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I’ve seen some threads about the X-Fi but nobody has written about the second version. I just got one for Christmas! It mounts on the desktop, but it doesn’t show up in Rhythmbox or Banshee. I’m manually transferring music through Nautilus. If you mount it as an external device, are the songs inserted correctly recognized by the player with the tags? Did you try this procedure, stated as working for the first version of the device? I have tried all of the things listed for the X-Fi and none of them are working for the X-Fi2.

The only consolation is that the X-Fi2 auto mounts creqtive an external hard creatie. None of the media player apps Banshee, Rhythmbox, etc. Since it mounts as an external drive, I can browse to it and play music from it. I can even copy music to the Music folder on cerative X-Fi2. However, I can’t sync it with Banshee because it does not see it.

Hi, my creative zen xfi-2 froze on me and so i reset it. – Fixya

I’m thinking it’s because it so new that there hasn’t been a ‘fix’ for it yet. That’s the only thing I can think of. So, I’m still stuck. Any insights on this would be great. For now, I have music on it and can play it just fine. I just wished it would work ‘out of the box’ with a media player app. It’s not a bad situation! The mp3 is working and if you want Ubuntu recognizes it correctly as a media player you should modify this file: I can not do it now, I just ordered it and Ze waiting for the delivery, but I will do it soon and let you know.


By the way, if you make it working, post your result! Thanks for the tip but I don’t know what to add to that file. Okay, I got Banshee to recognize the X-Fi2. I followed the comment of gabrielitos and added it to that file. I then rebooted manhal system and then plugged in my device. It launched Nautilus but nothing else happened it didn’t ask me what I wanted to do with it.

I then launched Banshee and after a second, it showed up creatige the left pane!

I keep you updated on it progress. Here is the code to add to that file: Although, I just noticed that the string states the format is ‘x-mpegurl’ z-fi2 the format of the player is actually m3u. So I’m going to try editing that and see what happens. Banshee still states that it doesn’t support playlists. I’ll now try to see if I can sync it! I just synced my Zen X-Fi2 with Banshee! It removed 13 tracks and added I searched for ‘Unknown Caller’ by U2 before I did the sync and it wasn’t there.

I searched again after the sync and it was there!



I even played it from the player within Banshee! Open Source software is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have done it without it. Now if we can just figure out how to get playlists to work and I’ll be set.

I think we need to mark this as unsolved.

Actually, it did work. I suppose it had something to do with HAL being re-added. I purchased the Zen X-Fi2 and as far as playing music and videos, its fine. But, the Contacts and Tasks icon are there for show. They do not function at all.

I have spoke to many techs and they have confirmed the those features are there for show the Creative Central has no support for those features. Does the firmware upgrade brick it? Hi I followed the suggestions made about making Banshee sync with the player. These seem to do what they say. I used this to do the intial upload to the player of all my tracks having had the memory wiped previously so about tracks. So Banshee displays all the track tag information, but as far as the player is concerned it doesn’t get the tag information, so I can’t search by album or artist and just have a load of tracks titled ” Is there a better way out there?

What do you mean by “re-added? Tried your code block and when it did not work I tried another one. See this link if you have a Creative Zen Style http: