Schnitzer Intensivkost, Schnitzer Normalkost. Johann Georg Schnitzer’s Books blhthochdruck your Health. Book availiable in german language also see “Alternate Offers”.

German Edition Diabetes heilen Natural Cure of Obesity by Health Schnitzer Intensivkost, Schnitzer Normalkost