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Glenn, sorry if I missed this, but do you know in which threat that piece of analysis is could you post a link? I can’t find it right now. Actually genoni above isn’t a fair statement.

I should only say that the analysis concerning the Rybka suggested move of I have now had a look at some lines in the Fianchetto variation, and looking at Chesspub, Watsons guide, Avrukhs GM 2 and Pallisers Chess Development, I have to say the book is really updated and gives more coverage to lines Avrukh just comments briefly on.

Also, I wonder if the last word is said in the main lines by Avrukh. These are really messy, and probably don’t appeal to everyone, since one of the ideas to play the Fianchetto variation for a club player is likely to try to keep a more positional feeling than e.

Chess Developments: the Modern Benoni : Richard Palliser :

It seems like Black has a lot of developmetns and tactical tricks at his disposal, and White will have a slight edge in most lines, but I am planning to surely pick either side in my upcoming games when possible. OrangeCounty I think the book is good news for MB players full stop.

The critical lines like the MML and he Taimanov Attack are still the most dangeorus for Black, but seem to have been shorn of quite a lot of their theoretical terror. Yes actually, because there’s seemingly been an improvement after Ne5 as per a few Gashimov games etc – so no need to suffer the ending and 10 Nxb5 a bit messy. He does seem fairly clear that Is there any hope for Black in revelopments MML? What do you think the debelopments of rating audience for this book is?


Gilchrist is a legend God Member Offline Posts: Certainly does seem fun and a lot of attention to Avrukh where appropriate. Somehow I hadn’t realised how moderb even the fianchetto often gets! Worth noting that it does only cover the MML including the various ‘anti’ strategiesTaminov and Fianchetto variations. But seemingly plausibly comprehensive in terms of relevant lines within them.

Not sure when stuff like the Markovich God Member Offline Posts: I wonder if a bibliography is really all that relevant in this day and age of chess opening literature. Everybody has access to pretty much the same set of games.

I suppose that where significant analyses, as opposed to played games, are extant, it would useful to know about them.

Chess Developments: the Modern Benoni

But I don’t know that a moderm of printed sources particularly enhances the value of a chess book for me. I look forward to getting a copy of this latest work. The MB is a fascinating subject, and I’ve very much appreciated Palliser’s previous work in general. The Great Oz has spoken!

It is an interesting book. I haven’t read much, but so far really like it. Palliser is normally well prepared and he also plays the MB from both sides. Since I haven’t looked at the theory for a long time, I am not sure if he has missed anything.

It seems like he has read most books on the MB, but I agree, I’d like to see a bibliography.

Richard Palliser has published a new book on the Modern Benoni, and I am surprised that no one has brought it up – especially more so since this is probably the first non-‘starting out’ book on the MB since Watson! Another book in the same series on the Dragon already has a thread, and that book is not even published! I just received the book in the mail today – although I have not had a chance to examine developmentz book thoroughly, here are my first impressions: At a cursory glance the analysis seems to thd decent enough.


Nh5 lines because that is the one I play. Palliser thr some interesting improvements over Watson which again I have yet to check. From his comments I gather that every book on the MB from Black’s point of view published after was consulted, including the Dangerous Weapons book. As far as white repertoire books go, it is less clear. Avrukh has definitely been used, but not really sure about Grivas.

All in all Chess Developments: I will have a firmer opinion once I have a chance to bdnoni further into it. Please Login or Register. Discussion forum for ChessPublishing. It may be a little hard to read as some of the formatting hasn’t survived the forum upgrade but I think this is the thread: Palliser is one of my favorite chess authors and I bought it and I believe he’s done the usual good to great job.

I will say, however, that the forum analysis on the Nh5 system delaying O-O is more accurate here on the forum than in his book. It’s similar to the Cutting Edge series in that only the ‘hot’ lines are selected. Content-wise, Palliser goes deeper than Pavlovic. The target rating audience is probably around and up, but ultimately it depends on how well-prepared you would like to be, how well-prepared your opponents are, and your work ethic. The last one holds true for all books, but it especially applies to works such as the Cutting Edge or Chess Developments because the author usually only present new ideas without analysing them to death though again, Palliser goes deeper than Pavlovic.