The Shift of the Ages David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock. Description. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock Free in pdf format. David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis of.

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The Shift of the Ages – David Wilcock (Free)

He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. What will matter the most in the near future of our physical world is how prepared we are for the continuing Earth Changes when all of these systems have dropped out from under us. All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there, in the variations in which the passage through same is reached, from the base to the top- or to the open tomb and the top.

Cycle of sunspots, determines placement of events before and after their peaks in other cycles. At the end of reading it I felt that either I should throw it out of the window, or that I should throw every other book in my room out of the window and keep just it.

Jewish revolt and war.

Since the precessional Golden Number contains in its permutations all the outstanding dates of human history, there must be a closer cyclic relationship, but the author has not yet found any.

David Copper-wylde marked it as to-read Oct 30, Be the first to ask a question about The Shift of the Ages.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Donna marked it as to-read Aug 26, He is a proponent of the theory that a large segment of humanity will undergo ascension in the year Behind Majestic with David Wilcock yhe I have read many fluid book about these themes.


Refresh and try again. In order to better understand this, we will take a closer look: Central event of period — Sacking of Jerusalem by Titus. Then, through skillful combination of numerology, geometry and symbolism, it would be possible to turn these symbolic numbers silcock a language. Click link for direct access at his Divine Cosmos portal.

The Shift of the Ages (Convergence volume one) by David Wilcock

The translation was still in typed manuscript form on yellowing paper, as no American book company vavid ever actually printed it. You will be returning to an Earth that is the home we have all wished for.

We then conclude with some spiritual reflections on the nature of this book. In the Cahiers Astrologiques ofM. In order to get an idea of the effect that it has had on established critics, Lemesurier cites a quote on the back of the book from Anthony Smith, from the BBC Kaleidoscope: Shift of The Ages: The start date was precisely fixed through a very rare conjunction where the Scored Lines, a set of vertical lines in the Descending Passage near the entrance, aligned with the Pleaides star cluster directly overhead.

Exactly why the amount of time for events to unfold increases by a factor of seven is not yet understood at this time; but there are interesting harmonic qualities to the number 7, including the fact that the Nineveh Constant is 70 multiplied seven times by Pam added it Sep 02, Interestingly, Edgar Cayce spoke of this timeline while in a trance state, despite the fact that he was uneducated and obviously had no interest in the symbolic significance of the Pyramid, coming from a strict Fundamentalist Christian background.

We learn how the Pyramid contains a timeline of future events, encoded through geometry and a symbolic code that assigns a different meaning to each number one through thirteen, and a few others as well. We then also have two shafts that have been shown by Bauval and others to directly triangulate on stars in the Heavens. Convergence Volume 1 by Wilcock is an overview of the Convergence material. Free access to two seminal books from modern day spiritual scientist, David Wilcock.


Major division of ages within each cycle. Sharon Taylor marked it as to-read Oct 02, A more metaphysical explanation would say that the number meanings themselves are etched into the collective consciousness of humanity, and existed as universal truth long before we built our structure.


What we are talking about here is evolution of your true Self on the energetic, harmonic and light levels, or Spiritual Growth, as is so commonly talked about. History continues to repeat itself in these harmonic terms for no apparent reason.

Zhift we begin understanding the way the universe truly works, that it is a universe of Oneness, we may then realize that helping others is in fact attending davvid our own One Being, meaning ourselves, the others, the entire planet and in essence, the entire Creation.

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter. Through the drifting action of the precession, which we have already mentioned, there is only one time per cycle that the celestial Orion could line up with the terrestrial Orion, and that was around 11, BC. A variety of predictions in the past have been shifft with the Great Pyramid Timeline, and these include the following.

BC summer solstice: This evolutionary leap is as much personal as it is planetary, and that is the essential focus that most people are failing to see when examining the issues surrounding the now-obvious Earth Changes that are occurring, as predicted.

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