Artículo original Ginecol Obstet Mex ; RESUMEN Antecedentes: las manifestaciones del cáncer lobulillar infiltrante de mama. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Dec 31, , C. Tacuri and others published Metástasis intraabdominales de un carcinoma lobulillar infiltrante de mama. Metástasis intraabdominales de un carcinoma lobulillar infiltrante de mama. A propósito de un caso clínico y revisión del temaIntraabdominal metastases from.

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New author database being installed, click here for details. Breast malignant, males, children Carcinoma subtypes Classic infiltrating lobular carcinoma Author: Lobular carcinoma [title] classic. Page views in Classic infiltrating lobular carcinoma. Accessed December 31st, Invasive mammary infiltrange lacking cellular adhesion proteins.

Most tumors form mass-like lesions or result in architectural distortion May be difficult to identify clinically cagcinoma to the lack of strong desmoplastic response Multicentricity within same breast is more common than invasive ductal carcinoma More likely to be multifocal and confer a 0.

Images hosted on PathOut server: Mammogram, contributed by Dr. Classic variant of invasive lobular carcinoma of any grade has better prognosis than nonclassic variants overall Cancer ; Mass with ill defined margins; often no mass because of diffuse growth pattern.

Images hosted on other servers: Infiltration into adipose tissue. Multiple foci with irregular margins.


Metastatic tumor cells may resemble histiocytes or lymphocytes; the use of cytokeratins may help highlight the malignant cells Bone marrow cadcinoma Highly suspicious features for metastatic disease are fibrosis, signet ring cells, cells with intracytoplasmic lumina, cells resembling histiocytes Architecture is often NOT disrupted Metastasis to other sites: Leptomeningies and cerebrospinal fluid Gastrointestinal tract: Scroll to see carclnoma images: Images contributed by Mirna B.

Pleomorphic cells with cytoplasmic mucin. Single cells around normal duct.

Carcinoma ductal infiltrante

Surrounding normal duct p Minute focus arrow of tumor around a small duct. Foci of tumor cells may be inconspicuous.

Tumor of male breast. FNAB, contributed by Dr. Carcinnoma cells arranged in linear pattern figure B. E-cadherin complete absence suggests lobular carcinoma but rarely is positive and may vary by antibody, Am Ijfiltrante Surg Pathol ; Line of tumor cells surrounded by collagen, with cytokeratin bundles arrows but no basement membrane.

Intracytoplasmic lumina lined by microvilli, elastic tissue arrows and collagen in stroma. Intracytoplasmic lumen with numerous microvilli and perinuclear mucin granules. Usually diploid Truncation mutations in E-cadherin gene 16q or inactivation of wild type allele Loss of adhesion proteins are seen in the invasive lobular carcinoma as well as its precursor lesions, atypical lobular hyperplasia ALH and lobular carcinoma in situ LCIS E-cadherin binds actin cytoskeleton through interaction with p and alpha, beta and gamma catenins; loss of chromosome 16q Histopathology breast – lobular carcinoma.


Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma of the BreastLakhani: Diagnostic Pathology – Breast, Second Edition, Board review question 1.

Which of the following is true of invasive lobular carcinoma? Is most commonly associated with cytoplasmic E-cadherin immunostaining Is most commonly associated with cytoplasmic p immunostaining Is most commonly associated with membranous E-cadherin immunostaining Is most commonly associated with membranous p immunostaining. Board review answer 1.

Carcinoma lobulillar invasivo – Diagnóstico y tratamiento – Mayo Clinic

Is most commonly associated with cytoplasmic p immunostaining; invasive lobular carcinomas commonly have a CDH1 germline mutation, causing the cells to lose membranous E-cadherin staining and carcinnoma in cytoplasmic p expression.

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