Editorial Reviews. Review. Lady Sophia D’Artiers plays a dangerous game. Brazen Angel (Brazen Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Elizabeth Boyle. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Brazen Angel by Elizabeth Boyle hosts an entire cast of believable characters, from the leads right down to the walk-ons. The story moved as. Brazen Angel By Elizabeth Boyle – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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She waltzes from masquerade to masquerade, seducing and stealing with impunity—until this mysterious beauty meets her match in a dark and dangerous lord who vows to unmask her. Romance at its best. Well written, passionate, and impossible to put down. If this first book is any indication of her talent, Elizabeth Boyle is going places. Wildly adventurous, stirring and sensual, this novel will keep you turning the pages all night.

As Giles Corliss, the Marquess of Trahern tipped up his confounded black mask, he glanced first over at his friend, only to find the Duke scrunching his short body behind a white marble statue in a vain attempt to go unnoticed.

He knew there were few people Monty disliked enough to hide from. Monty eased out from his hiding spot.

Brazen Angel — All About Romance

His mask perched crookedly at brazne end of his nose, while below it his mouth twisted in a lopsided and apologetic smile. Straightening to his full, though limited height, the little man meticulously adjusted his jacket and mask. Giles took a deep breath. And Lady Sophia, well, I can only extend my best wishes. Monty shrugged his shoulders. Cagey old fellow, your father. He knew Lord Dryden was a man of his word.

Giles found his mood souring, as it always eilzabeth when someone pushed the subject of his upcoming nuptials. If anything, the exercise would keep his skills honed when he returned to duty.

He scanned the room with a practiced gaze, all but ignoring the parade of ladies in their colorful gowns edging past him. Since his arrival in London, it had been like this at every social function. Not even the announcement of his betrothal held them at bay. Noyle all, she did rob brazenn. Built like a bulldog, Monty also possessed the temperament of one. Once he latched on to an idea, he refused to let go, no matter how outrageous.

Though I doubt Lyle or Rostland would agree with blyle. The Brazen Angel had taken London by storm over the past few months. He had thought her nothing but a foolish rumor — wishful talk to enliven a rather dull season. Brazen the lady was indeed.

Offering herself for seduction, she left her victims in a drugged stupor while she robbed them blind. The lady was also a master of disguise, having appeared as Death at a masquerade for Lord Lyle, at the theatre as a demure miss fresh from school for Lord Wickham, and stranded by the elizabteh for Lord Rostland.


With each of these notorious lechers, she had the uncanny ability to tap into their most hidden fantasies. As his friend explained the day after his encounter, still clutching in his hand her trademark token, a scented handkerchief, he had met her outside the opera. Another lord had been about to assist her, but Monty, ever the gentlemen where lovely ladies were concerned, cut the young man off, offering his services first.

Monty had awakened with a crushing headache, only to discover his watch and pocket money missing, along with the extra measure of gold he kept hidden in his study. Giles shifted from elizaebth leg to the other. And you expect me to find this woman? It sounds more like a witch hunt. I would think you would have had her by now.

But you know me and languages. Giles elizabethh around the room. How easy it was to slip in and move about undetected. All she had to do was ask me for the money. She just wants the money. Brazeen took another glass of anbel from a passing servant. Any man could provide those comforts. Clear heads prevail, and tonight we need our wits to flush out our prey.

Keep your ears open and listen carefully. Her voice may be the only way to recognize her. As they worked their way through the room, Monty broke the silence between braezn.

The nefarious pair tipped their glasses toward Giles and Monty.

Being part of the Full Moon Club, as her victims were dubbed, was considered by many to be a prize distinction. The hunt for the Brazen Angel had quickly become a personal challenge, as had past dealings between them. A young man stepped up to Lord Lyle and whispered something.

Brazen Angel

Lyle swung around and headed toward the door with Rostland following hot on his heels. Giles shook his head. Young Lord Harvey owed me an enormous sum from the tables last night. His debt is free and clear for his work tonight.

By then we should have the Angel safely hidden away. For the next hour the two men worked their way through the crowded ballroom, but their search was to no avail.

Monty slipped in and around the guests. Giles, with his height and broad shoulders, had a slower time of it. Lord Trahern, is that you? Giles looked directly into her eyes.

Though she wore a mask like everyone else in the room, behind the concealing white satin sparkled a pair of startling sapphire eyes. Her lashes fluttered as if in recognition, as if she knew him intimately.

The sensation of it, as if she had touched him, rocked him out of bpyle usual composure and into a stunned silence. She looked back at Monty, who was still blathering away btazen his apologies.

Monty and Giles did a double take, then stared at each other before looking back at the woman as she disappeared into the crowd. Giles turned to find himself facing the unmistakable Elizabwth Dearsley. Unmistakable not so much by her formidable size, but by her ever present yellow turban and strident tones.


He turned back to Monty. Though nearing her seventieth year, Lady Dearsley moved with the speed of a young girl, too fast for Giles to slip into the overwhelming crowd. She wrapped her meaty arm around his, anchoring him in place. The wedding date is only a month away and you need to sign the agreements. Instead of cursing his father aloud for entangling him nrazen this betrothal, Giles tried smiling graciously at his future relation. This marriage would mean his return to the service.

But right now, even that welcome thought placed a distant second noyle the brief image of the Brazen Angel that burned hotly in his mind. Lady Dearsley shook her head. She is a very delicate girl, a fact I agel you remember when you are married. That she is delicate. With your ever vigilant reminders, I am sure not even the King with his shortcomings could forget such an important fact.

Giles nodded his head in distracted agreement to whatever she blathered on about.

Across the room he spied Monty waving frantically for him and pointing toward an adjoining room. Without thinking he stepped rudely around the lady. Her endless chatter faded as excitement coursed through him.

The Brazen Angel was trapped, for the room she had entered had no other exit than back into the ballroom. Their shared glance still held him captive with its witchery. Now, he found himself like Monty, unable to contain his curiosity about the lady. But his escape came up short, Lady Dearsley latching on to his arm with the fortitude of a sailor on holiday.

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I can expect your solicitor tomorrow afternoon? My niece will be so excited to know her future is to be so secure. Prying his arm out of her iron grip, he nodded absently again. That will be fine. Giles quickly cut his way through the crowd. Suddenly, quicker than he expected, the milling aristocracy parted and he came face to face with his prize.

This second sight of her stunned him back into an adolescent state of awe. In the flickering light from the chandeliers, her artfully designed hair shimmered with a silver hue. Over this rich creation of curls sat a tall hat, the wide brim riding low over her face. Around her neck wound two strands of thick pearls, their luster competing with the rich glow of her creamy skin.

The rounded curves of her breasts pushed to the top of her low bodice.