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Ensure that you read them. Read them as necessary. The screen shots and procedures may appear slightly different if you are using another version of Windows. Word Searches This document is provided as an Adobe Reader document. To access this function, in Adobe Reader click the [Edit] menu and select the [Search] option. If you are using Adobe Reader 8 or later, you can also perform searches with the [Find] function right on the toolbar.

Input search text here Table of Contents The connection may not operate correctly if you attach the camera to the computer via a USB hub. If this occurs, disconnect the other devices from the computer and try reconnecting the camera. The connections may not operate correctly. If this does happen, do not disconnect the interface cable. Try to awaken the computer with the camera in the connected state. Some computers will not awaken properly if you disconnect the camera while they are in sleep standby mode.

Please refer to your computer manual for instructions regarding the sleep standby mode.

CameraWindow This is software that communicates with the camera. You can use it to transfer images to and from the camera, organize images on the camera, and upload movies on the camera to web services. The menu screen at the right will appear when the camera is connected to a computer.

After the images are transferred from the camera, the screen changes when CameraWindow is closed. ZoomBrowser EX This is pwoershot that manages images transferred to a computer.

You can use it to view, edit and print images on a computer. If you close CameraWindow after transferring images, the window at the right will appear. You can also display it by double- clicking the ZoomBrowser EX icon on the desktop. Last Acquired Images Displays the last images transferred. The major steps for the task appear here. Follow the steps in order. You can return to a previous step. An overview for the selected task appears here. Cancels the procedure and returns to the previous window.

Follow the instructions to perform the task. Turn on the camera power, set it to playback mode and prepare it to communicate with the computer. Only images that have not yet been transferred will start to transfer. After you click [OK] in the dialog that indicates the transfer is complete and close the CameraWindow screen, the transferred images will display in the Main Window.


You can select the newly transferred images by their shooting dates or My Category select models only classification. If this happens, please use a memory card reader to transfer. Add a checkmark to [Start importing images automatically when this software is launched. Transferring Images Using a Memory Card Reader An action selection window will open when you insert a memory card into the memory card reader. Use this window to perform the transferring procedures. Transfers all images that have not yet been transferred.

Allows you to select and transfer images. Configures the transfer folder and other settings. HINT Printing Movies Movies cannot be printed, but you can extract still images from movies, and print them after they have been saved. Select Images] is chosen and select images for printing. Printer and Layout Settings] and set the categories as desired. Sets the printer, paper Click here to crop and print a portion of an image.

Select an image to rotate or trim. Sets the printer and Rotates selected Click here to crop a paper size settings. Sets the number of Configures the printing of the shooting information, rows or columns. Click each button to display the available options. Displays in-camera memory card information. Starts operations for transferring images from the camera to your computer. Starts operations for protecting, rotating, and deleting images on the camera. Also transfers images from your computer to the camera.

Starts operations for uploading movies on the camera to web services. Starts operations for setting the camera start-up screen, start-up sound, and various camera sounds.

Select the image you want to transfer and click the button to transfer the image to your computer. Viewer Window Thumbnail Display Turns the shooting date and folder name below the thumbnails on and off when in thumbnail display. Changes thumbnail size Returns to the Menu screen. Switches between window display modes. Thumbnail display Preview display Full screen display Double-clicking an image switches to preview display.

This mark appears on images that have not yet been transferred. Transfers the image chosen in Viewer Window to your computer.

Images on the camera Cancels image selection. Clicking a folder on the left will display all images within the folder as thumbnails small images on the right of the screen. Deletes the image chosen in Viewer Window. Slide Show Search Displays the selected images in Performs searches on images.

Delete Properties Deletes the selected images or folders. HINT Magnify Thumbnails to Check Images In zoom mode or scroll mode, positioning the mouse pointer over a thumbnail causes the image to appear at a higher magnification in a Mouse Over window. You can also set the Mouse Over window to not show in the Show Information menu. Select Images Clicking an image in the Browser Area selects that image.


To select multiple images, hold down the [Ctrl] key while clicking images, or hold down the [Shift] key and click a starting and ending image to select a range The Properties Window does not display in the Preview Mode. Shows or hides categories. Protect Prevents an image from being overwritten or deleted. File Name The file name can be changed.

Comment You can type a comment here. An icon will display if a My Category is set certain Brightness Histogram models only. A graph of the highlights and shadows distribution in an image.


Change the display magnification. Zooming in displays the Navigator window Display the shooting information. To preserve the original image intact, change the file name when saving cnaon edited image. Brightness, Procedures Saturation, Select a task from the left Contrast side of the window: Procedures Select a task from the left side of the window: Select Editing Tool] [Trim] [3.

Adding Sound Procedures Select an image. Things to Mastering More Advanced Appendices Remember the Basics Techniques Creating Panoramic Images — PhotoStitch You can create wide panoramic images by moving the camera slightly when recording a series of images and merging them cano one image.

Use the PhotoStitch program to create panoramic images. Some camera models may not feature the Stitch Assist mode. You can even add titles and other text, background music and various special effects to the movie. A Movie Size Cnaon. Length message will appear if you try to save a longer movie.

Extract your best shots as stills Exporting Shooting Information You can export the shooting information recorded with an image, such as the shutter speed and exposure, as a text file.

Canon PowerShot A1200 user manual

Creating Computer Wallpaper Images You can export images to serve as computer wallpaper images. Back up important images or distribute your vacation photos on discs. You can upload movies saved on the camera or a computer. Procedures Connect the camera to a computer poqershot start CameraWindow. Click here for most images. Click here when you want to Procedures change the image size or image quality settings, then click [Custom Select a task from the left Settings] to change settings.

Select an image to send. You can freely configure the Procedures transition effects, information displayed and display time settings.