when creat- ing Council of Wyrms characters. If the ability scores rolled using the D M s approved method fall within the requirements of a given race, then the. Council of Wyrms was different than the many other D&D settings of because it was done-in-one: the entire setting was covered in one. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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A dragon bristling with spiky plates or barbed wing spurs, however, might give others pause before engaging. The insidious red dragon had a contingency plan, as well as a small cult of followers, which enabled him to rise again in lich form. Your draconic heritage d&&d you a breath weapon. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? At ancient age, your acid breath has an foot range.

Council of Wyrms – Wikipedia

Ancient dragons — and only ancient dragons — qualify for seats on the Council of Wyrms itself, shaping policy and peace for the generations ahead.

Any dragon may be a cleric. You can swim at a speed of 40 feet. Despite this supernal gift, the dragons continued to make war upon one another, and Great Io saw that his work was not yet done.

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Unfathomably powerful compared to most creatures, the ancient wyrms are the greatest of dragonkind, for whom the passing centuries bring only greater might. The former find it difficult for their voices to be heard above the growls and susurruses of their superiors, but the rare respected kindred may rise to such prominence that their words carry the weight of their master.

They supplant the functionality of backgrounds entirely, granting some of their benefits while also providing different features and inherent goals for player characters. A half-dragon increases its ability scores based on its parentage, as outlined below.

In particular, gold dragons are often paladins.

Classics Unboxed: Council of Wyrms | www. Newbie DM .com

ayrms The lands of the campaign setting are barely even talked about. Capricious creatures, crystal dragons are seen as flighty and untrustworthy. Culturally, the clans are organized in a traditional manner, with a dragon lord at the top of the clan hierarchy, with dominates beneath it, common dragons below that, and vassal races at the bottom.


While in active defense of object, location, or people of your protectorate, you gain advantage on saving throws against aggressors.

Council of Wyrms

Let not the temperate climes, rolling hills, and gentle forests fool you; the Exaurdon League is a dangerous wilderness, and the civilization afforded by the federation of dragon clans keeps devastating forces at dyrms. These half-dragons are not like the dragonborn of wwyrms campaign settings; they are usually sterile, often alien-looking or monstrous, and rarely find comfort in any but the most accepting clan territories.

Regardless of clan or breed, vassals perform many of the tasks dragons cannot or will not perform.

Resplendent and mighty, gold dragons are held in awe by both vassal races and most fellow dragons — save for the chromatic wyrms who loathe them above all others. Such weapons must be custom-crafted for the dragon in question to be made suitable for its age and size.

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If it uses a d8 or d10, you add one die per wyms of Constitution modifier. Dragons quickly master any pursuit they put their minds to, and as such are notoriously adept at disagreeing with one another. The kindredbond follows the dragon into combat if so ordered, but the death of a kindredbond carries some risk for the dragon.

Often recognized as the most powerful — and certainly as the most terrifying and cruel — are the red dragons, whose progenitors achieved their status by crushing their foes utterly and without mercy. In addition, creatures with a Challenge Rating equal to or less than your level are frightened for 1 minute. Further, allowing a kindredbond to be slain costs status among other dragons, even chromatic ones.

The warlord’s spellcasting ability is Charisma spell save DC The fiercely independent copper and brass clans, with their nomadic vassal tribes, enjoy the mutual protection afforded by the Compact but chafe against the tariffs d&s edicts that the blue clan lords pronounce every few years.

All it takes is one obstructionist wyrm to issue an edict or level blame on a party of vassal adventurers, putting their activities in that clan territory under withering scrutiny.

Affixed to the body of a dragon via straps and chains, spiked plates are intimidating, but also allow the dragon to inflict terrible wounds on creatures that attempt to wydms in a grapple. Among the clannish society of the Council of Wyrms, the Fireshore Republic is a true anomaly.

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If the condition ends before the dragon hits the ground, the dragon can catch itself and avoid a devastating crash, so long as it can use its fly speed.

Your Strength and Intelligence scores both increase by 2. A dragon using monk fighting styles would be particularly deft and smooth in their motions, and there are few reasons they could not carry the class to its full potential.

Ha, I remember having this box set but never playing it. Agreements and truces, like the length of the days ciuncil this place, are bitterly short before the dragons return to their isolation.

At adult age, it increases to 60 feet. Though the handful of metallic clans outnumber, ever-so-slightly, the chromatic dragons on these isles, the blue clans collectively rule the Azure Sea with a firm claw.

The dragons are not the only inhabitants of the Council Aerie, however. The dragon roars into the coiled tunnels through the basaltic columns, and the sound is magnified many times over. The vassals of Clan Jadress are wealthy as a result, much more so than those of other Starshine clans. Only together could they stand against the tide of fecund creatures that, though puny, nevertheless slaughtered the isolated clans. Additionally, whenever your accumulating hoard is greater than the value of your bonded hoard, you may use the identify spell.

A dragon player character is much stronger than an equivalent level human, elf, or dwarf, and only gets more powerful from there. Naturally, they support perhaps a bit condescendingly the needs of their vassal servants to do the same, but when the dragons control the funding and approval of such endeavors, technological advancement is understandably slow. During this dragon sleep, the dragon bonds with its hoard and its territory, drawing supernatural strength from the land and the ambient magic of its treasures.

Things like character creation and draconic combat are covered here. At ancient age, your fire breath has a foot range.