Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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Latched data from the microprocessor is passed through opto-isolators, decoded and latched again on an analog assembly to select function, range, test, average and the D – A converter set up conditions.

If the AC option is not fitted M is driven low via R55 from Xatroncausing M to be high, producing a logic ‘0’ —15 volts on M Check display is lOO. An exploded view of the instrument is shown in Fig 2.

Datron: Datron a Service Manual complete with schematics and partlist

Calibration Source 0161a To perform a useful calibration the accuracy of the source should always be at least four times that of the instrument being calibrated.

Dll, with a high imped- ance, thus ensuring that the varicap is not shunted to ground. Repeat steps until the readings are within the specified limits.


Q5 ‘closed’ from M causing R8 9. Repeat until display reads -H 0.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: Do not set ‘Input filter’. In addition, if the covers have been removed, make certain that they are correctly fitted and that the leaf contacts to the Earth and Datrpn Shields are in good shape. Select IV range and apply 1 volt, Hz. Apply a 10Mf2 resistor between instrument Hi and Lo. Add to Watch list Add to wish list. Replace datrin fuses with mA anti-surge V or mA anti-surge V. Therefore, at least a 2 hour warm-up period is recommended during which time the line supply or the covers should not be removed even for a short period.

DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter | eBay

H’a’e VAM ji-Ai ‘. The combined effect of this and the kHz output from M is to ‘stretch’ the waveforms of the Phase 1 and 2 clock outputs illustrated in Fig.

Apply IV, 50kHz and adjust C84 for a display reading of 1. Repeat steps until both readings are within the limits indicated. The program memory is split into a series of functional modules, each module corresponding fairly closely to a major functional area and hence to one of the jobs activated by the job scheduler, the larger ones being sub-divided, see Drawing No.

Guard is connected to Lo using a copper shorting link. This means that the instrument can be entirely calibrated remotely or under program control. The memory can be split into five main areas: If necessary change C85 to a value which permits this adjustment. The board contains 2k bytes of program memory Mil containing the sub-routines to control the instrument from the BCD Interface.


The output of bridge rectifier W2 is fed to voltage regulators M2 and M3 wired in seriesto produce positive and negative 15 volt supplies to power the analog circuitry. Then after recording the TLH voltage, refer to Fig.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

This manual contains super illustrations and diagrams as well as having in-depth operating, maintenance, and calibration information for these Datron multimeters. VAL to be set high. Up to volts is present inside the instrument. The circuitry is placed into the. After measurement by the A-D conver- ter, the value is compared to the stored value. The calibration procedures presented in the following pages should cater for most calibration situations.

Output 2nd Null -p.