Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market. Royzee: Ok, It sounds like the lock has broken. This has a solenoid in it which keeps the door locked for several minutes after the final spin. Genuine BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Spares Parts, Every Part, Every Model, Search more then Appliance Parts, Free Delivery WFBAU

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Anything looser and it won’t stay on my mark because of the rear of the fence moving so much. At onset of issue I immediately turned off and went through the obvious checks.

Bosch 4000 (0601476139) Table Saw Parts

No post has given a clear answer to that. It looks like there are several crimped junctions in the wiring. Is this integrated with the field in this saw, i. I cannot get them assembled.

BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Parts | BigWarehouse Spares

I am left with one thought, could it be the speed control? To remove the Bearing Bracket, remove the screws item number Once the case is apart if I get that far are the bearings pressed into the case? I haven’t found this specific issue in the forum and am in the process of disassembly which may reveal the problem but if anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi callum, I’m not sure what you mean by “fix stripped gears”can you give me a little more information? Table Saw Fence Adjustment Poker Took everything apart and blew it with air hose to remove any saw dust.


I am now having the same problem, as it sounds the same and everything else seems to be in good condition.

Bosch WFB Series; Homark; Siemens WM Series Drain Pump Base & Filter Housing (220V-240V, 50Hz, 30W)

Hope this helps, -WJA. When you rotate the blade by hand it does seem to feel like it may be bearings? When starting saw I notice a hesitation bossch power starts reaching normal operating speed.

Recently began not not starting. I replaced the armature,brushes, and the front bearing. Spindle Lock Al Erdmann.

Shop All Departments Appliance Parts. Is it safe to just bypass the speed control, or will that cause issues with the saw? Don’t know what it could be like saw and can’t afford to buy new fwb. I think if it were my saw I would replace all of the bearings.

The opening on the chute is 2. I like the saw but I’d like to have a guard.

I have the same issue. I’ve had a number of saws that have come into the shop most have had something like that happen to them. However you will need to do a little investigating. Dfb only thing I have not replaced is the field. If the armature checks out ok with a growler test. So thanks guys, and hopefully this will help the next guy with a Bosch saw that mysteriously fails without warning.

Several months ago the bearings went bad so I replaced them along with the brushes.

Hi – just ordered field, control board and brushes. You are going to have to remove the item number 29 Bearing bracket, it also holds the armature in the Gear Housing.

What is a good table top circular saw. The part is See All 55 Power Tool Brands. Item on the parts diagram is the adjustment screw for the table clamp. It is spinning freely on the gear bearing, but will not release from the gear case.


You can remove it and a lot of time see the burnt commutator. Can someone tell me the best way to pull the motor off so that I can maybe repair it. It turns backward for an inch and stops. Hello thominkentuck, If you pull the parts diagram by clicking on the model Bosch below and find item number 12 you will be able to get an idea on where the speed control is located. I think you’ll find one is shorted. Is it the control module? Bad newsif you’ve used it for any period of time with a siezed bearing you probally melted the plastic housing that the bearing sits in and that will probally have to be replaced also.

Bosch Appliances Washer WFB WFB Washing machine user Manual? |

Figured the speed control went TU. Hello rayjavu, The part number for the complete blade guard assembly is My saw is about six years old. Bosch Tablesaw Rod Rudds. Remove the brushes and slowly rotate the blade while looking at the commutator. Motor is a different story. The speed control is part and it is available from http: This article describes the differences wfn power switch and carbon brush failure symptoms.

Mechanically it’s fine but wcb base is severely cracked and broken. I tried to used it again to finish the job, but it bogged down and ran in reverse.