Software Loader Coolsat DOWNLOAD Coolsat You will need Straight Sep 02, Coolsat Premium User Manual Hi. Start Watching FTA Satellite TV on your Coolsat Premium Today! most up to date instructions & software for the Coolsat and every other fta receiver. Hi Folks, I just got a coolsat premium from a friend and would like to set it up . I am completely new to this and have downloaded a guide to.

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Coolsat model premium ‘Free-To-Air’ Shipping costs 600 the 48 United States will be determined at time of order. We appreciate your interest in our product.

Coolsat Digital Satellite Receiver The Coolsat Model premium does not use any kind of programmable access card to receive programming. The Coolsat Model premium offers expanded Viewing of Hundreds more channels beyond the realm of standard Free-to-Air programming.


To receive this increased number of “FREE” channels you must have some basic computer knowledgeInternet access, and a Computer with a Windows operating system.

XP, 98, or This will open up a whole new world of viewing pleasure.

We will not be liable for Any Damage incurred by an unauthorized Download. If you are not sure what is on a particular satellite or what is available on the satellite where your Dish is pointing ,The Coolsat Model premium will find it for you.

Coolsat 6000 user manual?

The Coolsat Model premium has a Special Feature. At the push of a button the Coolsat Model premium will automatically Scan and program “Free-to-Air”. This Feature is quite unique because it will also find technical inf.

This process will take.

This information is important when working with Digital Satellite TV. The Voltage is v.

Coolsat FTA Receivers – Latest FTA Bin Files & keys, Premium Free to air Support

This Receiver has a ten 10 language menu. Thank you, For your interest in ciolsat Product. This Package includes the following items: It may be unlawful to operate this device if it is done so with the intent to defraud any person or business by receiving pay TV signals. We will not knowingly sell this product to anyone who intends to use it for any illegal or unauthorized use.


The manufacturer and the distributor does not condone any individuals, companies or groups who engage in the misuse of this product in any way. Prices subject to change without notice.