Consult iGuzzini’s entire NEW – catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Catalogues. Our main catalogue, The Product Book, and the second part of the year update, Topics&Tools. Catalogues. Product brochures. Documentation for. External iGuzzini. This catalogue presents the range of external products For further information on all the other iGuzzini fittings go to.

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Post on Mar views. Novelty catalogue of iGuzzini lamps Thomas Aquinas ethic is eudemonistic, that is it is an ethic of happiness [ Naturally in the ancient eudemonistic tradition, life was not simply the pleasant life or a generically psychological condition: In this sense, a thing can also be happy when it is successful: Lets try reread the passage by replacing the word thing with the word light; the result is the underlying belief that iGuzzini Illuminazione applies to lighting design and the systems that deliver it.

Furthermore, it must achieve this in compliance with the environment and available resources. As we are all aware, iGuzzini Illuminazione included, saving energy is achieved not only EditorialEudemonistic Light by reducing the number of fittings, but also through correct planning on the part of the lighting designer.

Light has a communicative and social value in its ability to optimise urban spaces, giving the possibility of reclaiming the culture of a place, encourage aggregation, stimulating business and tourism, making events and architecture spectacular and increasing the feeling of safety. There is a theme that connects Richard Sennets Flexible man, Corrado Polis Flexible cities and iGuzzini Illuminaziones flexible light; and it is the actual condition of flexibility, a quality that recalls a willingness to change, being able to adapt to changing situations without falling apart Sennet, starting from this consideration, even wrote, like Adam Smith before him, that flexibility is an entrepreneurial virtue: It may seem strange that Italy could be an example of state of the art production innovation.

And I like to think of a natural image that recalls the concept of flexibility, a trees ability to bend with the power of the wind, following the changes in intensity and direction. A wholly sustainable value. And what if flexibility was one of the new Memos for the Millennium?

For iGuzzini Illuminazione it already is. LED emission spectrum of the high Colour rendering index. But there are also differences in colour rendering quality. Some have an extremely high colour quality and are particularly suitable for museums and galleries, where the balance of nuances cannot be even slightly altered in order to preserve the correct perception and enjoyment of works of art.

Until recently, the lamps that most accurately rendered painters colours were considered to be halogens, particularly the dichroic type. Now, technology has also made available LEDs. The new-generation combine efficiency with low energy consumption and great light spectrum quality.

Obviously, this quality becomes a precious ally for exhibition curators, who can use light to control the perceptions of the public with respect to the works of art, essential, for example, for what is referred to as the luminous climate.

The lighting of fabrics, and therefore fashion, deserves its own mention. The higher the colour rendering index up to a maximum ofthe more balanced the lamp is. This enhancement of the value of colour is also achieved through the choice of colour temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin, depending on the shades for saturation: If we consider light distribution in a room, LED lamps can also be mounted in wall-washer luminaires for uniform lighting of the walls, a handy device for being able to freely position works of art on the vertical surfaces, deciding whether or not to leave the higher sections of the walls in the shadow.

A museum is not only the space in which works of art are exhibited, but also the environment where the artist and spectator meet. Its job is to create clean and neutral backgrounds to focus the attention of the spectator on the work itself. But what happens when the context changes?

The space can take part in the dialogue between the spectator and the exhibition. The artist communicates his ideas creatively, presenting a subjective reality in order to achieve authentic emotions and feelings, with the aim of creating a dynamic communication between imagination, fantasy and spectator. He gives the work meaning and value.


His role is ifuzzini by the cataloggo of the author and by the design of the space. But the subject that perceives the work may not fit the role that the author had imagined for him; he can move to an active participation, to the point of becoming an integral part of the work itself. And finally light, the essential element that influences the communication between work and spectator. It is through light that the feelings, emotions and even the meaning that the artist wanted to transmit can be emphasized.

Palco, a veritable family of projectors, considers the work exhibited not only as a physical element, but also its content, the feelings and the message that it is communicating, without iguzzino about the space and its contribution cayalogo the work. Its shape is inspired by the brush, the main tool used by the artist in the creative process. Manufactured in die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material. Spotlight can contain up to three flat accessories contemporaneously and an external component either directional flaps or anti-glare screen.

DALI versions on request. Rotation around the vertical axis: Homogeneous illumination of the wall 1 2Lighting works of art requires high-performance fittings that can rigorously respect the quality of the colours, surfaces and volumes. This is why the range of Primopiano projectors has been extended with two new solutions, which are particularly suitable for museums, art collections, exhibitions and all applications where light must enhance the quality of the objects being exhibited.

By using the latest generation of LEDs, the quality of the light is perfectly matched with energy efficiency. A great deal of research went into finding an LED lamp with a light spectrum able to enhance warm colours in a similar manner to halogen lamps, but absolutely free of ultraviolet and infrared emissions.

The innovative wall washer optic has been designed to homogenously light walls without areas of shadow in the space close to the ceiling. Body in die-cast aluminium and stainless steel rod.

Spotlight complete with local manually dimmable electronic control gear.

iGuzzini interior/exterior novelties – [PDF Document]

Interchangeable reflector in superpure aluminium. Version with wall washer asymmetrical screen. Spotlight with accessory holding ring that can contain up to 2 flat catlaogo contemporaneously.

Body in die-cast aluminium, power box in thermoplastic material and stainless steel rod.

Enzo Eusebi

Pixel Pro LEDWatch the product videoPixel Pro was an attempt at shaping dynamism and with the use of new LED technology, the line takes a step forward in defining the future of lighting design. The highly innovative project is the expression of bold research and decisions. It has been designed for applications that require a lighting body with beauty, character and cztalogo, but at the same time with low energy consumption.

The product integrates with the environment with its fluid and soft silhouette that defines the space with character and elegance. Its design is the result of a careful and thorough reflection of its aesthetic, resulting in the refinement of its details. Without neglecting the versions with conventional sources, Pixel Pro makes an innovative use of LED technology. The heat dissipation is controlled through the design of the dissipator: Pixel Pro is perfect for all situations requiring a flexible and structured lighting system, which can enhance locations and products.

The improved chromatic yield heightens the colours of the goods, whilst the lack of UV and IR rays ensures that particularly sensitive objects are not damaged. Manufactured with recyclable materials: LED versions with warm and neutral monochromatic white emission; available with passive dissipation with lamellar radiator or active dissipation with cooling fan; all models are fitted with an integrated electronic control gear.

Versions with latest generation discharge lamps with integrated electronic control gear except for HIT – G12 models ; available in versions with high performing optics ECA compliance.

Class of insulation I discharge versions. Available in the single square and rectangular versions with 2 and 3 compartments and perimeter rim. Versions with latest generation discharge lamps with integrated electronic control gear. The particular texture of the reflectors must produce a light distribution without the defects produced by the possible imperfections of the lamps and in particular the typical halo effect of discharge lamps.

The lenticular surface of the reflectors has been carefully studied to produce micro reflections which can eliminate defects, without reducing the optical performance, and therefore the efficiency, of the fittings. Laser Blade, frame and minimal versionsLaser BladeWatch the product videoLEDs, due to their shape and their nature of dot-like sources of extremely concentrated light, raise two types of issues that require studied solutions.


The first is the correct return of the balance of colours and the chromatic quality of the light and the second is anti-glare. In these cases iGuzzinis solutions are called iPlan, for a diffused and relaxed light and Laser Blade, for a more concentrated and, in some ways, dramatic light that eliminates light beams that cross the eyes and which are not required to light the objects.

iGuzzini 2012 interior/exterior novelties

The high efficiency of the fitting is guaranteed due to the utilized lenses which aim the light flow on the desired area. Spillage outside the desired area is minimized by the lenses cut off utilized by iGuzzini. One of the primary advantages of using Laser Blade is derived from its minimal dimensions.

This quality allows one to create patterns onthe ceiling which waspreviously impossible with other forms of recessed lighting. The limit, but also the strength of this solution is that it concentrates the light on horizontal surfaces: It is particularly suitable as an accent light that, silhouetted against darker walls, highlights, by contrast, the objects displayed in the windows and on the shelves. Main body with radiant surface made of die-cast aluminium. It was brought about by the introduction and spread of halogen lamps; both high and low voltage systems.

The new lamps, with their extremely wide range of power and their small dimensions have paved the way for designers to come up with new devices and a new concept of lighting design. New technology and the spread of luminous diodes represents a further great revolution which was unthinkable even just a few years ago.

LED technology has very quickly reached levels of performance, duration, colour rendering and reliability that allow it to be used in a wide range of applications and to drive industrial research, while simultaneously allowing for the adapting and conversion of various existing models in the catalogue. The revision of a series of products, amongst which is the Cestello and all its derivatives,have resulted in a light device that incorporates the light source within the body.

Additionally, the system offers a choice between two different heat dissipation systems; active and passive. The lamps with active heat dissipation integrate a small cooling fan, which allows the use of LEDs with a total power of 35 Watt and a light emission, which would be impossible with other types of lamps in these devices, thereby increasing performance.

The inclusion of a ready-made parts, such as a small cooling fan systems found in computers within a lighting device, continues along standing tradition which began in the last century and was used by artists and designers alike Duchamp, Man Ray, the Castiglioni brothers, Bruno Munari etc.

The lamps, with passive heat dissipation without forced ventilationare characterised by a power of 25 Watt and an emission of lumens; they can replace traditional halogen and metal halide lamps in areas that require silence. Four innovative optics have been designed for the new lamp: Various beams can be achieved by replacing the glass in front of the source; a further revolution in terms of management and maintenance.

This new lamp can be used as a veritable lighting device thus reducing energy consumption, whilst achieving good colour rendering and reliability over time. Castiglioni Multilamp fittings with high performing LEDs luminous groups. Available in spot, suspension, wall mounted and floor versions.

Optical assembly consisting of an aluminium frame to which the single optical compartments are secured.

Suspension and wall mounted versions with DALI wiring. Versions kguzzini passive dissipation 20W – lm with innovative aluminium radiant body. The active dissipation versions 30W – lm integrate a highly dissipating cooling fan designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Installation on false ceilings with thickness of