From: To: Date: Get Times! Cork ⇒ Limerick . Arrives Limerick Glentworth , Limerick Bus Station. Total journey time 1 hr, 45 minutes. Bus Éireann. Bus from Cork to Limerick: Find schedules, Compare prices & Book Citylink tickets. Heading from Cork towards Dublin, services start at am with the last bus leaving Ennis at pm. Please check the timetable and or start making an.

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This is a normal part of most sites. In general though, the margin of error is less than one minute for predictions of five minutes away or less. For ten-minute predictions, the margin of error is less than two minutes, the margin increases the further away limmerick time the prediction is, as the probability of intervening events increases.

Bus to Limerick and departures from Limerick – find the cheapest coach

The system is continually fine-tuned in response to testing and feedback. Operational considerations With such an extensive bus system, technical problems or operational disruptions can sometimes occur. Unanticipated problems such as a road closure or a mechanical problem can sometimes affect bus services.

Occasional incidents can occur where a street is closed, for example on St Patrick’s Day for a march or a big sporting occasion. In such cases, bus inspectors sometimes need to make a last minute change to scheduled bus services and limmerick may not always be possible to reflect this on individual signs. The real time system was developed to respond to service disruptions as accurately as possible however, some disruptions could still affect the accuracy of the prediction.

Software and communication considerations Occasionally a fault may occur in communications between the central server and the on-bus equipment. Sometimes software updates may be required for new services and schedules which can momentarily disrupt real time information.

Real time information predicts the actual time of arrival by knowing where the bus is currently located. Your bus could arrive right at the time shown or it could occasionally get stuck in traffic so the arrival time on display at the bus stop can sometimes change back and forward accordingly. This service aims to provide the most immediate and accurate information to the waiting passenger at that point in time.


Real Time Passenger Information RTPI will show you when your bus is due to arrive at your bus stop so you can plan your journey more accurately. Approximately signs will be located in the Greater Dublin Area and 47 signs in Cork, 18 in Galway, 17 in Limerick and limerkck in Waterford. Sign locations are based on timefable they will provide information to the greatest number of bus passengers, and to include as many main routes as possible.

Factors taken into account include: This is because the cost of providing the signs at a particular location may be much greater than normal due to the nature of the actual site or the works which would be required. You can get the time of the next 4 buses from any bus stop on the real time system directly to your mobile phone. Just text your bus stop number to e. You can refine your selection at busier stops by including your route number, so text ‘bus stop number’, space, followed by your ‘route limerivk to Costs 30c per message received.

Bus from Limerick to Tralee ↔ Cheap tickets | CheckMyBus

Network operator charges may apply, service provided by Open Sky Data Systems. Stop numbers are displayed on xork top of all bus stops in the Dublin Bus network, and on the Cork bus stops in the system, and you can also find your bus stop number online at TransportforIreland.

The Real Time Passenger Information system is designed to be able to take information from other licenced bus operators, once information for their fleet is available and tested. Buses must be equipped with an Automatic Vehicle Location transmitter, which can track the bus, using a Global Positioning System GPS and transmit the data in a standard protocol.

Bus Limerick to Tralee and return

On-board software predicts the arrival time at the next bus stop. This information is then sent to the sign through a central control system. The screen at the bus stop counts down the minutes until the bus arrives. Updates are usually received from the vehicle location system at 30 second intervals, so information on the signs is regularly updated. The National Transport Authority is committed to working with the bus companies to provide as accurate a service as possible.


Continued development will further increase the accuracy. The National Transport Authority has recently commissioned an independent surveyor to test the system in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

Real Time Information is complex and prone to issues arising from traffic congestion, communications and lmierick issues. There will always be cases where issues will arise. For the vast majority of time, and for the vast majority of people, RTPI gives valuable and valued information. The National Transport Authority welcome feedback from the travelling public who can access a feedback form on this website.

The system will be fine-tuned in response to testing and feedback. Differences should be negligible. However because the information is coming from the same source it is being delivered through different channels with specific update rates, small differences can occur. The SMS text service was developed to work with text to speech programmes.

The National Transport Authority, established in Decemberhas responsibility for contracting and securing the provision of public passenger transport services for the travelling public, including information services. Buus can visit our website at www.

Bus Limerick to Dublin Airport | Limerick to Dublin Airport Bus

Dublin City Council provided technical expertise, managed the procurement of the signs and software system, and it is also co-ordinating the installation of signs, in tandem with the relevant local authorities. As the service is launched in other cities across Ireland, and the National Transport Authority is working to tl that other public transport operators cor included in the future.

The National Transport Authority would like to acknowledge Dublin City Council, who have demonstrated their commitment to existing and new public transport users in taking on this project.

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