BioBarica® está formada por un grupo de profesionales interdisciplinarios con el objeto de desarrollar la Medicina Hiperbárica a través de nuevas tecnologías. Tag: Medicina Hiperbárica. Jul By BioBarica Pacientes Comments are Off cámara hiperbárica, diabetes, Medicina Hiperbárica, pie diabetico. Sorry, this. Usos y limitaciones de la oxigenación hiperbárica. (OHB/HBOT) en la (AETS). XV Jornadas N. Medicina Maritima, Cadiz . Pie diabético. B.

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Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when blood sugar levels rise and the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to regulate them.

The Diabetic Foot and the treatment with Hyperbaric Medicine | BioBarica Pacientes

In some cases it causes health complications such as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and lower menbers amputation. The diabetic foot is a common injury in people with diabetes. It is the ulceration, infection and destruction of the tissues of the lower extremities.


The risk increases as diabetes progresses. With minimal trauma or injury the foot generates ulcers or wounds of difficult healing that cause pain. In advanced situations the doctor may opt for amputation.

How can amputation be avoided? Many times, the treatment indicated with different antibiotics does not work.

This is when the possibility of trying new options such as hyperbaric oxygenation appears. It increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the tissues, accelerating the recovery processes.

Edema is reduced, increasing blood flow to the affected focus.

Asociación Argentina de Medicina Hiperbárica e Investigación

The function of the pancreas is stimulated and insulin resistance is reduced, improving blood sugar levels. Collagen increase to cover wound space with new tissue. The ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria invading the wound is regained.

Mariana Cannellotto, medical director of BioBarica, explains the benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation for diabetic foot: The response to infections, the color of the foot changes, the daily hiperbqrica and sports that were suspended are retaken and a faster healing of the wounds is achieved.


Even some patients begin to experience pain in the toes, wich is a feeling that they had lost from the experimentation of the injury.

Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygenation HBOT is a non-invasive method that consists of supplying oxygen in high concentrations in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber at 1.

In these conditions, oxygen is transported through the blood, reaching, in greater concentration, all the tissues of the body, even those damaged. I authorize the collection and processing of my data for the purposes described.

Weight loss without reason Increase in appetite Excessive thirst and frequent urge to urinate Changes in vision Numbness in hands and feet Extreme tiredness most of the time Very dry skin The diabetic foot is a common injury in people with diabetes.