CS Distributed Systems – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CS Distributed Systems. CS DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS UNIT I 9 Characterization of Distributed Systems-Introduction-Examples-Resource Sharing and the Web-Challenges. Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email- based groups with a rich experience for community.

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What is meant by location aware computing?

Mobile computing is the performance of computing tasks while the users are on the move and away from their residence intranet but still provided with access to resources via the devices they carry with them.

They can continue to access the intranet, they can continue systtems access resources in their home intranet, and there is increasing provision for users to utilize resources such as printers that are conveniently nearby as they move around. This is known as location aware computing.


CS Distributed Systems Nov/Dec Important Questions

List the importance of data sharing? What are the three components of security? Security for information resources has three components: What is the use of firewall? A firewall can be used to form a barrier around an intranet to protect it from outside users but does not deal with ensuring the appropriate distfibuted of resources by users within the intranet.

What is meant distributed system? We define a distributed system as a collection of autonomous computers linked by a network, with software designed to produce an integrated computing facility. A system in which hardware or software components located at networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions only by message distributted. A collection of two or more independent computers which coordinate their processing through the exchange of synchronous or asynchronous message passing.

CS2056 Distributed Systems April May 2016 Important Questions

A collection of independent computers that appear to the users of the system as a single computers. What are the significance of distributed system?


Why we do you need distributed system? Computers have different functional capabilities i. Assign tasks to processors such that the overall system performance is optimized.

Replication of processing power: Independent processors working on the same task. Distributed system consisting of collections of microcomputers may have processing powers that no supercomputer will ever achieve. Systems that rely on the fact that computers are physically separated e.

Examples nootes distributed system? Mobile and ubiquitous computing. Write the technological components of web? List the distributed systems challenges? Middleware; location transparent naming; anonymity November 19, 0.