Indent Forms For purchase of 2 Wheelers & other AFD-I Items | New Indent Form for Consumer of products available in the CSD consist of personnel from the. Form Popularity csd indent form. Get, Create, Make and Sign indent form for purchase of car from csd. Fill Online. eSign. Fax. Email. Add Annotation. Share. Fill How To Fill Csd Indent Afd 1 Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No.

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This is a discussion on Buying a car through the CSD. Since the day the beast started occupying my garage, I have had many User Name Remember From Buying a car through the CSD. Revised eligibility criteria on Page 5. Since the day the beast started occupying my garage, Imdent have had many requests and queries regarding the procedure of buying the vehicle through CSD and the contact points.

Considering the facts that XUVbeing the looker and feature rich as it is, it surely has been an eye candy and part of wish list for many. I get numerous queries and I do my best part to explain the procedure. I could quite easily guage inednt the interest on this vehicle is building and safely presumed that there are many service persons interested in sourcing this vehicle through CSD.

And so, the genesis of this thread. I hope that this will serve justice to many members and also others who is headlong in search mode. The most frequently asked questions were: Who all can buy?

How to go about getting sanction for purchase of car from car cell, IHQ? How much is the waiting time? DD and Purchase order procedure?

Buying a Car through CSD

Should I go through an agent? Isn’t this long chain of procedures a bit too tedious? So, my endeavour would be to cover answers to vsd best of my knowledge. Happy reading, and I do sincerely hope that this would be of some help. The following 23 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: Before the wind breaks loose, let’s get to one of indnet favourite questions What is the Eligibility to buy cars through CSD?

The following personnel are entitled to buy cars through CSD: Southern states to my knowledge e One of the parents of deceased or missing officers from border [Letter from Govt. What is the permitted periodicity of purchase? The stipulated time period for purchase of car is as mentioned below: What csc the priority list for grant of special sanction?

Priority for purchase of another car is also taken into account while considering request for grant of spl sanction: The following 12 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: Booking and delivery Once the vehicle has reached the dealer from manufacturing yard, you will have to fill in the following and send it across to him either by courier or by hand: Ideally, the temporary indeny of the vehicle has to fofm done only after you clearing the PDI.


As was in my case, I took delivery from Chennai when I was posted Kms away.

There is nothing much to worry as such. You can do the PDI when you reach there to collect the vehicle. Procedure for delivery 1 Reach the concerned CSD well in time to process the purchase order.

Insent opens at hrs. It would be better if you could visit the dealer straight away, before lunch time and do PDI.

Buying a Car through CSD- AutoPortal

Also, at noon, traffic will also be kind on you to take it for a spin. The list might require a little bit of tuning up with change of time and features. I would strongly recommend reverse cams and the side foot step if not anything else. Authorisation letter for temp regn Form Last edited by dhanushmenon: The following 13 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: Registration and other finer elements. Documents required for registration: Need not fret much over it.

Just cross check that all necessary documents are there when he hands over the docket. Other relevant points to be kept in mind: Separate sanction not required. Agents eat a lot of money. Get an online quote for the CSD amount. This will give a rough estimate. You can easily offset atleast Rs 10, on this regard. Everything mentioned in this thread is available on open source internet. I just consolidated the relevant data and put forth for easy reading and reference.

I also added a few snippets which I gained from personal experience. Nothing in this thread has any data which is of classified nature. The following 15 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: With your permission, allow me to flaunt the beauty for a while. The following 22 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: Congrats Dhanush on acquiring your white beast and thats a very well compiled thread of the process of getting one throught the CSD.

One thing curious to know is that how much did you save outright in cash compared to the same sold in the normal dealership.

Must be a significant bit right? One question though if to ask as I might have missed this, so you are a part of the defence forces right as per at least one of the criterion listed by them right?

All the best and have many safe miles ahead! Last edited by girishglg: The following BHPian Thanks girishglg for this useful post: Originally Posted by girishglg. The following 2 BHPians Thank dhanushmenon for this useful post: Congratulations on your beauty Dhanush! I was one among fork many who had all the mentioned FAQ’s on my mind.


Looking at your post on “I booked my car” thread stating your plan for purchase through CSD, I kndent asked rorm queries on the process. Thank you so much for the detailed answers and suggestion that you have shared now. Wish you happy and safe kndent. The following BHPian Thanks treadmark for this useful post: Please help with answers for me and for the benefit of other BHPian Should the purchase be in the name of the person associated with defence or could it be in anybody name even if NOT related.

Can i purchase in my name, if my office colleague’s father is a retired Army man. Can we avail loan facility. I hear that we should make cash purchases ONLY. Not sure if it is true or a rumour. Can i sell the vehicle to anyone or is there any “lock in” period. Is there a price “Assurance”even if the price is increased from the day of booking till csx

CSD Purchase Entitlement for Car, Bike, TV, WM and Refrigerator – CSD Guidelines on June 2015

Last edited by scopriobharath: The following BHPian Thanks scopriobharath for this useful post: Originally Posted by treadmark. Can you please help me understand how the offer from CSD works?

My father in law is an ex serviceman, and he was mentioning we don’t have to pay tax and he is not sure how much percentage or how this is calculated. So my questions are what is the percentage of benefit from CSD is that the road tax and registration fees? Should the car be registered on father in laws name? Originally Posted by scopriobharath. Originally Posted by dhanushmenon. Eligibility to buy cars through Cwd The following 6 BHPians Cad dhanushmenon for this useful post: Here is a little insight on Finance side of CSD How the precious greenery is saved for defence personnel: As is already mentioned, CSD eligible people are at the advantage of lower taxes VAT with voluntary sharing from manufacturer.

I believe the foreign manufaturers must be as forthcoming when it comes to their homelands. So, what are Government directed Savings? On top of it, manufacturers dsd is typically in range of 1, for vehicles under 10L.