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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” Circular McKeown North Bay, Ont. What Is Circular 14?

Textbooks are categorized according to subject. The Formative Years, 2 Anglais . General titles may be used as well e. Transportation Grouping 89 2. Cours de langue latin 51 B. Secteur transports 89 2. Secteur construction 89 3. Secteur alimentation et restauration 90 5. Secteur graphique 90 6. Secteur horticulture 91 8. Secteur fabrication 91 9. Secteur services personnels 91 Secteur textiles 91 Industrial Arts, 1.

Electrical Grouping 90 4. Food Services Grouping 90 5. Graphics Grouping 90 6. Horticulture Grouping 91 8. Manufacturing Grouping 91 9. Personal Services Grouping 91 Textiles Grouping 91 Industrial Arts 1. Cours de langues latin et grec 99 B. Secteur transports 2. Secteur construction 3. Miscellaneous Textual Materials Geology. Transportation Grouping 2. Construction Grouping 3. Electrical Grouping 4. Food Services Grouping 5. Graphics Grouping 6. Horticulture Grouping 8.

Manufacturing Grouping 9. Personal Services Grouping Secteur graphique 6. Secteur horticulture 8.

Full text of “Circular Circulaire Textbooks. Manuels scolaires “

cirulaire Secteur fabrication 9. Secteur services personnels Textbooks is an annual publication that provides a list of texts approved by the Minister of Education for use in Ontario schools. A supplement published in the spring, Circular 14A, provides a listing of additional approved texts and changes to existing ones. A second supplement, formerly published in the fall, Circular 14B, has been discontinued.

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In addition to the printed format, Circular The Learn- ing Materials subfile circuaire the database contains descriptions of all the approved texts listed in Circular Individuals or agencies interested in obtaining online access to the database should contact: McLean, VA 02 U. M7A 1 L2 Telephone: Qu’est-ce que la Circulaire 14?

Article Le conseil doit exercer les fonctions suivantes: Selection of Textbooks a Textbooks Chosen From Circular 14 In all subject areas for which approved texts are listed in Cir- cular 14, selection must be made from this list unless sec- tion 3 b below applies or permission to use another text has been granted by the Minister.

The texts selected for use must be approved by board resolution see the Education Act, sections and Although there are texts listed in Circular 14 for Ontario Academic Courses, teachers may select other materials that they deem appropriate, subject to the approval of the local school board.


The selection is to be approved by board resolution see the Education Act, sections and The provision for local selection and approval of texts also applies to those subjects and programs for which the texts listed do not provide sufficient material for the entire course. A note to this effect accompanies the listings for the appro- priate guidelines in Circular In language programs, reading and reference materials, in- cluding novels, periodicals, plays, poetry, short stories, single-genre anthologies, and dictionaries, do not require ministry approval.

These kinds of materials are considered an essential part of language programs and should be ap- proved by local school boards. Circular 14 does, however, list multigenre anthologies that are accompanied by or con- tain significant complementary materials and can be used as complete, balanced language programs.

Instructional guides for specific computer software are not listed in Circular When such guides are to be used in computer studies or business studies courses, they are to be approved and selected locally.

Where texts are to be selected locally, as outlined in this section, preference should be given to texts written or edi- ted by Canadians and printed and bound in Canada. La Circulaire 14 ne contient pas de guides pour les logi- ciels.

The request should include a statement to the effect that the board has approved the use of this text and one copy of the text, which will be returned. Permis- sion is also required for texts to be used in connection with such courses. A submission for the approval of a non-guideline course should include a list of the text s proposed for use and a statement to the effect that the board has approved the use of the text s.

General Information Regarding Textbooks and Kits a Eligibility for Evaluation for Circular 14 Materials to be evaluated for possible inclusion in Circular 14 must meet the following criteria: The following types of materials are not eligible for Circular 14 evaluation and listing: If the submission is eligible for evaluation, the ministry then sends a copy to each of several evaluators for comments and recommendations.

Evaluators include classroom teachers, other specialists from the educational community, and at least one person with expertise in the evaluation of materials for bias.

The items are examined on the basis of established criteria, and reports are submitted to the ministry. These reports are re- viewed in detail, and a decision is made under the authority of the Minister of Education with respect to Circular 14 listing.

Sev- eral approved texts are therefore listed for use in courses based on many of the curriculum guidelines. All materials to be used as texts should be evaluated by the appropriate teaching staff members before recommendations are made to the principal regarding the materials to be selected as texts. The ministry has not assigned reading-level designations to the texts. It is preferable for each teacher to determine the suitable reading level of materials for use by his or her stu- dents.


In addition to the vocabulary used, conceptual level, and style of writing, other factors such as student motiva- tion, maturity, cultural background, abilities, and experience should be considered when selecting suitable texts. Such materials may in- clude copies of titles from Circular 14 not selected for use as texts, books and audio-visual materials listed in ministry curriculum guidelines, and other materials chosen from publications such as Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries, available from: Canadian Circklaire Association Sparks St.

K1P 5E3 or, Choix: Text- books for core French programs are no longer listed 999-136 the basis of accumulated hours of French. It is the responsibility of each school board to ensure that a selected instructional sequence for a core French program continue uninterrupted to the final year in which French is offered.

Section 3 a of the preliminary circulaier applies to the selec- tion of textbooks for core French programs.

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If a textbook is approved for basic or general level courses only, a note to this effect appears below the listing in the circular.

Expenditures on Textbooks The basic legislative grant for texts as well as the new learn- circjlaire materials funding incentive programs are included in the grants for ordinary and extraordinary expenditures. Conse- quently the circulaiire for ensuring that adequate expen- diture is made on texts lies with school board officials. The importance of having an adequate supply of up-to-date texts and other learning materials that are relevant to the school curriculum and firculaire with sound pedagogical practices cannot be overestimated.

Texts selected from Circular 14 and purchased by a school board remain the property of the board and are intended to be used for more than one school year. This note is added for non- Canadian textual materials. These titles will be removed from Circular 14 if adequate Canadian materials become available.

Approved for limited time only. Texts accompanied by this statement will be virculaire from the next edition of Circular A note indicating that a title is recom- mended for a specific use may accompany a listing; for example, “Recommended for basic level courses” or “Recommended for advanced level courses. Although certain superseded guidelines are not listed in this edition of Circular 14, schools may continue to offer courses developed from these guidelines for a limited time.

Texts accompanied by this statement may be used only for such courses. The titles of the superseded guidelines can be found in previous editions of Circular These numbers have been introduced to facilitate the school boards’ circulqire for ordering texts.

Cette mention se rapporte circulaiee manuels scolaires non canadiens. This means that the usual educational discount has been applied and the price listed for each entry is the price that a school board or a school will pay for that particular book.