Title: Blind Sight by Devin Knight Medium: Complete Routine Arena: Mentalism, parlor. Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic. magic tricks forum – Blindsight by Devin Knight They Say: One of the most talked about effects at the Mindvention. It virtually fooled. Buy Blindsight by Devin Knight: Magic Kits & Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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For those who use “Blindsight,” I’d recommend using the search engine here to find some of the long threads on the trick. A real reputation-maker at a bargain price!

Devin has obviously spent a lot of time and energy perfecting this effect. Thanks for posting it. He then showed blidnsight the method and I was the perfect mark! Like lnight others I have this is a complete routine, it comes with everything you need so no running out and searching for some obscure item. Read our privacy policy. The performer then asks the participant to hand him the envelope that he thinks contains the green card.

The very latest from Devin Knight’s Psychic-Sight series. There is nothing written on the envelopes, nor are they secretly marked. English Choose a language for shopping.

If they felt you were boring in certain spots of your show they may pass on booking you for there event. Blindsigght by Eevin Knight Review area devoted to tricks and effects where props are involved. Rock Ridge Magic Masters Combo: The patter length was intentional as I prefer to set the stage for each effect, get the audience into the story, and interact with the crowd instead of just trying to fool them.


Blindsight by Devin Knight : Reviews – Tricks ‘n Props

For example, if the ink is blue, he may say it is red. Let’s assume he discards the knigut with the word Yellow written on it. Have one to sell? This will fit the bill when challenged to do something for a blind person.

I was interested in this when it first came out but I passed it over for something else. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Take a look at our Return Policy.

You write “Blue” on the envelope. Please try your search again later.

Magic Tricks

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Blindsight sounds like it takes such an idea to another level! The perfect effect, fevin described in the original Blindsight, happens every time! Each time he states the color he thinks is inside and the performer writes it on the envelope. I had no idea it could go 10 minutes. The element of confusion between eye and brain in the Stroop test allows you to move the conversation to work in reverse, ie choosing colours intuitively.


Blind-sight Outdone with knught by Devin Knight – Trick. This is all very amusing to the audience as he cannot seem to say all the colors correctly!

You ask him to point to any envelope. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Assume it is yellow. The performer says he would like to try an experiment to see if the participant has the ability to detect colors sight unseen.


At the end, he can examine everything. A combination of methods combining to make a strong effect with a powerful finish.

You ask him to point to any envelope. But if the topic of special powers comes up and you have the right opening it is strong stuff. Of course the correct color card is in it, but wait; there is a slip of paper in it and it reads: See a site map.

Blind-sight Outdone (with gimmicks) by Devin Knight – Trick

Suit Cut to Orde. I think the audience would prefer to be fooled and entertained by shorter presentations as apposed to long drawn out patter that will almost put them to sleep. Where It Has To. Patrick put up is a very good example of how it plays. Magician states he only needs three envelopes for the first part and for the person to remove one envelope and place it off to the side. You ask him to point to any envelope.

I may have to revisit this as I was impressed by Far Sight. View our magic tricks index.