The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV CAO , a new basic collective agreement has been agreed for the Metalektro. In this case, the Dutch annual report for will prevail. The collective labour agreement (CAO) specified Metalektro (PME). Maarten van Klaveren and Kea Tijdens. AIAS Publication Series. No. Reprint Normal working hours in the metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO.

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Table 2 already showed the number of employees covered by the collective agreement. If one detracts Philips and Tata Steel from this figure, aboutwould be left. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Bargaining and extension arrangements That experience was by and large positive, especially as the employer delegation growingly came to recognize, accept and even use union experience concerning such issues.

Table 6 next page reveals that in the working hours regime changed from working hours per week to an annualised regime, based on and counting in hours worked per year. The original document can be downloaded at www.

We did not find any mentioning of this foundation and funding in the s. The decline in employment in these four years ranged from 0. However, mining is an industry with little employment in the Netherlands, and therefore the table can be interpreted as being applicable to the Dutch manufacturing in- dustry at large. The table reveals that currently the CAO a la carte could be used for extra days-off; payment of days-off; career break; early retirement; and wages in kind.


According to the Databank, the following numbers of employees were successively covered: Methodology and scope For this report, several sources have been used: Tijdens Dicht de loonkloof!! Central are measures to retain workers and have them reaching the pension age in a healthy way. Working time flexibility 3. That experience was by and large positive, especially as the employer metalektfo growingly came metallektro recognize, accept and even use union expe- rience concerning such issues.

However, the lay officers are not entitled to be involved dao the collective bargaining process. In practice also this kind of decentralisation remains limited.

Cao metalektro downloaden

Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival Table 11, below, shows that the industry has a continuous training plan. From on, the CAO entitles part-time employees to ask for an extension of working hours, though never above the standard working week. Companies that met the size yardstick, by then had the choice which CAO to apply, and a considerable num- ber of these relatively large companies preferred application of the CAO Metaalbewerking.

The latest basic agreement for has a duration of 26 months.

The latter cases are not included in metxlektro analyses. The representativeness of trade un- August ions and employer associations in the insurance sector Marianne Grunell No.

In line with this ca, the basis for shortening working hours arbeidstijdverkorting, ATV changed from days per year to hours per year. Inthe social partners started a discussion about opening the ar- rangements for male workers too Van den Brekel and Tijdens, According to the WageIndicator survey, one in five employees in the metal industry in reported that their workplace was affected cwo a reorganisation in the past 12 months, the males double that much as the females.


Long-term wage trends in the metal industry Table 13 p.

Help Metalektr Find new research papers in: Use fixed-term, part-time contracts, agency workers, foreign labour 15 3. Selection Netherlands, metal industry, observations with valid wage data and valid coverage data only. The following output elements are not included: De doorwerking van aanbevelingen van de Stichting van de Arbeid.

Yet, at the same time some other elements have been removed.

Table 14 Gross hourly wages in in the metal industry Mean N Std. Inthe number of holidays per year was increased from 25 to Else- vier Bedrijfsinformatie Rojer, M. In the first two decades, the CAO was undoubtedly wage leader in Dutch industrial relations, maintaining at least for a while old attainments while at the same time introducing new elements Van Doorn et al, ; Hueting et al,