Companies House Christmas and New Year opening times. Availability of our We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies 7 December ; Guidance Read our policy on Social media use. Find out . Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company File company information; WebFiling; PROtected Online Filing ( PROOF) Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. .. in our Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide (PDF, KB, 9 pages). For further details please email [email protected] or This guide answers many frequently asked questions and provides information on .. users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services which is payable when you file .

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UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies. Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company details and the statutory fees we charge. What is Companies House? You can watch our video about Companies House with captions on YouTube 1m 28s.

Read our disclaimer on the supply of company information through our services. Our services are designed to be accessible and easy to understand.

We can also provide reasonable adjustments to help users who need assistance because of a disability or health condition. Find out more about how we support users with accessibility needs. With over 3 million companies registered and over 7 million documents filed each year, there are lots of ways to find the company information you are after.

How to find company information. You infoandguidee watch our video on how to find company information with captions on YouTube 1m 13s. CHS makes all of our public data held on jk available free of charge.

About our services

Free access to the data is available both through a web service and application program interface APIenabling both consumers and technology providers to access real time updates on companies. Unlike our other services, you can view company information on the new service without having to register to use it. The Follow service is available free of charge on CHS. WebCHeck allows access to company information.

We can then let you know your documents are ready to access. Documents will be available in your download area for viewing or saving for 10 days, or for 4 days once opened. You can access information about disqualified directors using WebCHeck.

Search by name and select from the list of matches to view:. You can search by company or company officer to access basic company information free of chargeas well as filing history and due dates for filing accounts and confirmation statements.

You can store your most frequent company searches as favourites, then sort them by due filing date for accounts or confirmation statement. An amber icon lets you know a document is due to be filed soon, while a red icon lets you know its overdue. A notification icon lets you know how many companies need attention.

The statistics feature provides incorporation and dissolution figures over a date range defined by you, with charts and bar graphs so you can see when peaks occur. Each of our information centres has a public search room where you can access our digital services to find company information.

You can also file documents at each officeincorporate a new company, as well get advice directly from the Companies House staff. See our full list of information centre fees to find out what you can search and how much it costs.

Check our office webfilinguserguie times and how to get to them. Our London office has less registration services available than our other offices and can only satisfy the following types of registration:. All same-day applications must be delivered to the London office, correctly webfillinguserguide and including the appropriate fee by 3pm for the application to be processed that day.


Applications received between 3pm and 5pm will processed the next working day at the London office, but any received after 5pm will be forwarded with all other mail to the Cardiff office for processing. We suggest you enclose a telephone number with all applications so staff can make contact regarding collections or rejections.

All certificates can be posted upon request. The London office can only satisfy same-day registrations for companies or partnerships registered in England and Wales. Our offices in Belfast, Edinburgh and London have opening hours between 9am to 5pm. Webfioinguserguide facilities exist in London and Edinburgh, but not in Belfast.

If you are sending documents by post, courier or Britdoc DX and would like ocmpanieshouse receipt, Companies House will provide an acknowledgement with a date of receipt, if you enclose a copy of your covering letter with a pre-paid addressed return envelope. Find out more about delivering documents to our offices and how to get to them. The staff at our contact centre companieshouuse able to deal with most general queries on matters relating to Companies House and the services we provide.

See our full list of contact centre fees to find out what is available and how much it costs. The good standing wording says that a company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its incorporation and that no action is currently being taken to strike the company off the register.

It also has to be a private limited company with at least one director who is a natural person or a public limited company with a secretary and at least 2 directors one of which is a natural person. Certificate orders are issued by post Recorded Delivery or you can ask to collect your certificate from one of our offices.

We can provide a fax copy or email a PDF copy of the official certificate on request. This service is only available on same day requests. Only the official certified certificate will be signed. In countries who have signed up to the Hague Convention ofthis gives the document the same authenticity it has in the UK. To get a Companies House document legalised by the FCOit must have the original signature of a British public official.

Our DVD directory contains basic company details on all 3 million live companies registered in the UK, along with companies that have become dissolved in the last month. The maximum infoandgiude of results that can be exported at one infoandguids is 30, The data on each DVD is available for six months from the date of purchase after which time it locks and you will be unable to access the data.

The product requires Internet Explorer to be set as the default browser and is not compatible with Apple Mac computers. The company data product is a free monthly snapshot of basic company details for live companies on the public register. Access the free company data to get faw downloads of UK company data.

The bulk snapshot is split into a number of downloadable ZIP files which contain data in comma separated values CSV format. The snapshot contents are compiled up to the end of the previous month and made available for download within 5 working days of the previous month end.

The accounts data product is a free infoandgiide ZIP file, which contains the individual data files instance documents of company accounts filed electronically at Companies House. Access the daily accounts data files or the monthly accounts data files for the last year. A new daily file is added each morning over a 5-day period Tuesday to Saturday. Each file contains the accounts data registered on the previous day. Our free URI service gives access to basic company details using a simple webfilinguserguiee resource identifier URI for each company on our register.


The URI is a unique web indoandguide for each company.

Simply use inffoandguide company number within the URI structure: The URI can be embedded as a link on your own website or the data can be used in your own software. Our XML gateway offers access to Companies House data and documents as a computer to computer search service.

This will allow users of the service to search company records from within their own software. Standard XML data schemas must be used as defined webfilingserguide the interface specification which can be found on our dedicated XML gateway output page. Users must carry out a test to confirm they can request and receive data before an XML output account can be opened.

Basic company information is available for free. Any submissions which require manual inspection will only be processed during our normal working hours. Companies House will accept the delivery of documents and forms by post or by hand at our offices, but check our office opening times and out of hours delivery facilities before you do. See our full list of filing fees to find out which forms have a filing fee.

Companies House – Sign in

File webfiinguserguide company information online now – including accounts, confirmation statement and company updates. Watch a video to see how easy it is to file online. How to register for Companies House WebFiling service.

How to sign in to Companies House WebFiling service. Charities should seek advice from the Charities Commission to find out if the accounts type you intend to file with Companies House will be acceptable to them.

The Charities Commission require a full audited set of accounts and you may need to file the same at Companies House. Designed for users of our online filing or software filing service, the protected online filing PROOF scheme can help you prevent fraudulent changes to your company. This free service lets you protect your company from unauthorised changes to your records. It prevents the filing of certain paper forms, including:.

Start using the extractives service now. The extractives filing service is designed to help undertakings meet their obligations to deliver reports to the registrar as set out in The Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations Reports can only be delivered to the registrar electronically, under regulation 14 3 of the Regulations.

Reports cannot be delivered by paper. Companies House requires that this is done through the preparation of an XML file using the extractive reports schema provided by Companies House. You can only file extractives reports by using the extractives service. More information about extractives industries. Our software filing service enables the submission and acknowledgement of electronic company data between presenters and Companies House via our XML Gateway.

The service is open to everyone but will mostly benefit those who file frequently – on a daily or weekly basis. The more documents you file, the more appropriate software filing is likely to be. Software filers can submit all the same forms that can be filed using the WebFiling serviceplus additional types of company accounts and incorporations. More information about software filing.

Some commercially available software packages provide a wide range of transactions whilst others are more specialised. You will need to open an online filing account if you want to use software to file information. Once opened, the presenter information you need to use the service will be sent to you by post. If you open a credit account, any filing fees will be itemised on the monthly statement you receive.