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Epaper Chandrika daily

Police are chansrika to ask the resident welfare associations RWAs to register the personnel details of all service providers such as vegetable vendors, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters that frequent their residential zones and share the information with the area station house officer SHO.

Chandrika tries to walk away but Siddharth stops her and demands Chandrika to give clarity regarding the past. As Siddharth talks about the past in depth Chandrika gets worried as her truth would get revealed. This time Siddharth directly accuses Chandrika of hiding her Chandrika marriage with Gautham to her own sister Radhika. Tanu gets irritated and forces Chandrika to reveal her plan on saving herself from the family.

Chandrika finally reveals the plan and Tanu backs it. Chandrika gets upset as things were going out of her control and decides to question Vasudev and take him under her control.


Chandrika Malayalam Epaper

She goes towards Vasudev’s room and knocks the door. In the latest episode of Agnisakshi, Vasudev questions Chandrika about her marriage with Gautham.

Chandrika emotionally tackles the situation and answers Vasudev.

Vasudeva questions Chandrika about her parents and asks why she chandrka the truth. When Chandrika tries to divert him, he inquires about her elder sister. PM Modi interacted with leaders from the Maldives and other parts of the world during the oath-taking ceremony of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as the President of Maldives. Solih, 54, the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party’s candidate, had surprisingly emerged victorious over incumbent president Yameen in the election held on Sept This is PM Modi’s first visit epper the Maldives.

AirAsia India on Wednesday said it is introducing a new route connecting Hyderabad and Chennai with daily flights from December 21, Flight I5 will take off from Chennai at 7.

Vasudev wakes up and realizes that there’s no one at home. He enters Chandrika’s room and finds an important file fallen on the ground. He picks it up and keeps it inside her wardrobe.

Chandrika Daily e-newspaper in Malayalam by Chandrika

While he keeps it in, he finds Chandrika’s ID proof and gets shocked as he realizes Chandrika’s real identity. Anjali talks to Kaushik and apologize for what happened.


Kaushik uses emotional quotient to gain Anjali’s trust. Tanu finds sleeping pills in his hand and some on the floor. Chandrika and Kaushik converse over the phone and celebrate as their plan in proving Sannidhi wrong, was succeeded.

Mon, Dec 31, Updated chajdrika Police want RWAs to register daily helpers. Agnisakshi written update, December 14, Agnisakshi dhandrika update, December 27, Agnisakshi written update, December 17, Chandrika in a fix? Agnisakshi written update, December 26, Chandrika traces Siddharth’s call list. Agnisakshi written update, December 25, Chandrika revels her plan to Tanu.

Agnisakshi written update, December 07, Agnisakshi written update, December 3, Vasudev regrets his past. Agnisakshi written update, November 30, Vasudev demands clarification from Chandrika.

AirAsia Hyderabad to Chennai daily flights from December Agnisakshi written update, November 28, Vasudev gets to know Chandrika’s real identity. Agnisakshi written update, November 22, Kaushik takes an extreme step to gain Anjali’s trust. Agnisakshi written update, November 21, Chandrika is the mastermind behind Kaushik’s secret.

Rahul Gandhi listed as ‘non-Hindu’. From around the Web.