Learn what a VNT file is, how to open a VNT file or how to convert a VNT file to another file format. Files with the VNT extension refer to text documents used as vNote files of . Only special conversion software can change a file from one file type to another. VNT Converter (). VNT Converter allows you to convert Samsung Wave S memo files to text files and vice versa.

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The vt text from your. VNT file will show right here! Or paste it here: Your memos and notes on smartphones and tablets are stored in the. Even if you conevrt the. This website can convert your vnt files to text. Just upoad your file and you will see the text from the file. Then copy the text and do whatever you want — paste it in notepad or Word and save it as a.

Thank you so much! I had no other way of converting those files after switching phones, so thank you! When I am in a position to donate, I will! Many flie thanks for this application!


VNT File Format Information

May God bless everyone today and always! Thank you so much, I thought I had lost all the notes I had on my little boys when my phone crashed and I sent them to my email. They converted and I thought that they were gone. I have kept them all this last year and a bit hoping to find a solution.

Everything that appears after that will not be decoded. Thank you so much. You will be rewarded for your service. Please fix this error for future users.

Thank you, all — for your support and donations! Thanks to an earlier commenter I figured out the issue. It had something to do with my use of the ; symbol.

This page has been very helpful in actually managing to make the notes I transferred from my mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 usable. You saved my time… Thanx Very much………!!! There are two characters that he did not recognize: Just replace them the perfect translation will occur.

Thank you very much! Works like a charm! My time has been saved of rewriting all the text on MS-word file. Your decoder has helped me in direct copy paste.


Opening VNT files

Thanks for the wonderful services. Hello guys- Yours work realy great. You saved my lot of time really. I m not in a position to donate. Lots of Thanks to you all. This saved me a lot cnvert time. You saved me a lot of time rewriting all these memos from my Samsung Galaxy Ace! I will recomend this website to my friends. Your email address will not be published. Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful converter!! It has saved lot of time.

It saved a very imp doc of mine. You helped me a lot. Overall its a very useful online vnt to text Converter. Good Job and you deserve the donation. It really helped me to get my data back ….

You deserved the donation — this works like a charm! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.