Exhilaration and drudgery, passion and exhaustion, exist side by side for dancers in the exalted Manhattan Ballet, a world unto itself, which. Summary: A quiet but very realistic look at the struggle ballet dancers have and what happens when a girl has to choose between her career. Bunheads by Sophie Flack is a young adult novel inspired by the author’s experiences as a New York City Ballet dancer. The book Bunheads is not related the.

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I will note, for the record, that the line took forever, because not only was Sophie Flack signing the book, but she was drawing a pair of ballet shoes in each book and then coloring them in with pink highlighter, which the rep finally confiscated because it really was taking forever. A nice thought, but. Anyway, I read this book within two weeks of getting home from New York and I just really enjoyed it.

She started attending the Manhattan Ballet Academy at 14 moving to NYC to live on her own, while her parents remained behind in Bostonand has since dedicated her life to her career.

As you might imagine, the lifestyle involved is pretty intense. Her closest friends in the corps are also her biggest competition. She dances several ballets a night and rehearses and trains all day hook.

Bunheads by Sophie Flack – Everyday Reading

There is, obviously, no semblance of bpok life outside of ballet. Sophie is a little stunned by the idea of having so many interests, so many possibilities, since she has had such drive and intense focus since she was a little girl, giving up basically a normal life to pursue ballet.


She and Jacob start a tenuous relationship, but she is so unbelievably busy that weeks will go by with no contact except perhaps a text message or two.

Of course, the tension between her personal life and her professional life is going to come to a head at some point. The question is, which one will she choose. One of the things that really impressed me bunheaxs this book is how rich the characters are. And while you like Hannah most of all, you also can appreciate the drive of the other corps members and how they too deserve a shot at big parts after dedicating their lives to the company.

And while there is much exploration of the backstage drama, the intense work, and the competition, this book masterfully depicts the magic of bok on stage, under the lights, in front of a transfixed audience. You can absolutely understand why, despite it all, Hannah loves and continues to love ballet.

If you liked Bunheads by Sophie Flack, you might also enjoy these books: You were telling us all about it and then you just stopped without telling us about the end. I’m one of those people that boo, perfectly happy knowing the entire plot before reading a book… so was almost let down that you didn’t tell us what she chooses!


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And then I remembered I’m reading a review and shouldn’t want to know anyway. This made me miss ballet then at the same time now. To have anything larger then a B cup is very frustrating in Ballet and is very distracting. This was and is the only time in my life I really love and appreciate my incredibly small microscopic chest ahhahaha.

I would have loved a copy of her signing with ballet slippers!!! Ballet really is my passion and I love anything with it. I might read this now. I love the title too. So cute and clever.

BUNHEADS by Sophie Flack | Kirkus Reviews

Thank you for sharing!!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I know you wanted to know. Reply Erica October 14, at 5: Reply Jenny October 14, at 5: Reply Courtney October 14, at 5: I too am intrigued. Reply Carly October 14, at 6: The title is awful, no? Reply Jenny October 15, at 1: And the cover art is beautiful.

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