Downloading the manuals – Refer to the following instructions on how to download the manuals. – The manuals are saved as PDF files. 1. PDF manuals available on the Canon website. Imaging/ information- Page 0 Thursday, June 23, PM . 7 MP camera with 4x optical zoom. Canon PowerShot A troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Please note that Canon Inc.

Equipment refers to the camera, battery, battery charger sold separately and compact power adapter sold separately. Immediately turn the camera power off and remove the camera batteries or unplug the power code from the power outlet. Do not use substances containing alcohol, benzene, thinners or other flammable substances to clean or maintain the equipment. Continued use over a long period may cause the units to overheat and distort, resulting in fire. The compact power adapter is designed for exclusive use with this camera.

Do not use in locations with poor ventilation. The above-mentioned powersoht cause leakage, overheating or explosion, resulting in fire, burns or other injuries. High temperatures may also cause deformation of the casing. The flash may be damaged and emit smoke or noise. The resulting heat build-up could damage the flash.

Do not touch the surface of the flash after taking several pictures in rapid succession. Doing so could result in burns. Continued use may damage the equipment. Remove the memory powsrshot and batteries or compact power adapter from the camera and wait until the moisture evaporates completely before resuming use.

Strap Mount bSpeaker cMicrophone p. The recorded image will not be affected. The brightness of the image displayed in the monitor, and the brightness of the actual image recorded will be different.

Shows the center of the image Viewfinder Downloaded From camera-usermanual. LCD monitor back on. Playback Mode Powers down approximately 5 minutes after Connected to a Printer the last control is accessed on the camera.

A low level format may require 2 to 3 minutes with some memory cards. After selecting an option, you can press the shutter button to shoot immediately. After shooting, this menu will appear again, allowing you to adjust the settings easily. Menu items followed by an ellipsis However, warnings still sound even when the mute is set to [On] Basic Guide p.

Sets the length of time before the sec. Sets the sound played 2 seconds before the shutter releases in self- timer mode. Shutter Sound Sets the sound played when the shutter button is pressed.

Canon A620 Digital Camera User Manual

There is no shutter sound for movies. Send images as e-mail x pixels attachments Small Shoot more images Postcard When printing to postcards x pixels Date Imprint p. Resolution Standard x pixels powrrshot My Colors x pixels — Fast Frame Rate x pixels — — Compact x pixels — — Downloaded From camera-usermanual. Press the zoom lever toward again to activate the digital zoom and further zoom the image digitally.


Press the zoom lever toward to zoom out. Images become coarser the more they are digitally zoomed. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. When you press the shutter button halfway, the area that will not get printed grays out.

The digital zoom cannot be used in this mode. For printing instructions, refer to the Direct Print User Guide.

PowerShot A – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

See Menus and Settings p. The date stamp cannot be deleted from the image data once it has been set.

When using red-eye reduction, the self-timer lamp will blink and then stay lit poaershot the last 2 seconds. Please note, however, that the sounds made by the camera automatically adjusting the exposure may also be recorded.

The focus and optical zoom settings remain fixed for subsequent frames at the values selected for the first frame. Motion JPEG on a computer.


Use PhotoStitch, a supplied software program, to merge the images on a computer. When the button is pressed, you can switch between the items which you can set. However, a certain amount of processing time may be required before the next image can be shot. The safety shift function does not work when the flash fires. When you select a fast shutter speed or shoot a subject in a dark place, the image will always be bright if the flash is set Flash on, powrrshot red-eye reduction or Flash on. For the correlation between aperture value and shutter speed, see page The AF frame appears as follows when the LCD monitor is on when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

Shooting preparations complete – Yellow: It cannot be selected while manual focus is being used p. Aim the camera so that an object at the same focal distance as the main subject is centered in the AF frame.

Turn on the LCD powersht. Focus on the part of the subject on which you wish to lock the exposure setting. Press and hold the shutter button halfway and press the button.

The exposure setting will lock and the icon will appear on the LCD monitor. Press the button until the desired shutter speed or aperture value is reached. Recompose the image and shoot. The setting will cancel after the shot is taken. Meters the area within the spot AE point frame. Locks the spot metering frame to the center of Center the LCD monitor. It cannot be selected when the shooting mode is Downloaded From camera-usermanual. Exposure compensation is not available in the Colors mode.


For recording with the optimal white balance Custom data memorized in the camera from a white- colored object, such as white paper or cloth. If you are viewing it with the LCD monitor, ensure that the center frame is completely filled with the white image. If you are using the optical viewfinder, ensure that the entire field is filled. Assist mode, preset the white balance in another shooting mode beforehand.

The camera will retain the custom white balance setting that you record even if you reset the camera to the default settings p. Emphasizes the contrast and color saturation Vivid to record bold colors.

Tones down the contrast and color saturation Neutral to record neutral hues. Low Sharpening Records subjects with softened outlines. Sepia Records in sepia tones. Records in black and white. Use this option to emphasize green tints. It makes Vivid Green green subjects, such as mountains, new growth, flowers and lawns, more vivid.

Use this option to emphasize red tints. It makes red Vivid Red subjects, such as flowers or cars, more vivid.

Exercise adequate caution before deleting an image. You may not obtain the expected results after color input mode if you use the flash, or change the white balance or metering settings.

You can use the button to specify the range of colors that are swapped. Only takes the color that you want to swap. Also takes colors close to the one that you want to swap. Setting the Camera to a Custom Color Mode This mode allows you to adjust janual color balance for red, green, blue and skin tones.

Canon POWERSHOT A620 User Manual

Custom Color See Menus and Settings p. The altered color will display. Select a Adjust the color color balance This completes the setting. Although the built-in flash will fire with automatic flash adjustments except in the mode poaershot, it is also possible to set it so that it fires without any adjustments. Flash Exposure Compensation Downloaded From camera-usermanual.

Image shot with the Image shot with the 1st-curtain setting 2nd-curtain setting Downloaded From camera-usermanual. Select [OK] and press The setting contents canin not influence other shooting modes. Saved settings can be reset p. It then regulates the optimal white balance, exposure and focus for vertical photography. This is convenient for avoiding file name duplication when managing all your images together on a computer.

See the Software Cajon Guide regarding memory card folder structures.